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Interview with Dr. Sonia Ionnides about the 7th session - "Aspects of the Psyche".


Hi, I'm Paola Ranova.

When I was fourteen, I started feeling uncomfortable with the environment and social world around me. I mean, REALLY uncomfortable.

I felt like I didn't belong, and that wasn't my place, and that most people around me had nothing to do with me, and that the options of my life path were scarce and kind of meaningless. 

Have you ever felt this way? Like there's more to life than what meets the eye, and that

the people around you don't really understand you, DON'T WANT to understand you, are NOT INTERESTED in what interests you, and that you don't belong?

I decided to do something about it. I learned quickly I needed to stop whining (something I learned from my father at a very early age) and take action, because I knew this urge in my soul was existential and beyond adolescent hormones.

I began searching for meaning and answers to calm myself down, because I was starting to get anxious and I didn't like that state at all (no one does).

And since for every problem, there is a solution, I really improved my state of mind when I came across Plato's "Allegory of the Cave". It started to change my life right then and there.

It was awesome.

And Plato has been, to this day, one my favorite authors.

In the "Allegory of the Cave", a group of people lives as prisoners in a cave, and they watch shadows go by on the cave wall, cast by the light of a fire.

These people are facing the wall, and not the fire or entrance of the cave, from where the light of the outside world shines in. All they can see are the shadows.

One day, one of the prisoners of the cave was unchained out of the blue.

This person immediately went outside and see for himself what was going on there. And guess what?

The "outside world" was very different from cave life.

It was bright, vast, beautiful, abundant and full of life. Quite the opposite of the limitations he had experienced before.

At first he didn't understand much, and it took awhile to adjust himself to this new expanded reality, where he could contemplate nature and the world as a whole with a lot more options and freedom.

He then went back to the cave and

started telling the prisoners how awesome the outside world was, and that it was much better than cave life.

But guess what?

To his surprise,

the cave prisoners DIDN'T WANT to know there was a different life. They were NOT INTERESTED in changing their lifestyle or their thinking, and they were hostile to the person who tried tried to "impose" another viewpoint.

They said he was getting blind and crazy, and told him to get out of there.

The reason why the prisoners did not believe in a reality outside the cave was that they did not know the outside world, and in their perspective and life experience, they thought the outside world was dangerous.

They assumed this without ever having the experience of actually going there, and preferred to live in fear than to "risk their lives" in the unknown outside world. They didn't even want to hear it.

In today's language, this is called "denial" at worst, and  "comfort zone" at best.

This story's fascinating for many reasons, but the most important lesson in my opinion is that

when we commit to the expanding our minds and learning new knowledge, the first phase of authenticity is lonely.

Until you find your tribe.

In the meantime,  you need to be loyal to your personal truth and realize 

we can either live a fake life that drains our energy, or an authentic life that's meaningful and fulfilling - even if we have to leave people and places that limit our life paths behind.

In order to break free from a limited or meaningless existence, we must be willing to break away from the "shadows" and

leave the "cave". 

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

Do you see yourself in this story?

Every day... we can always choose.

This understanding also came to me as I was becoming familiar with other sources of knowledge.

As I was understanding the work of Ancient Greeks in High School,  I also started reading Hindu wisdom - and let me tell you, my friend - that body of knowledge BLEW ME AWAY!

I was astonished with

the power of high-quality knowledge and wisdom in different cultures.

Connecting to other cultural perspectives was literally a process of "leaving the cave".

Understanding the work of the great masters of  humanity, so that it could be useful in today's day and age, became my journey into the "outside world".

I chose to major in Political Science at the University of Brasilia, with a focus on Human Nature, because Political Theory is applied philosophy, and I do believe

there's nothing more practical than good theory.

Now that I knew there was an infinite world of endless possibilities out there,

there was NO WAY I was going to dedicate my life and time to something that couldn't be used as a practical tool to expand mind and change the quality of my life for better.

We need to APPLY wisdom. We need to APPLY philosophy. Otherwise they have no purpose, and become another cave of prisoners and shadows.

Since I've always believed

bright ideas and a clear mind can create amazing change in the world,

this has proven to be true not only for myself, but for thousands of people I've observed in my career in the past two decades.

The more I studied, the more fascinated I became. When I graduated, I embraced my academic career and dove deeper - I got a Master's degree with a focus on Moral Philosophy and a PhD in comparative cultures and multidisciplinary systems - at the time without realizing I would conceive 

a system of practical tools to create a meaningful life and teach it to thousands of people. 

And a very important part of this system is this very

Course on Human Nature.

You and I both know everyone has something special that can be shared, but

not everyone understands himself or herself, or human nature, they way they could or should.

Much less do most people know how to apply the most sophisticated knowledge and wisdom of humanity to everyday life.

