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Are any of these situations familiar to you?

  • "I feel tired all day and have no motivation."
  • "I never have time for myself."
  • "My job is torture."
  • "My love life is complicated", or "I have no love life."
  • "The tiniest little thing triggers and irritates me."
  • "It's hard for me to say 'no'."
  • "I have difficulty making decisions on my own."
  • "I'm always disappointed by most people."

If you identify with any of these situations, Cardinal Method Meditation can really help you. You'll feel more connected to your inner guide, also known as your higher Self, and naturally start developing an ability to solve your problems quickly, with more ease and grace than ever before.


Who is it for? Will it work for me?

Cardinal Method Meditations are for all people who want to have efficient tools to release the stress of everyday life and have more clarity to solve their problems, knowing what to do in each life situation that comes up with grace and confidence. It works for anyone who wants to feel more emotional stability and security to make their own decisions and trust themselves in the process.

If you want to meditate with the intention of resolving a specific issue and release obstacles in your life, this program will truly help you.

It is ideal if you have not yet developed the habit of meditation and want to start by connecting with your personal truth, feeling more clarity and well-being.

This program is it not for...

People who do not believe in energy, or who don't believe in their ability to change their own lives.

It's not for those who disqualify and disrespect crystals, chakras, and energy in general.

It also doesn't work for people who claim they "don't have the time or energy to meditate".

What is the Cardinal Method Meditations program?

It is a program that balances your life by aligning your Chakras with the power of crystals.

When you sign up, you have immediate access to a complete digital library of 108 guided crystal meditations.

Each meditation comes with a video with exclusive content about each crystal based on over 30 years of research, teaching you the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of each crystal, and practices to make your experience with them even more profound.

To make your experience easy and simple, you will also have the Cardinal Method Emotions Guide to help you choose the right crystal for each moment or life situation you need to meditate on.

Each meditation helps you deal with specific emotions, such as fear, insecurity, guilt, anger, shame, sadness, anxiety, anguish, and also with stress ‚Äď among many others - and they are all organized by chakras.

Yes! This is powerful! I want to enroll in the Cardinal Method Meditations Program

Cardinal Method Meditations

  • Focused, laser-beam results with over 108 Cardinal Method Meditations with crystals to create more clarity, peace and well-being in your daily life
  • Crystals are catalyzers of energy, and with the Cardinal Method approach they accelerate your results
  • The Cardinal Method Emotions Guide¬†helps you choose the right meditation¬†for each moment and life situation
  • 108¬†lessons about each crystal with in-depth knowledge from over 30 years of research that will¬†turn you into an expert in¬†crystal knowledge¬†if you want
  • Access to¬†our Exclusive Facebook Community¬†

Other meditation programs


- Slower and unfocused results

- Impersonal meditations with generic themes

- Usually only offer meditation audios and no deeper knowledge 

- Usually do not create a live interactive space for specific questions or to share experiences with the creator of the program

- Usually do not offer space for interaction and exchanges between members

How Do Cardinal Method Meditations Work?

3 Simple Steps

Include Cardinal Method Meditations in your routine

1. When should I use them?

You can do the Cardinal Method Meditations every day to maintain a high vibration in your daily life, keeping your emotions in balance in a very efficient and light way. They become part of a healthy lifestyle  and act like a “spa for your soul”, almost like an “energy bath” you can take every day. Everything in the Cardinal Method is very organic and happens in the rhythms of nature, and you can do the meditations in your own timing, every day or weekly. Whatever feels right for you.

These Meditations are also useful for emotional emergencies, or when you have an important event that can create anxiety. The Cardinal Method Emotions Guide will help you in these moments, and you will know exactly which meditation to do in that moment.


2. How do I Use them?

Step 1 – Observe how you're feeling and locate the emotion according to the Chakra you will find listed on the Cardinal Method Emotions Guide.

Step 2 – When you locate the Chakra, consult the List of Crystals available with specific themes for each life situation, and you will know exactly which crystal you need in that moment.

Step 3 – Do the Cardinal Method Meditation with the crystal you have chosen. You don't need to have the physical crystal to benefit, all you have to do is visualize it to calm your emotions, and during the meditation of after you've finished, you will have insights and know what to do to solve your problem. By the end of the meditation, you will feel more emotional and physical well-being, and you will have much more clarity.


3. How CAN I HAVE A have a complete experience?

Along with the Meditations, you will also have access to videos that explain the benefits of each crystal. This is a complete and exclusive Cardinal Method content about crystals, based on decades of study and research, which integrates ancient knowledge from different cultures and updated cutting-edge 21st-century science.

And there's more -  each crystal comes with 2 summaries with emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and practical benefits for you to consult.


