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"For the past four years, I’ve watched many clients addressing their struggles as they try to create a better life for themselves, and I notices a big common problem..."


Hi, I'm Paola Ranova, and I have a question for you.

Why are so many people failing to break through what blocks them from living their highest potential and creating a beautiful, fulfilling life?

Many of us seem to be living balanced lives and manifesting their best potentials. They face struggles with grace and joy, and tend to attract amazing life experiences. In general, they just seem to live with more stability.

Of course, problems will always exist, but some people seem to find solutions more quickly than others.

Many of us don't know how to live as we wish. Or in some phases of life we do, and in other phases we feel stuck. Some of us don't even know where to start. 

So we spend time figuring out how to lead more joyful and fulfilled lives, when in reality, we can learn tools to accelerate the process and bring us more emotional fulfillment, joy, happiness and well-being.

Your time is precious and you know it, so let me to be speak directly to your real self:

You know have incredible potentials to tap into. Beautiful things manifest and share with the world.

So why doesn't your life seem to be a manifestation of your best potentials?

Why aren't you creating more amazing experiences, living awesome relationships, enjoying more abundance, happiness, joy and fulfillment in your life?

After all this time and all we've overcome as strong, committed people, I believe we can all develop more knowledge of self, owning our truth, and living by more fulfilling standards.

Life has so much joy and amazing experiences waiting for us.

What we have to do is start to dive into deeper knowledge and wisdom about who we really are, what interferes in our authentic sense of Self, and create more personal growth and life connection in our paths.

I’m sure you've seen many people tapping into their best potentials and manifesting them. I’m not talking about portraying a fake image, or comparing yourself to others.

I’m talking about tapping into the best of who we are and living in authenticity.

Some people do it, and some people don’t.

And I’m sure you have just as much passion and desire to be who you really are, and to help and inspire other people too.

So what's stopping you?

I’m sure it’s not desire.

What I've observed as the biggest, most obvious problem with the majority of people

is that in Life, things change very fast, and if we’re honest, WE ARE NEVER REALLY SURE WHAT'S WORKING, or where to start, and what to focus on when time and money are often so limited.

Too often, we don't know WHERE to focus on to get the ideas out of our heads and manifest our dreams and desires.

Often we just don't know what to do to gain REAL MOMENTUM investing in what’s really important, prioritizing ourselves, and creating fulfillment with our life experiences.

We're often overwhelmed and confused.

In your case, maybe you're afraid of trying the wrong thing and feeling like you have wasted time and money.

But this is not a courage issue.

It's SMART to want to have your breakthrough in the right way the first time.

It's SMART to care about your time and not feel like you’re spending too much time and energy on yourself, because you also want to accommodate your family and loved ones.

But it is also SMART to be in your best shape and form so you can be an inspiration of joy and happiness for your children, an example of strength for your family and loved ones, and a source of joy for the people you work with.

It's SMART to get your inner world organized, because this ripples effects not only in every area of your life, but also benefits those around you.

If you agree with this, you can also agree that it's SMART to get great training from someone who has a proven method for figuring out a way to release emotional blockages, get clarity about what’s stopping or delaying the best flow of your life, and that has had such powerful results that has become an author, speaker, energy healing practitioner, business-owner, online trainer, and local community leader. After a very long journey, this is who I've become - and

it's been rough, but worth it.

I've accumulated many years of research about ancestral wisdom and contemporary knowledge about the soul  - and by now

I really know what works and what doesn't.

But the most important thing is that after I suffered so much with my own struggles, I've created  the Cardinal Method - and this Crystals & Chakras Course is part of it. With this roadmap, now I want to help YOU.

That's why I'm inviting you to join an AMAZING personal growth journey with me.

Read all the details about this Online Course and take this extraordinary step to be who you really are.

I truly encourage you to SIGN UP now, because if not now, then when? ;-)

This course is deep and powerful, and it will not take too long for you to complete. 

Your time is precious, and though I've had more than 20 years of experience on this journey, you will not have to spend too many hours dedicating yourself.

The course has a very dynamic and has an organic rhythm.

You'll be surprised by how fast you'll get insights, how fast shifts will happen, and how deep your journey will be.  

You have a Light to shine and share with the world. 

This course can help you find this Inner Light, create a better life for yourself, and build a beautiful personal story with more abundance.

If you’re stuck in some area of life, you'll find out why, and you'll get tools to release the blockages.

In this course you'll get the training you need, so don't miss out.

So love yourself... and sign up!

Join the “Crystals & Chakras” Online Course and you'll learn, step-by-step, how to tap into your personal truth, live from within, release the emotional blockages that are on your way, and create a more joyful life.