What they don't know is that the more we understand how human consciousness operates - and the more we know ourselves -  the more we

expand our brain power and are able to create the most fulfilling life experiences possible.

With high-level knowledge, our minds are limitless. 

We become more resourceful and capable of taking control our paths with more abundance and more joy.

We get clearer about who we are and what we want, and naturally... we become much happier, because the more we absorb high-quality knowledge, the more meaningful life becomes. 

If you think you're more dedicated to understanding the world and humanity than most people you know, and you're ready to take the next step to grow even more and develop a deeper understanding of life

it's time to take action.

You probably crave knowledge and wisdom, read books, watch videos, listen to audios and podcasts that increase your brain power...

You're probably always trying to learn more about the world diving deeper into understanding life, yourself and others.

Because if you're reading this, you're a person that invests in yourself.

You're probably decisive and committed, and

you KNOW you can acquire a better understanding of life.

I'm sure you deeply care about reaching
your next level of clarity and fulfillment.

You know 

life is NOT meant to be boring,

filled with stress, or full of draining activities and unpleasant experiences.

So I honor you for being here today, and if you give $1 (one dollar) more to dive deeper into the wisdom of humanity AND your inner world, you can

see for yourself

how POWERFUL this course is.

If we can work together - so I can share what I know and train with you on an monthly basis, we'll expand our awareness about human nature, knowledge of Self and the timeless woes and wonders of life together.

The knowledge you'll get has been around for thousands of years,

and you'll see how they're still valid in today's day and age.

The tools I've developed update timeless contribution from the world's greatest thinkers and make them VERY useful in your everyday life.

For the past eight years, I’ve watched many students, clients  and group trying to understand the logic behind certain human behaviors to address their struggles and create a more  fulfilling life for themselves.

And I noticed a big and OBVIOUS COMMON PROBLEM...

So many people seem to be FAILING to breakthrough and find their highest potential to experience TRUE FULFILLMENT in Life.

Though they're strong and committed, they seem to have huge amounts of stress and tiny sparks of joy in their life journeys and daily routines for different reasons. But the common solution to all people and all kinds of problems is this: 

No matter what your problems are, understanding human nature will greatly improve your ability to handle whatever comes your way with more grace, ease and mastery.

Many people do live good lives and seem to be manifesting their best potentials. They face struggles with more confidence, tend to attract good life experiences, and seem to live in stable environments. 

Problems always exist, but some people seem to find solutions quicker than others.

One of the main reasons why this happens is that some people understand human nature on a deeper level compared to others.

When we don't even know how to start to create a more meaningful, joyful life, it's time to start investing in our brain power to sharpen our minds and develop more insight.

I see so many people spending SO MUCH TIME trying to figure out how to reach the next level without knowing how to take action.

In our monthly interactive live sessions, you will learn many tools that accelerate your ability to get clear on things and be on top of your game!

Aside from great high-quality knowledge, this course also brings confidence, clarity, understanding, joy, happiness, well-being and many other good things to those who commit to the journey and do their work on improving their lives.

I'm not kidding when I say this - it's powerful, deep, fun and transformational!

So let me speak directly to you:

You have amazing potential to tap into, and so many incredible things that are still inside you and that you have not yet manifested.

And if your life is not yet a manifestation of your best potentials, there's awesome knowledge that can help you expand and create the changes you need so you can

be who you truly are and do the great things you're destined to do.

If you aren't creating more amazing life experiences for yourself, enjoying stimulating relationships, living in more fulfillment, happiness and joy in your life, you may need to tap into more knowledge and wisdom to create the necessary shifts.

I truly believe that

the more we engage in knowledge of self, owning our truth, and investing in our brain power, life answers accordingly.

We have so much knowledge to discover and amazing Life experiences waiting to be tapped into.  And our job is to dive deeper into high-quality knowledge and wisdomunderstand who we truly are, get to know our Real Selves better, and create more personal growth for ourselves.

I’m sure you've seen many people connecting to their best potentials and manifesting the best of life. I’m not talking about portraying a fake image to compare yourself to others in a crazy "who's happier"  competition.

I’m talking about acquiring high-quality knowledge and tapping into the best resources you have inside to skyrocket your life experience!

It's about manifesting who you truly are.

And it's ESPECIALLY about living in AUTHENTICITY from the deepest, most unique and powerful aspects of yourself.

I believe this is the very reason why some people are truly  happy and some people aren't! 

Some people understand life and the world and live from the truth of their hearts, and some people don’t.

And when it comes to YOU -

I’m sure you have such PASSION and DESIRE to be who you really are,

and to increase your brain power and your best potentials - and also help and inspire other people, that you will love yourself and make the decision to dive into this journey.


What's stopping you?

I’m sure it’s NOT the desire to expand and grow.

If it's a time issue, these days things happen so fast we're never really sure where to start, and I've turned decades of study, research and knowledge into days of self-connection and personal growth so you can have the best quality knowledge in a very doable commitment.

