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Liberate the past with

Ancestral Healing

People's lives may be "entangled" in unresolved ancestral issues, which unconsciously interfere with the present moment and the lives of descendants. You will learn how to release these issues gracefully and profoundly.

Learn Simple and Powerful Techniques using Crystals

Crystals are catalysts that optimize your sessions and make energy healing much more dynamic, efficient and effective. When you receive the appropriate training on how to use them with a simple and organized system, your professional life will take off.

Give Yourself Permission to Live in Loving Abundance

Developing a new mindset in which you make peace with the energy of money and value your talents benefits everyone - you, the people you help, and humanity as a whole, creating balance, relief and joy in your professional life in a natural and peaceful way.

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What Awaits You in the Course

  • Cardinal Method for Energy Healing 

    (Value US$997.00)

    Module 1 – Introduction to The Cardinal Method

    • 1.1 What is the Cardinal Method?
    • 1.2 The Power of Joy and Well-Being
    • 1.3 Family Constellations
    • 1.4 Native American Wisdom
    • 1.5 Aspects of the Psyche

    Module 2 – What You Need to Know to Include the Cardinal Method in Your Practice

    • 2.1 Levels of Consciousness
    • 2.2 The Hindu Chakras System
    • 2.3 Family and Ancestral Energies in the Chakras
    • 2.4 Individual and Divine Energies in the Chakras
    • 2.5 The Power of Crystals
    • 2.6 The “Eighth” Category: Amorphous Natural Solids
    • 2.7 Using Crystals on Energetic Locations in the Body

    Module 3 - Ancestral Healing

    • 3.1 How Ancestors Affect Our Lives
    • 3.2 Root Chakra Energies
    • 3.3 Earthly Chakras Energies
    • 3.4 Cardinal Method Ancestral Flow
    • 3.5 Cardinal Method Ancestral Geometry
    • 3.6 Demo Video - Cardinal Method Ancestral Flow
    • 3.7 Demo Video - Cardinal Method Ancestral Geometry

    Module 4 – Sacral Chakra, the Mother & the Inner Child: Keys to Abundance

    • 4.1 Sacral Chakra Energies
    • 4.2 How the Mother Affects Our Lives
    • 4.3 The Inner Child and the Sacral Chakra
    • 4.4 Sacral Chakra Recap
    • 4.5 Cardinal Method Sacral Chakra Geometry
    • 4.6 Demo Video - Cardinal Method Sacral Chakra Geometry

    Module 5 – Solar Plexus, the Father & the Ego: Keys to Success

    • 5.1 Solar Plexus Energies
    • 5.2 How the Father Affects Our Lives
    • 5.3 The Ego and the Solar Plexus
    • 5.4 Solar Plexus Recap
    • 5.5 Cardinal Method Solar Plexus Geometry
    • 5.6 Demo Video - Cardinal Method Solar Plexus Geometry

    Module 6 – The Heart Chakra & A Healthy Relationship with Self

    • 6.1 The Real Self
    • 6.2 Heart Chakra Energies
    • 6.3 Cardinal Method Real Self Geometry
    • 6.4 Demo Video - Cardinal Method Real Self Geometry

    Module 7 – The Divine Chakras & The Power of Life Connection

    • 7.1 Throat Chakra Energies
    • 7.2 Third-Eye Chakra Energies
    • 7.3 What is Life Connection?
    • 7.4 Crown Chakra Energies
    • 7.5 Heavenly Chakras Energies
    • 7.6 Cardinal Method of Life Connection Geometry
    • 7.7 Cardinal Method Heavenly Chakras Flow
    • 7.8 Demo Video - Cardinal Method of Life Connection Geometry
    • 7.9 Demo Video - Cardinal Method Heavenly Chakras Flow

    Module 8 – Boosting Your New Practice

    • 8.1 How and When to Use the Techniques
    • 8.2 The Reality of Money
    • 8.3 A Healthy Relationship with Your Clients
    • 8.4 What You Need to Start Today
  • Bonuses

     (Value US$485.00)

    1.  Crystal Guide EBook - The Cardinal Method of Life Connection is a deep system, but at the same time, easy to apply in very simple steps. The Crystal Guide provides a list of 21 Basic Crystals for you to know and use in your life and in the chakra balancing practices.
    2. Crystal Guide Flash Course - In this Video Course you'll be led through the Crystal Guide and the benefits of each the essential 21 stones listed there.
    3. 5 Languages of Consciousness - Consciousness speaks to us in gentle or forceful ways, depending on what kind of experiences we create for ourselves with our thoughts and feelings. This EBook brings powerful knowledge so that you can start creating beautiful experiences for yourself and changing the realities you don't enjoy in the present moment.
    4. 9 Visual Guides for Download(Value US$97.00) - You will also have as a bonus an exclusive visual material that you can print to help you in implementing the techniques
    5. Cleaning, Clearing, and Cleansing Crystals (Value US$97.00) - This bonus gives you practical tips on how to clean, clear and cleanse your crystals to keep the energy of your crystals in the highest vibration.
    6. The Perfect Environment for Sessions - (Value US$97.00) - This bonus gives you tips on how to organize your professional environment so that your clients benefit from the best energy possible.
    7. Dealing With "Difficult" Clients - (Value US$97.00) - In this bonus, we will get very specific about client interaction and how to work with them in a loving, kind and firm way.

    Special Bonus

    (Value US$388.00)

    • 4 Live Sessions - You will have four 60-minute live interactive sessions with questions and answers to guide you through the principles, techniques and especially the mindset of the Cardinal Method.

    Access to our exclusive Facebook community: (Priceless)

    This is a space where you can interact with other Cardinal Practitioners, and where we also bring updates on the Method. It is a space where we can grow together. Our group connection is very powerful and we will be there to witness the expansion of each one of us.  

    Total Value

    UD$ 1,870.00


You will have access to deep knowledge, simple and powerful techniques e and a new mindset that will completely transform your life and the lives of the people you help in a VERY significant way!


US$ 1,870.00

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Meet Paola

"I am so honored to teach you the theory, the techniques and the mindset of the Cardinal Method for Energy Healing!"

(Paola Ranova)

For over 26 years, since age 14, Paola has been studying the human soul and deepening her understanding of consciousness processes. She started with Western philosophy and Hindu wisdom, became a bachelor, master and PhD in the field of human nature, having been a university professor for 15 years in Brasilia, a Professor and Coordinating Advisor in the IESB Legal Sciences course (2005- 2008) and Adjunct Professor in the Political Science Course at the University of Brasilia (2010-2014).

At the age of 35, having already created and developed the Cardinal Method since 2010, she moved to Florida and founded her energy healing and research center Ranova Healing Center, where she started offering Cardinal Method sessions and constellations to the international community and developing courses for train practitioners in the field of energy healing. Today, the courses, techniques, sessions and knowledge of the Cardinal Method have been tested and approved with impressive results by hundreds of people.

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