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So many talented people are searching for professional and financial fulfillment and  FAILING to breakthrough in their practices.

They want to manifest the best of life in their dream career and help people with energy medicine.

But why is it so difficult?

What are the blockages? 

Some say they have little or no money.

And if this is happening, it's because they have few clients, or charge too low.

The cost of staying in this situation is too high, causing people to fell stuck, simply coping and "just getting by".

Why does it seem so hard to create a professional life in the energy medicine field in which we can

do what we love, help people become healthier and happier, and make more than enough money to support ourselves, our families,  our practices and our dreams?

Most will answer they have a really hard time feeling valued and acknowledged for their energy healing abilities, which leads to not having enough clients.

Some will say they've always had a hard time with money and feel uncomfortable charging - or charging enough - for their sessions.

These practitioners want to help people more than anything else, and often they help others at the cost of their financial health and even their emotional and physical well-being.

They often undercharge and overwork.

They feel so much compassion for other people's pain that they do not put themselves in the equation, so they

give too much and receive too little.

But why can't helping people happen with ease, prosperity and grace - or on a larger scale?

Some will say energy healing is so beautiful and spiritual they can't really associate something that flows so easily and joyfully with a "job"  or a "full-time career". 

To them,

energy medicine feels more like a hobby or charity work.

But the truth is -

they'd really love to do this as a full-time, well-paid job,

instead of working 9 to 5 in something they hate, or getting unstable gigs here and there to make ends meet.

These problems usually have to do with not seeing their business as a part of their life mission, or as something that can be integrated with their professional and financial life.

A charity is where we can donate our love and express our best intentions to make the world a better place. 

It's where we give what overflows from us after we have nurtured ourselves.

hobby is when we have fun, period. No exchanges involved.

Part of the feelings we experience with charity (helping people) and hobbies (having fun) can be present in our careers, though.

You can have a prosperous, successful energy healing career AND help people and enjoy  the process, too.

When we start seeing our energy work with more

prosperous and worthy eyes,

we turn our practice into a respected and profitable business, and are acknowledged as

serious professionals contributing to the well-being of the world.

So let me tell you this:

As a serious, powerful field that can greatly help humanity,

Energy Medicine must be taken to another level of professionalism,

and it starts with our personal attitude when we commit to

boosting our practices, helping more clients more efficiently, and becoming more successful and happy in our field.

Because you can trust that

the more you honor and respect your own work, the more people will respond accordingly, and the more successful you will be.

You know very well how much you've helped your clients with the knowledgetechniques and support you've offered them, right?

I'm sure you've saved them a lot of money, a lot of time spent in hospitals or even surgeries, and spared them a lot of unnecessary emotional and physical pain with the treatments you have offered.

Your professional practice is a gift you give to the world.

And not everyone has the

talent and kindness of heart

that you do to embrace this professional field.

So it's only fair that you start 

feeling more proud of yourself, valuing your talentsdedication and qualification, and start investing on innovative systems that will boost your practice even more.

You know you have incredible potentials to tap into, manifest and share with the world.

And you know you can stand out in a crowd with your unique abilities.

If your life isn't a manifestation of your best potentials yet, the moment you decide to value your practice and boost it, powerful shifts  will start to happen - for you AND your clients.

And this can happen gracefully and joyfully - as Nature intended.

You can manifest the best of life as soon as you truly desire it and take action - starting TODAY.

Life has so much joy and amazing experiences waiting for you.

One of the most powerful things you can do is to 

dive deeper into knowledge and techniques that boost your practice, bring faster results to your clients, and help you feel more confident to charge more.

When you start creating a new type of practice, you will have more free time, live more happily, and contribute more to your field.

Many professionals in other fields manifest their best potentials with integrity from the core of their being and make good money

so why can't energy healers do the same?

We can. And

if we desire and allow it, we will.

This is not only about helping your clients and making more money.

It is also about tapping into the best of who you are, feeling good about living in authenticity, and having a bigger impact in the health and well-being of your local community and the world.

It's also about contributing to our professional field by becoming sharper in your skills and more qualified in your practice.

So what's stopping you?

I’m sure it’s not desire.

The biggest, most obvious problem seems to be that 

in life, things change so fast, and we're never really sure what to do or what to choose from to enhance our practices.

What system should we use?

