Crystals & Chakras Meditation Series

A Weekly Program of Emotional Well-Being to Enjoy the Best of Life

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$1.00 to try the series for 7 days. If you love it, $29.00/month will be billed automatically after the 7-day trial, unless you cancel your commitment by replying to one of our emails.

For less than US$1.00 a day you will have resources to deal with your daily stress

Today you only have to invest $1.00 to enjoy the content for 7 days. After your 7-day trial you don't have to do anything else - you'll automatically be charged $29.00/month to enjoy all the videos, meditations and bonuses, and every week you will have a new Crystals & Chakras Meditation and Video to look forward to!

What if you Had an "Emotional-Well-Being Cabinet" You Could Rely on to Ease Your Daily Struggles?


Creating emotional well-being in your life can be easier than you think. It's just like taking a shower every day - you can take a daily "emotional bath" using the power of crystals and chakras!

Believe me, an emotional purification routine with Crystals and Chakras can truly change your life - and it can be joyful too :-)

To inspire you to do that, we've created a series of weekly meditations with Crystals and Chakras addressing specific emotions and situations that get you off track, but if you have the right tools, you can go right back to the joy of life!

Things such as fear, guilt, shame, sadness and anger can be easily transformed into emotional well-being once you start doing these Crystals & Chakras Meditations.

Every week, you'll get a new video about a specific emotion or situation that will progressively enrich your "Emotional Well-Being Cabinet".

You will learn how to use the power of a specific crystal to align a specific chakra. And you will love it!

In the Crystals & Chakras Meditation series, you will have access to the whole library of videos AND to the powerful Guided Meditations!

They will be organized by Chakra, exactly like an "emotional menu" you can go to on specific situations - depending on what you need that day.

For example, if you're angry, you'll know which chakra needs your attention.

You will then go to the "Chakra Shelf" in your emotional well-being cabinet, and find the specific crystal to help you. You  will intuitively know exactly which crystal you need in that moment, and it'll be so much fun!

Emotional well-being comes from the joy of life, which is exactly what crystals bring you! Fast, deep, powerful solutions to your worries and fears, and they will shift gloomy vibrations in your energy field very quickly!

They are not magic pills, but they have such high vibrational energy you will feel their joy immediately.  

You will also get bonus PFDs as "cheat-sheets" to remind you of the superpowers of crystals and the simple practices you can learn in our Meditation series.

You'll practice with these meditations every day, or every week, as many times as you want, and your life will change beautifully!

And just because something is simple, it doesn't mean it's not powerful - on the contrary! The most simple things in life really tend to be the most effective. 

You will use the power of crystals to help you, and you will feel the joy of life every day the more you practice.

Your emotional well-being and the  joy of life await you!

I'm so excited to see you flourishing on this journey!

Let's do this together and start making the best of life right now!


What People are Saying about the Joy of our Crystals & Chakras Journey

"The "crystals and chakras" Course introduced me to a whole new world and changed the way I proceed in my sessions. As an energy healing practitioner, I use this knowledge daily."

Janaina Eliasquevici
TethaHealing & Access Consciousness Practitioner

"For me the "Crystals & Chakras” course became a source of knowledge for my practice in energizing my body and my environment. A must-do course for people interested in in well-being. "

Carlos Castillo

"I believe in energy and spirituality, so I was very interested to learn how crystals can help and protect our energy flow from external impacts. Slowly I am incorporating crystal energy in my life, when I see one that catches my attention I try to understand its meaning and get it. I’ve been meditating with them. As a wellness coach, I've improved my life, my surroundings and my well-being with the help of crystals."

Scheila Schauzer
Wellness Coach

"This course has enhanced my trust and faith in using crystals daily. I feel I have expanded my practice with this knowledge and my freedom to explore more. "

Susan E.

"The "Crystals & Chakras” course was an incredible experience! It has a very real, clear, direct and extremely rich! Paola skillfully merges technical concepts and spirituality in a simple and delicate way. She demystifies superstition, clarifies the true attributes of stones, and brings healing to those who learn. I'm happy and grateful for these powerful tools I now have in my hands. "

Fabiane Mendes
Energy Medicine Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this for me?  This Meditation Series is for anyone who wants to create more joy in their lives with simple and effective practices. It is also for people who love crystals and who want to know more about their power and use them as consciousness reminders of clarity, focus, love and the joy of life.
  2. But I'm too restless. Will this work for hyper people? Yes, especially for hyper people. The meditations last about 15 minutes and they are designed for people on the go who lead busy lives and usually don't even have time to breathe.

