Cardinal Method Constellation Facilitators Week 

We'll talk about how you can build a successful and fulfilling 6-figure business as an Energy Healing Professional 

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May 19th, 20th, and 21st 2022

What will happen in Cardinal Method Constellation Facilitators Week?


7:30pm ET USA

It's time to transform the weight that paralyzes you into strength

We'll talk about how you can transform the weight that holds you back into strength, develop enough self-confidence to use your healing gifts as a professional lifestyle and a great source of income, building a successful career in this area.


7:30pm ET USA

How the Cardinal Method expands traditional constellations 

You will understand how the Cardinal Method is inspired by and honors traditional Constellations, going beyond and adding other sources of knowledge about the soul and using crystals for more alignment, objectivity and precision in constellations.


03:00pm ET USA

Free Constellation for Cardinal Method Week participants

Participate in a free and exclusive online Constellation for everyone who signed up, and feel in your heart and soul how Cardinal Method Constellations are powerful and unfold in a deep, light, loving and absolutely accurate way.

Who is it for?

✔︎ For everyone who wants to be a professional constellations facilitator using a powerful, proven and effective system

✔︎ For everyone who already is a constellations facilitator and wants to expand their practice with deep new knowledge and accurate techniques

✔︎ Professionals in the field of energy healing who want to have a new high-quality tool in their toolbox and grow their business without overwhelm

Who is Paola Ranova?

Creator of the Cardinal Method and Ranova Enterprises, author of 3 books and licensed Professor at the University of Brasília, with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in political theory and human nature and a PhD in comparative cultures and multidisciplinary systems.

In my professional life, I turn all my knowledge into practical soul-healing tools by offering professional training sessions and courses.

In Cardinal Method Constellation Facilitators Week I will share how you can have a successful professional practice using the Cardinal Method.

100% Online e FREE

May 19th, 20th, e 21st 2022