What choices should we make to boost our practices and become sharper and more qualified?

Too often, we don't even know WHERE to put our focus to

get the blockages out of our way to manifest our best ideas, following our hearts and creating the life of our dreams.

When we just don't know what to do to gain REAL MOMENTUM investing in what’s truly important for us, we become stuck.

And I'm sure you want to be in your best energy so that you can become an inspiration of joy and well-being to your clients, an example of strength for your family and community, and to really shine bright as you accomplish your mission and reach the people you serve professionally with the best energy possible.

When you boost your practice, you will feel more confident and happy, creating a ripple-effect in every area of your life, even benefiting people around you.

So if you want to help your clients more efficiently, make more money and contribute more to your field,

now is the time.

I've become an author, speaker, energy healing practitioner, business-owner and online trainer

because this process really works.

The twenty-five-year-plus research I've done about ancestral wisdom and contemporary science about consciousness and the soul  has led me to

develop a method that creates powerful results in people's lives - The Cardinal Method of Life Connection.

I've written two books about it, created three online courses and given thousands of sessions using the Cardinal Method in these past years. 

I've exhaustively tested the methodology, created a huge database, a successful healing center and a profitable business.

It's a proven system that has been working incredibly well internationally for over eight years now,

so I can assure you:

I know what works and what doesn't.

And not only that.

As I was creating a profitable six-figure business with the Cardinal Method, I was also developing the educational program to teach it to fellow practitioners.

I have a background as a PhD and  University Professor, who has decades of experience researching, teaching, lecturing and educating in local community programs, so I know this course can help you

make your professional life easier, more prosperous, and more fulfilling.

I really want more people to be successful, and I want to help YOU in your professional journey.

This course is an eight-module process 

in which you'll learn powerful techniques for

ancestral healing and family healing, harmonizing relationships and connecting with higher consciousness.

I'll teach you how to

align all seven main chakras using crystal geometry,

plus you'll get to know and work with the Earthly and Heavenly Chakras.

You'll learn powerful theory and practices.

Read all the details about the course and take this step today.

I promise it will be life-changing and you will

create flow and structure in your life with grace, ease, and abundance. 

You have a Light to shine and share with the world.

This course can help you find it and use it.

Believe me, you can create a better life with your inner Light, and

build an incredible professional practice with more abundance, fulfillment and joy

for yourself, your family and your clients.

You'll get the training you need to boost your practice to an exponentially higher level.

It'll be beautiful!

Have You Ever Wondered Why You're...

NOT Boosting Your Practice?

You may be focusing on your fears and insecurities instead of your talents and unique gifts to help others. With powerful new techniques and knowledge, you will feel inspired and strong to move forward in your mission. This course will give you a completely new perspective about your career and the steps you need to take to become more confident and successful.

NOT Making Enough Money?

Money is an important energy in our lives that should be taken seriously and it can also be a source of joy. Our clients love to pay us for a work well done, and believe it or not, their transformation begins with their investment and commitment. Having a healthy relationship with money in your practice is a huge key to happiness and success.

NOT Feeling Valued or Appreciated?

The more you understand how important your mission is in helping people, the more you will contribute to the world and to the Energy Medicine field. In this course you will feel empowered as part of an amazing community, helping to create a structured professional environment for yourself and your colleagues.


Here's what Professionals who are using the Cardinal Method techniques are saying:


Daniela DeMarchi has been in the Energy Medicine field for over twenty years and is a powerful Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified PaRama Unit 1, and Certified FreeFall 1 Instructor in Canada.

Becca Marchall is a psychologist, counselor, MS, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) and Certified Bodytalk Practitioner with a solid energy healing career in Miami.


Fabiane Mendes has been researching energy and crystals for over twenty years and is an energy healing practitioner and ThetaHealing Instructor in Florida and Brazil.

Karine Passos has a double major in Psychology and Physical Education and a Master's Degree in Health Sciences from the University of Brasilia. She's a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in Brazil and has been in the BodyTalk System for over nine years.