If you don't resonate with the course, you can cancel anytime within our 14-day trial guarantee. 

Have You Ever Wondered Why You're...

NOT Fulfilling Your Dreams?

Dreams are expressions of the Real Self. Learn how to get in touch with who you REALLY are and start achieving your fulfillment by aligning and balancing the energy of your chakras.

NOT Prioritizing Yourself?

Self-Love and Self-Esteem are the solutions. These energies are in your chakras! You'll learn how to strengthen them, and much more, in this "Crystals & Chakras" course.

NOT Feeling Valued or Appreciated?

The more you live in authenticity and alignment with your Truth,  the more you'll be respected and experience Real Life Connection. Learn how to do this with confidence with the wisdom you'll get from the "Crystals & Chakras" Course.



Crystals & Chakras Course (Value $997.00)

  • 9 teaching "Crystals & Chakras" Videos - You'll learn unique wisdoms about the power of Crystals and Chakra energy.
  • 9 Downloadable Audios from each Video that you can listen to from your phone or portable device.
  • 9 Downloadable Video Transcripts that you can print, read from, highlight, make notes, and file for further reference.
  • "Soul Exercises" in each Module that you can color and that will guide you in deeper practices.
  • Visual Chakra Guide  - A downloadable PDF with detailed Chakra images, specific hand positions (Mudras), and sacred Chakra activation words (Mantras).

12 Recorded Live sessions (Value $660.00)

  • 6 Recorded Live Sessions from previous courses with Module recap and Q&A

Bonuses (Value $641.00)

  • Yamas & Niyamas (Value $97.00) - You'll learn in modern-day language about Yamas & Niyamas, which are ancient ethical guidelines for a virtuous life. You'll also get a Video, an Audio and a Transcript.
  • Thymus Chakra (Value $97.00) You'll also learn about an "extra" chakra in the body responsible for Joy and healthy boundaries. It comes with a Video, an Audio and a Transcript.
  • Ida, Pingala & Sushumna (Value $97.00) - These are three main energy channels in the body that connect and surround the chakras. This bonus also has a Video, an Audio and a Transcript.
  • “Diving Deeper" PowerPoint -  (Value $350.00) - You'll get 3 Slideshows with a 1 hour and 50 minutes voiceover full of deeper teachings, plus 3 Downloadable Audios and a Presentation PDF. If you're an energy medicine practitioner, you'll especially love this bonus!

Special Bonus (Value $250.00)

  • Mantras Course - When I was creating this course, I was so moved by the power and the depth of this wisdom, that I designed a "Mantras Course" for you. Mantras are sacred words that expand Consciousness and heal the Soul. I sang the Mantras for you with all my heart. This Course consists of:
    • 1 Video that explains the theory behind the Mantras.
    • 1 Downloadable Audio.
    • 1 Transcript of the Video.
    • Mantras Meanings PDF - Each Mantra has a special meaning for the Soul and aligns the Chakra it corresponds to.
    • 6 downloadable Mantra Audios (108 repetition each) chanted by me.
    • 1 Crown Chakra Meditation Audio.

Access to our exclusive Facebook "Crystals & Chakras" Community (Priceless)

  • This is a space for us to grow together. Our group connection is very powerful -  we are all there for each other. Take advantage! Join us today!


Total Value $ 2,548.00



The "Crystals & Chakras" Course for $497.00



If you think this course is not for you, we have a 14-day money back guarantee.

"For me the "Crystals & Chakras” course became a source of knowledge for my practice in energizing my body and my environment. A must-do course for people interest in in well-being. "

Carlos Castillo

"The "Crystals & Chakras” course was incredible experience! It has a very real, clear, direct and extremely rich! Paola skillfully merges technical concepts and spirituality in a simple and delicate way. She demystifies superstition, clarifies the true attributes of stones, and brings healing to those who learn. I'm happy and grateful for these powerful tools I now have in my hands. "

Fabiane Mendes
Energy Medicine Practioner

"I believe in energy and spirituality, so was very interested to learn how crystals can help and protect our energy flow from external impacts. Slowly I am incorporating crystal energy in my life, when I see one that catches my attention I try to understand its meaning and get it. I’ve been meditating with them. As a wellness coach I improve my life, my surroundings, and well-being with the help of crystals."

Scheila Schauzer
Wellness Coach

"This course has enhanced my trust and faith in using crystals daily with my cards in communicating, healing and meditating. I feel I have expanded my practice with this knowledge and my freedom to explore more. "

Susan E.

"The "crystals and chakras" Course introduced me to a whole new world and changed the way I proceed in my sessions. As an energy healing practitioner, I use this knowledge daily."

Janaina Eliasquevici
TethaHealing & Access Conciousness Practitioner


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