Cardinal Method Week is a life-changing journey with 3 FREE live sessions on YouTube on June 15th, June 17th and June 19th at 7:30 pm est (US and Canada)

What will you learn in Cardinal Method Week?


🇺🇸June 15th, 17th & 19th at 07:30 pm US E.T.

🇧🇷(6:00 pm US E.T. in Portuguese)


Allow yourself to be successful and fulfilled in the energy healing field

Get to know two of the biggest unconscious obstacles that hold you back, and how you can break free from them and own your psychic and healing gifts in a calm and healthy way.


Turn the obstacles that block your success and personal fulfillment into strength

Let's get to work! Embrace your personal power and healing gifts with self-confidence and lightness of being by learning a powerful Cardinal Method practice that can truly transform your life.


Take a quantum leap in your life and show your best to the world

Time to stop hiding. Find a powerful key to organize your life, expand your consciousness and increase the joy of life in your soul by owning your power and living your purpose.