If you're so busy you often don't know what to focus on to get the ideas out of your head and manifest your dreams and desires, you will be way ahead in your own game with the clarity and action-taking tools you'll get in this course - believe me.

If you ultimately don't know what to do Monday through Sunday to gain REAL MOMENTUM investing in what’s really important, prioritizing your growth, and creating fulfillment in our life experiences,

NOW is the time.

You'll get the best tools and techniques to create more enjoyment and impact in our daily life, and in the areas you were once overwhelmed and confused, you will not be anymore, because I know you have the courage and the will to

create the best life for yourself.

It's SMART to want to have your breakthrough as fast as possible.

It's SMART to care about your time and not feel like you’re dedicating too much energy to autopilot activities, and you also want to accommodate your family and loved ones in your life.

And let me tell you - the more structured, clear, smart and happy you are, the stronger you will be AND the more you'll be able to inspire and encourage others to do the same. So it's also SMART to be in your best brain shape and form so you can be an inspiration to your children, an example for your family and loved ones, and a source of strength for the people you serve.

It's SMART to get your mind organized, because this ripple-effects in every area of your life and benefits those around you.

If you agree with all this, 

hop on the journey and GET GREAT KNOWLEDGE AND TRAINING from the proven system I've created!

 I've been delivering great, high-quality, university level knowledge for the past twenty years of my life, and I've witnessed thousands of people get more clarity about what was stopping or delaying the best flow of life for them. The work I've been doing internationally has had powerful results for two decades,

and it keeps getting better and better.

As a someone who has years of research about ancestral wisdom and new cutting-edge knowledge about consciousness and the soul, 

I've developed a pretty good idea about how this knowledge can be updated and turned into practical tools that make sense for you and will change your life.

So hop in! I can't wait to see you on your best life path with us!

If you don't resonate with the course, you can cancel anytime within your 7-day trial guarantee. 

You have a Light to shine and share with the world - so start doing it on a deeper, more powerful level now.

Your Light is waiting for you to manifest it and help the world grow and shine brighter.

This course can help you do it, create a better life with it, share it, and build an amazing personal story with more abundance and fulfillment.

And if you’re stuck in some area of life, you'll get the training you need to get clear and get moving.

So sign up now,

And I'll see you there! 

  • Join this AWESOME “Course on Human Nature” and together we'll understand step-by-step how to grasp the essence of our human experience on a deeper level, increase your brain power with cutting-edge knowledge and timeless wisdom, develop easy, practical tools to tap into your personal truth, expand your consciousness, live from within, release the blockages that are in your way, and create more clarity in your life.
  • Make better decisions and prioritize the steps that lead to the inner peace and fulfillment that come from a clear, sharp mind and priceless wisdom.
  • Hop on this journey and choose your subscription program now!

We're so happy to have you!

This Course is an AWESOME leap into your Next Level! It's an ongoing stream of energy that grows exponentially with each Live Session!

We know people get inspired by a book, a video, or an insight, but then they lose their fire and MOMENTUM as they get back to "real life".

This is one of the reasons why we have a monthly connection to get you fired up and make sure you're always updated with timeless wisdom AND your inner game as we're constantly growing as human beings.

This is because


And just like athletes need to keep a routine to steadily climb to higher levels, so do all of us when we commit to personal growth.

That's why we have LIVE MONTHLY SESSIONS together!

  • Every month, I'll spend 90 MINUTES online with this group LIVE.
  • I'll teach my latest insights and share result of my observations and researches, new consciousness expansion strategies and consciousness practices with Q & A and the exclusive "Know Thyself Exercises".
  • I'll also give out recognition prizes for people who participate,  ask great questions, and gain huge progress!
  • My clients and students report pretty incredible gains in their motivation, focus and confidence as they progress in their life journeys based on the knowledge they get here. This will keep you fired up, focused, and driven to be understand yourself and the world on a deeper level and create the positive transformation shifts you want and need.

I'll Be Live With You Every Month

And you can "test it out" for just $1 (one dollar) and see for yourself how powerful this is for the first 7 days.

I charge $1000 per one-hour keynote. You get to connect with me for 90 MINUTES EVERY MONTH, and pay $1.00 (one dollar) to try it out.

And why is this a good experience for you?


Here's what others have said about this consciousness work...


