Release the blockages that hold you back

The Cardinal Method Techniques you will learn in this course shed light on blind spots, reveal and dissolve unconscious blockages that keep our potentials in a "cage" without us realizing it. With the proper guidance and system these blockages can be removed, and  you will see shifts happening fast - both for yourself and your clients.

Help others more efficiently in a very powerful way

You will take your practice to another level when you use the Cardinal Method in your sessions. The techniques with crystals will optimize your work and make everything more dynamic, efficient and effective. You'll receive a powerful training with a simple and organized system, your clients' lives will improve, and so will your professional life.

Create a much more joyful and abundant life

The Cardinal Method Mindset encourages you and those around you to be joyful and fulfilled. It helps you create a happy life, living in more joy and authenticity, making peace with all areas of life, valuing  your talents, and benefiting your clients and loved ones. You'll start living with more balance and expansion in a very natural way.

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Get to know the Course material

Detailed Modules, Video Trainings & 1 Interactive Private Session

Understanding the Cardinal Method Fundamental Theory and Mindset

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection is structured on ancient wisdom from different cultures and cutting-edge 21st-century science. Inside the course, you will understand the knowledge that sustains the Cardinal Method and learn the powerful mindset that will make a huge difference in your energy healing sessions as soon as you start applying what you learn.


The Power of Crystals & Chakras 

In this module, you will learn how the energetic blueprint of human nature is observed in ancient Hindu tradition and how you can use cutting-edge crystals knowledge to align chakras and all they encompass. You will understand the Cardinal Method of Life Connection on a deeper level and how crystal geometry can help you align energy fields in a profound and clear way.

Promoting Ancestral Healing

In Energy Healing,  it's very important to address ancestral energy. It's one of the most important layers of consciousness in any human being's psyche and soul, and in this module, we dive deep into this knowledge. The theoretical content you'll get in this Module alone will create very powerful shifts in your mind, and the first 2 Cardinal Method techniques are introduced here too.

Harmonizing Interpersonal  Relationships and Making Peace with Abundance

In the Cardinal Method, some of the most, if not the most significant relationships of our lives are ruled by the Sacral Chakra. This Module goes into detail about the Mother, the Inner Child and our relationship with abundance, which all reside there. When we purify, strengthen, and harmonize the Sacral Chakra, so much of our lives fall in place naturally. In this Module, you will learn the 3rd Cardinal Method Technique of the course.

Owning your Personal Power

Leading a meaningful, prosperous adult life and strengthening personal power are major keys that allow us to be socially present, mature, contribute to the world, create personal fulfillment, and be of service. In this module, you will learn powerful theory about the importance of the Father's energy and how to develop a healthy ego. You'll also learn the 4th Cardinal Method Technique of the Course.

Self-Love, Self-Expression and Authenticity

The most sublime energies in the Universe are Love and Truth. This Module is about leading a purposeful, authentic, and fulfilling life, and how it all starts with owning your truth and loving yourself for who you truly are. Only then can we follow our sacred paths and fulfill our life purpose. In this Module, you will also be introduced to the 5th Cardinal Method Technique of the Course.

Manifesting Heaven on Earth

Life is not just about going through the human experience ... it’s about living a divine experience in a human body too. There are powerful tools you can use to create bliss and lasting stability in your life, and this Module teaches you 2 powerful Crystal Techniques that create a connection with Divine Energy, what the Cardinal Method calls Life Connection and a limitless, blissful journey with the Higher Self. This Module also encourages the creation of abundance with a healthy, confident mindset.

Owning your Power and Creating a Prosperous Professional Life 

A strong, healthy mindset is key to creating a prosperous professional life, and it can be a game changer. The more you help more people with the Cardinal Method, the more you'll manifest prosperity, because you'll own your power and create a powerful current of happiness and joy. This Module brings a prosperous mindset and encourages you to own your energy healing abilities. As a professional in this field, you will see that the Cardinal Method harmonizes with other modalities very well, and it catalyzes and enhances the power of your sessions.

Living in your own terms with Distance Sessions

The Cardinal Method Techniques you will learn can be present or distant. In this Module, you will learn how you can send Distant Cardinal Method Sessions to anyone in the world, in different time zones, with ease and grace and the same effectiveness as present sessions.