  3. Can my children benefit? What's the youngest age? Children who are 11 years old and up can benefit immensely from these meditations, especially teenagers.

  4. Will I be able to concentrate? What if I fall asleep? Trust your inner guide and Higher Self that you will get the benefits consciously or unconsciously. Even if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind will be absorbing the good vibrations and you will effortlessly benefit from this Meditation Series.

  5. Can I use add them to my daily meditation practices? Yes, absolutely. These Meditations work as stand-alone spiritual practices that last 15 minutes, and they can be easily added to other spiritual work you already do.

  6. How can crystals help with emotional well-being? Crystals are forces of nature with great subtle power. If you have an open, willing mind, you can create powerful consciousness and manifested shifts in your life with themTheir colors help heal emotions because specific vibrations address specific emotional areas in you life, so you can greatly benefit from their colors, especially at a chakra level. They also have internal geometry that immediately aligns your energy field the moment you come in contact with them. 

  7. Can they help me create more joy in my life? Absolutely! This is the most powerful takeaway you get from these Meditations - instant joy if you're willing to receive and allow this energy in your life.

  8. Can crystals help me dive deeper into my spiritual path? Yes. They are powerful tools that work in proportion to your willingness to dive as deep as you want.


Today you only have to invest $1.00 to enjoy the content for 7 days. After your 7-day trial you don't have to do anything else - you'll automatically be charged $29.00/month to enjoy all the videos, meditations and bonuses, and every week you will have a new Crystals & Chakras Meditation and Video to look forward to!

Check Out What's Waiting For You:

The Crystals & Chakras Meditation Series

  1. A List of Chakras and their corresponding emotions and the areas of life they govern: You will get a list of chakras and the corresponding emotions and areas of life they govern to understand your life better and get clarity about what you need in specific situations. You'll know which chakra governs which emotion and which crystal brings the most appropriate energy to deal with your present moment situation
  2. Weekly videos about Crystal Power and the Chakras: Each week, you will get powerful and simple knowledge about specific crystals that help align specific chakras to expand your consciousness and be more aware of how you can find inspired solutions to your problems
  3. Guided Meditations to Create a Joyful Life: You will get powerful meditations that you can do daily or weekly to release stress from your mind and instantly feel the joy of life in your heart
  4. Downloadable Practices and Basic Concepts PDFs: Every week you will get new information about Crystals and Chakras, and the basic concepts and practices will be available for you in beautiful downloadable PDFs
  5. Access to our Exclusive Facebook Community: You will have access to an amazing group of loving like-minded people where you can share information and experiences with each other
  6. The Crystal Guide Ebook: You'll also get a powerful Ebook that describes 21 Basic Crystals that will help you release stress and feel happier in a joyful, easy way, and teach you how to take care of your crystals too!


Hi, I'm Paola Ranova!

I'm honored to be your guide in this Crystals & Chakras Journey!

I'll be so happy to teach you about Crystals and Chakras and guide you in these powerful Meditations! 

I've had decades of experience with this knowledge and have created easy, powerful practices that you can enjoy in this program, and I've made it so simple and easy for you, you're not going to believe it and I'm sure each week you'll look forward to the next experience, because that's what crystals do - they create such joy in your life that all you want is to be connected to them :-D

So now is the time to encourage you to enjoy life in all its glory!

Everyone in the world can manifest their best potentials, be happy and become the shining light they were born to be.

And with this road-map, I know awesome people like you are going to create a lot of joy in the planet, release stress form their lives, and become an inspiration to so many others!

This Crystals & Chakras Series is designed to inspire you to make the best of life every day!

So the next step now is to sign up for our Crystals & Chakras Meditation Series and start connecting to the joy of life right now :-)



Today you only have to invest $1.00 to enjoy the content for 7 days. After your 7-day trial you don't have to do anything else - you'll automatically be charged $29.00/month to enjoy all the videos, meditations and bonuses, and every week you will have a new Crystals & Chakras Meditation and Video to look forward to!


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