  • "Dear Paola, I wanted to let you know how blessed, deeply grateful and honored I feel to have found you ......... you are a unique and exceptional being. Thank you for your direction, encouragement, support and wisdom you so lovingly and freely share with those around you. Thank you for introducing me to the world of Cardinal Method / Constellations. The healing and energy are so profound ....... and for hosting yet another beautiful study group last week. I so look forward to sharing space with you again at Ranova Healing Center. In Love and Gratitude — Doreen W., Member of the Ranova Community
  • "Hi Paola! The time you spent as a professor at our University Center brought lots of happiness, joy and support to our students and improved their learning skills! You always create a very positive social and emotional environment around you, and that has helped and motivated our students. I thank you for this time of your life with us and wish you all the happiness of the world! Love you forever!" - Eda Machado Owner and Dean of IESB University Center 
  • "I have known Paola Novaes Ramos for over 3 years. During this time I have participated in many different workshops, personal and group healing sessions organized by Paola at Ranova Healing Center in Boca Raton, Florida.
    I didn't know what to expect, but I was very curious and at this point  I didn't know what do with my life. I started noticing changes with myself pretty much right after the first Cardinal Method of Life Connection session. I noticed that I was feeling mental calmness, so I could not help but go back for more sessions and send some of my friends to Paola as well.
    During the past couple of years I also noticed that I started to feel more accepting of myself and others. I've stopped judging and criticizing, and I stared observing myself and everything around me. I was amazed to notice that with each ( group or individual) session I was becoming more honest, more grounded and more happy with myself. Suddenly it was very easy for me to just be calm yet mentally even more sharp than ever before. No more push/pull reactions towards my parents, siblings and friends, no more need to help / fix others, just focusing on myself and on what to needs to be done right here, right now was my new reality.
    My inner balance was restored, so my perception of life and people changed as well. The awareness that my emotional battle within myself had a deeper meaning, and connection to my family and ancestors helped me respect and be grateful for them and everything they have done up till now. Thank you Paola for your evolutionary and profoundly deep commitment to your research and work with people" — Izabella W.
  • “I can't say enough great things about Paola and Ranova Healing Center.
    She's a wealth of knowledge and I always leave with more clarity and having learned something valuable about myself. Paola is a beautiful soul and we are all blessed to have her bright light in our lives.” — H.H.,  Ranova client 
  • “We are so blessed to have you around with your transformative evolutionary work. We are grateful for you and the changes we've experienced in our lives. Thank you!" — I. Moura, Member of the Ranova Community
  • "Paola, the book Your Cardinal Connections was my first strong reference in learning how to create a fulfilling life.
    Before I learned this knowledge, I scratched the surface of fulfillment, but I did not have the slightest idea or felt the actual feelings of what it could really be. I've been experiencing incredible moments. It's been a year since I read the book. And it helped me rescue myself.  And I'll tell you - it was a milestone for me. "  —Barbara Eagle, Ranova Community Member
  • "Paola's work is unparalleled.” — Janet Galipo, D.O.M

A Course on Human Nature


These are the 12 Awesome Human Nature Topics we'll dive into in this program:


  1. 3 Levels of Consciousness (12/05/18): Learn about the three different levels of awareness of the human psyche - The Level of Belonging, The Level of Individuality, And The Level of Higher Consciousness;

  2.  3 Principles of The Soul (1/9/19): Understand the Human Soul in its collective aspect and what it means to belong on The Soul Level;

  3.  The Hindu Chakra System (2/6/19): Learn about the main centers of consciousness in the body and mind, which express our most important areas of life (Survival, Pleasure, Personal Power, Love, Authenticity, Insight, and Spirituality);

  4.  The 9 Deviations of the Soul in The Enneagram (3/6/19): Learn about this ancient wisdom and the 9 deviations of the Soul (Wrath, Pride, Vanity, Envy, Avarice, Fear, Gluttony, Lust and Sloth);

  5.  Indigenous Wisdom (4/3/19): Learn about the Cardinal Points and the Symbolic Directions of Consciousness;

  6.  The 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine (5/1/19): Introduction to the Chinese Perspective, how we are deeply connected to Nature, and how imbalanced emotions can affect the body and physical health;

  7.  Aspects of the Psyche: The Inner Child, The Ego & Real Self & Higher Synthesis (6/5/19): Learn about these three different aspects of the psyche;

  8. Ancient Greece: Know Thyself with Socrates, Plato & Aristotle (7/3/19): An Introduction to Greek Philosophy and how the human experience was perceived in the Hellenistic world;

  9. The Ethics of Results - Niccolò Machiavelli's Insights (8/7/19): Demystify the historical figure of Niccolò Machiavelli and learn important concepts that will help you understand our human inclinations better;

  10. Passions, Fears & Desires - Thomas Hobbes' Ideas (9/4/19): Learn about the difference between objective thinking and being clouded by subjective passions, fears and desires;

  11. Freedom & Self Development - The Ideals of John Locke & John Stuart Mill (10/2/19): Learn about the ideals of personal development that can create a sophisticated society;

  12. The Cardinal Method of Life Connection (11/6/19): Learn how the Cardinal Method of Life Connection weaves many bodies of knowledge and amazing wisdom together to create a cutting-edge system that can change your life.

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