Additional Material

  • Cleaning, Clearing, and Cleansing Crystals - This training gives you practical tips on how to clean, clear, and cleanse your crystals to keep their energy in the highest vibration
  • The Perfect Environment for Sessions - This training gives you tips on how to organize your professional environment so that your clients benefit from the best vibration possible
  • Dealing With "Difficult" Clients - On this training, we will get very specific about client interaction and how to work with them in a loving, kind, and healthy way.
  • How to Build Your Crystal Collection -This trainign gives you tips on how to purchase crystals, how to develop a clear mind when interacting with them, how to choose your crystals, and how to create a more intimate relationship with them
  •  Crystal Guide E-Book - The Cardinal Method of Life Connection is a powerful system, but at the same time, easy to apply in very simple steps. The Crystal Guide provides a list of 21 Basic Crystals for you to know and use in the chakra balancing practices
  • 5 Languages of Consciousness E-Book - Consciousness speaks to us in gentle or intense ways, depending on what kind of experiences we create for ourselves with our thoughts and feelings. This E-Book brings important knowledge for you to start creating beautiful experiences for yourself and changing the realities you don't enjoy in the present moment.
  • 9 Visual Guides for Download - You will also get access to exclusive visual material that you can print to help in the implementation of the techniques
  • Live sessions recordings from previous courses - You will get access to the recording of previous live sessions with those who've taken the course to get more in-depth knowledge about the Cardinal Method

Cardinal Method Crystals for the Seven Techniques

This course brings all the information about the crystals you'll need to use in the 7 techniques you'll learn. The crystals you'll use in the session are described in detail, explained within the unique Cardinal Method perspective based on almost 30 years of research and 10 years of applied empirical knowledge of thousands of case studies.

If you're a crystal expert, the information in this course will expand your knowledge about how crystals can be used as soul healing tools within the Cardinal Method. If you're not very familiar with crystals, this course will give you all the knowledge you need to use them in your Cardinal Method sessions.

18 Recorded Implementation Live Sessions from Previous Courses 

You will have access to the recordings of 18 live Q&A training and implementation sessions to guide you through the theory, the techniques and the Cardinal Method Mindset.



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See how professionals who are already using the Cardinal Method for Energy Healing are creating powerful results in their lives and helping more people:

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I'm not a crystal expert, how will I know how to get my crystals?

This is not a problem, you'll become familiar with them in the course, and just like many Cardinal Method practitioners, you'll love the process of getting to know your crystals. Like anything else in life, we become familiar with things by taking the first step, right? In the course, you will get a thorough introduction to them, and after you finished the modules you will have the support of our community too.

"I'm just getting started with energy healing..." - does it make sense to take this course?

The Cardinal Method is so unique and powerful it really is like nothing you've ever seen. If you already are an energy healing practitioner, this course can help you in any phase of your professional life, and you can be sure it will bring new energy to your practice. And if you're just getting started, taking this course is one of the best ways to create a new beginning and a new chapter in your life.

Can I combine the Cardinal Method with the modalities I already use in my practice?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of the best things of the Cardinal Method - it loves to work hand in hand with other modalities. The way we use crystals in the Cardinal Method is very unique, and if you pair the techniques and mindset with other modalities you know, it will catalyze positive changes in people's lives through your sessions. 

How long will I need to dedicate myself to learn the techniques?

Though the techniques are deep and powerful, they're simple, fast and easy to learn. The Cardinal Method is a very sophisticated system, but it's also light and easy. The theory is profound but I make sure to make it very clear for you, and the practices are fast, light, and extremely effective. Time-wise, this course will not overwhelm you, and you can watch the modules in your own timing. Also, though it is a deep journey, it's very light at the same time.

I'm not a professional in the Energy Healing field - can I take this course?

Yes. This course brings new knowledge and a very unique approach to enrich the energy healing practice of experienced professionals, but it's also a great starting point for people who are just taking their first steps in the energy healing field. If you were born with healing and psychic gifts and are just starting to develop them, if you have a natural instinct to help others and want to work with energy healing professionally, and if you are in a transitional phase in your career and just need a boost to become an energy healing professional, this course is for you.


If you still have questions, send an email to

[email protected]

or a WhatsApp message. 

Hi, I'm Paola Ranova

"I'm thrilled to teach you the Cardinal Method theory, techniques, and mindset on this course!"

For almost 30 years, since I was 14, I've been studying human nature and deepening my understanding of our human experience and consciousness processes. By developing my own personal medicine to overcome my anxiety, I started studying Western philosophy and Hindu wisdom. This world of wisdom fascinated me so much I decided to become an academic with bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees in the field of human nature. I became a university professor when I was 31, and though I had been teaching in university-level courses for 15 years, something was missing in my soul. I felt I needed to dive deeper into the my psychic and healing gifts and help people in more practical ways. 

Because I was always working on my personal journey for spiritual growth as I moved forward in my academic career, when I was 35, I had fully developed my own soul healing and consciousness system, the Cardinal Method of Life Connection. As soon as the Cardinal Method became a structured system, I moved to Florida, founded an energy healing and research center, and started offering Cardinal Method sessions and constellations to an international community locally and worldwide. I also developed Cardinal Method courses to train practitioners in the field of energy healing, and today, the Cardinal Method has become a proven system with impressive results, with hundreds of practitioners who are now helping thousands of people all over the world.

This course can transform your life. The 7 Techniques of the Cardinal Method for Energy Healing are waiting for you.

Dive into the  knowledge, techniques and mindset. You can expand your life and help many people in meaningful ways with the Cardinal Method. 

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