Check out what's Waiting For You:

Module 1Introduction to The Cardinal Method

  • Why was the Cardinal Method created?
  • Cardinal Method Pillars

Module 2What You Need To Know To Include The Cardinal Method In Your Practice

  1. Levels of Consciousness
  2. The Hindu Chakras System
  3. Family and Ancestral Energy 
  4.  The Power of Crystals

Module 3 - Ancestral Healing

  1. How Ancestors Affect Our Lives
  2. Cardinal Method Ancestral Healing Techniques

Module 4The Mother's Energy

  1. How Mother Energy Affects People's Lives
  2. Cardinal Method Techniques to Heal the Relationship with the Mother

Module 5 – The Father's Energy

  1. How Father Energy Affects People's Lives
  2. Cardinal Method Techniques to Heal the Relationship with the Father 

Module 6A Healthy Relationship with Self

  1. The Real Self: Love, Truth & Authenticity
  2. Cardinal Method Self Connection Techniques

Module 7Life Connection

  1. What is Life Connection?
  2. Cardinal Method Life Connection Techniques

Module 8Boosting Your Practice

  1. How and When to Use Cardinal Method Techniques
  2. A Healthy Relationship with Your Client
  3. The Value of Your Sessions and How To Communicate It To Your Clients
  4. Proven Reasons Why Results Are Faster with The Cardinal Method
  5. How Much You Should Charge


  1. Crystals & Chakras Online Course
    This course will give deeper knowledge about crystals, chakras, crystal systems and geometry, and many technical details for you to take your practice to another level of quality and expertise.
  2. Your Cardinal Connections Supercharged Course
    The book Your Cardinal Connections was published in 2016 and clients kept asking for an audio or video version, so in this course we go through the whole book with you, teach you the practices, and offer advanced crystal information and exercises to take your experiences to a higher level of understanding and joy.
  3. Crystal Guide EBook
    The Cardinal Method of Life Connection is a complex System, but it is also easy to apply and has very basic steps. The Crystal Guide Ebook brings you a list of 21 Basic Crystals for you to know and use in your life and chakra balancing practices.
  4. Crystal Guide Flash Course
    In this Video Course you'll be led through the Crystal Guide  and the benefits of each the essential 21 stones listed there.
  5. 5 Languages of Consciousness
    Consciousness speaks to us in gentle or forceful ways, depending on what kind of experiences we create for ourselves with our thoughts and feelings. This EBook brings powerful knowledge so that you can start creating beautiful experiences for yourself and changing the realities you don't enjoy in the present moment.
  6. Cleaning, Clearing and Cleansing Crystals
    This bonus gives you practical tips on how to clean, clear and cleanse your crystals to keep the energy of your crystals in the highest vibration. 
  7. The Perfect Environment for Sessions
    This bonus gives you tips on how to organize your professional environment so that your clients benefit from the best energy possible.
  8. A Healthy Relationship with Money
    This bonus brings you new perspectives about money, how to charge and exchange energy, and how to develop a healthy money mindset so that you create a prosperous, joyful, successful practice.
  9. How to Build Your Crystal Collection

    This bonus gives you tips on how to purchase crystals, how to develop a clear mind, how to choose them, and how to create a more intimate relationship with stones. 


Your Instructor

Paola Ranova, PhD, MS, Professor, CBP, Creator of The Cardinal Method of Life Connection

For over 10 years, I've been innovating and leading many students and clients in the personal growth field.

I'll be honored to teach you and guide you!

I have a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree and in Political Science with a focus on Human Nature, Social Values and Individual Consciousness,PhD in Comparative Cultures and Multidisciplinary Systems, and I'm a Professor of Political Theory and Moral Philosophy at the University of Brasilia, from where I have been licensed to pursue my research and energy healing career in the United States. 

I've created and developed the Cardinal Method of Life Connection, which has

helped thousands of people all over the world understand themselves better, improve their relationships, heal family wounds, boost their professional and financial lives, and much more.

As the Founder of Ranova Healing Center, a space where several hundreds of people have come for sessions in the last four and half years, I have published 2 books with powerful practices for consciousness expansion and soul healing: Your Cardinal Connections and The Cardinal Method of Life Connection.

Financially, Ranova has become a six-figure business in four years, and because of its rapid success, I want to help you create the same abundance for yourself too.

I've had decades of experience creating the Cardinal Method, and have decided to be in the energy medicine field because I honestly believe that 

with the right understanding, everyone can manifest their best potentials and be happy.

I am so fortunate to have had wonderful masters and teachers. In my gratitude and appreciation, I want to give back all the wonders I have so abundantly received from the world. 

I dedicate myself to this career with a dream to inspire and help people

become the shining light they were born to be.

I  had to LEARN these exact strategies of soul healing and consciousness expansion to help myself and my family as I developed the Cardinal Method, and

I'm thrilled to now present it to you in this Cardinal Method for Energy Healing Practitioners Online Course.

Throughout the years I have created a powerful road-map, and now I believe it's my mission to guide like-minded fellow practitioners who want to bring the best of life to themselves and their clients.

As I said,

I want to encourage  you to shine your Light.

All you have to do is

DESIRE to prioritize your mission,

knowing that not only you, but everyone around you will benefit from your process.

So the next step now is to

sign up for this unique opportunity of the  “Cardinal Method for Energy Healing Practitioners"  Beta Launch 

so you get the COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING needed to

start an exceptional new phase in your practice, help your clients get faster results, and create an abundant life based on your amazing business!

I figured this out in a very systematic way, and

I have made it simple for you to start your journey and manifest all the good things life has to offerstarting now :-)

I've helped amazing, people like you tap into their higher consciousness and create incredible results, and 

this Online Course weaves together powerful ancient wisdom and crystal science with an easy vocabulary and new levels of understanding. 

The knowledge and tools you'll learn are 

timeless and wonderful, combining ancient wisdom with cutting-edge 21st century science

- and most importantly... 

It's very effective!

I've come to know 

which areas of life to address, which strategies to use, and the timing for consciousness expansion and soul healing…

... because I've been doing it all myself for OVER 25 YEARS.

I've had many different sources of support in my journey, and 

have made it all available to you with this Online Course. 

I have

researched every crystal, tested every technique, created every image, built every step of the staircase, laid every stepping stone on the path. 

I will be able to

explain it to you all in a very clear way,

so that you can

take the course and start boosting your practice and improving your professional life right now!

I'll break it down in easy-to-understand frameworks and strategies that anyone can use.

These strategies work for EVERYONE.


Even practitioners who are just starting.

As long as you're willing with an open mind and open heart, this can work for you.

No matter which area of life your clients need more adjustment with, we will go through a journey that aims to teach you the focusing tools and techniques to balance their energies in these areas.

Whether or not you have much experience with or knowledge of CrystalsChakras, Ancestors, Family healing - this is a completely unique approach.

This course gives you a structured plan and encourages you to move forward.

And don't worry... the strategies are not exclusive to any personal journey and personality.

They adapt themselves to each individual beautifully.

You'll see.

Your clients will become more centered and connected to their own truth, and leaders of their own lives.

Some of them will create HUGE shifts in their personal lives, careers and businesses very fast.

Cardinal Method practices have also been used by many professionals in the consciousness field, because they have read the books, been to the courses and applied it in their lives.

This, however, is the first time I'll be teaching Cardinal Method techniques to healing professionals so they can help their clients.

With the Cardinal Method for Energy Healing Practitioners Online Course, you get decades of experience laid out in exact detail in an 8-module training, so that you know what to do now  to create shifts in your practice and boost your business.

You can spend 10 years and tons of dollars learning and testing random strategies and ideas,

or you can invest $497.00 now

and take advantage of this limited time offer and

get an AMAZING, EFFECTIVE system that will change the course of your practice and bring your business into more prosperity and flow.

Obviously, there is no guarantee you will achieve similar - or any results - from any program or seminar, including this Online Course, but that's part of

your inner game,

and seriously, when we engage in this kind of work, there's always progress. 

How have so many of  my clients and students created massive shifts, HUGE moments of awareness and inspiration, and

fulfilling new life paths?

They have benefited from the Cardinal Method,

and those who dove deeper got many other benefits from other Cardinal Method Coursessessions and journeys.

Change your life and finally get the keys you need to become the successful practitioner you were born to be.

The Cardinal Method for Energy Healing Practitioners Online Course shows you

exactly what to do, what will work in your practice, how to expand your business and your impact - and love your life doing it!

So sign up now and shorten your learning curve -

you'll get ALL the best step-by-step techniques so that you can start boosting your practice right now!


Sign Up for the Waiting List and we'll keep you informed about the next Cardinal Method for Energy Healing Practitioners Online Course!

© 2018 Paola Ranova - All rights reserved.


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