Cardinal Method Meditations

Root Chakra

Peace of Mother Earth: Red Jasper

Inspired Action: Ruby

Grounded Spirituality: Hematite

Connection with the Truth: The Obsidians

Female Ancestry: Red Garnet

Vitality: Crocodile Jasper

Centeredness: Galena

Deep Ancestral Cleansing: Bloodstone

Silent Wisdom: Black Tourmaline

Higher Knowledge: Smokey Quartz

Healthy Movement: Petrified Wood

Sovereignty: Dragon Stone

Abundance of The Land: Moss Agate

Tranquility: Gray Agate

Body, Mind, and Soul Realignment: Septarian

Connect to Your Instincts: Red Hematoid Quartz

Release Your Blockages: Stromatolite

Your Birth Right to Pleasure: Red Tiger Eye

The Divine Masculine: Shiva Lingam

The Divine Feminine: Black Agate

Humility: River or Garden Stone

Sacral Chakra

Enjoy Life: Carnelian

Just Be: Orange Aragonite

Heal Your Inner Child: Orange Calcite

Calm Down and Welcome All Your Emotions: Peach Moonstone

Effortless Ease: Peach Selenite

Healthy Optimism: Tangerine Quartz

Proper Orientation: Peach Stilbite

Self-Permission: Sunstone

Self-Worth: Hessonite

Emotional Connection: Abalone

Fertility: Orange Jade














Solar Plexus

Self-Esteem: Citrine

Integration: Golden Rutile

Confidence: Golden Tiger Eye

Connection with Subtle Realms: Golden Calcite

Prosperity: Pyrite

Divine Personal Power: Golden Quartz

Fierce Determination: Bronzite

Quantum Leap: Sulfur

Integrity: Dalmatian Jasper

Healthy Boundaries: Amber

Male Ancestry: Yellow Jasper














Heart Chakra

Love: Rose Quartz

Harmony in all Relationships: Rhodonite

Grace and Ease: Rhodochrosite

Find the Root Cause of Your Problems: Epidote

Compassion: Diopside

Emotional Cleansing: Pink Danburite

Self-Acceptance: Pink Calcite

Forgiveness: Green Tourmaline

Divine Help: Seraphinite

Activate the Best of Your DNA: Pink Tourmaline

Serenity: Green Jade

Self-Transformation: Malachite

Fidelity: Emerald

Pure Intent: Ruby-Zoisite



Thymus Chakra

Organize Your Emotions: Green Fluorite

Healing: Green Quartz

Life Connection: Peridot

Personal Fulfillment: Green Calcite

Consciousness of Your Divinity: Chrysoprase

Healing the Healer: Prehnite

Smooth Transitions: Prasiolite

Release the Weight of the Past: Infinite Stone









Throat Chakra

Calm Communication: Blue Quartz

Pure Manifestation: Turquoise

Spiritual Intelligence: Larimar

Vibrational Frequencies Elevation: Blue Kyanite

Inner strength: Chrysocolla

Courage to be yourself: Aquamarine 

Authenticity: Apatite

Faith in Yourself: Blue Labradorite

Purify Your Life: Amazonite

Live in the Truth: Celestite

Angelic Connections: Angelite







Third-Eye Chakra

Transmute All Negativity into Love: Amethyst

Surrender Your Ego: Lapis Lazuli

Life Purpose: Sugilite

Alchemy: Charoite

Stability: Sodalite

Seeing with Clarity: Iolite

Discernment: Indigo Gabbro

Conscious Decisions: Azurite

Insight: Blue Tiger Eye

Healthy Mindset: Lepidolite

Soul Education: Tanzanite













Crown Chakra

Connect to Your Higher Self: Clear Quartz

Spiritual Evolution: White Apophyllite

Great Spirit: White Selenite

Divine Inspiration: Scolecite

Peace: White Pearl

New Beginnings: Clear Calcite

Spiritual Purification: Petalite

Shine Your Light: Chrysanthemum Stone

Beauty: Mica

Spiritual Initiation: Phenacite

Creative Life Force: Opal

Connection with Higher Dimensions: Stellar Beam Calcite

Surrender to the Best of Life: White Aragonite

Blessings of Abundance: White Agate

Dynamic Flow: Moldavite

Spiritual Power: Kunzite

Lightness: Super Seven

Deep Reflections: White Moonstone

Kindness and Respect: Blue Agate

A Pure Mind: Howlite

Perfect Health & Well-Being: Onyx

Including Cardinal Method Meditations in your daily life is simple, and it feels great. You will create a spa for your soul, have more clarity to make decisions, and naturally organize your emotions.

Cardinal Method Meditations bring so much well-being to your life that you will want to do them every day

  • They're simple and bring quick results
  • With the habit of meditating with the Cardinal Method, you will feel this soothing well-being. Your body will feel more relaxed even with the natural pressure of everyday life.
  • The mental clarity you will gain will expand your awareness and consciousness.
  • The people around you will be impressed by your transformation, and you will be an inspiration to others, especially in your family and work environment.
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  • With the Cardinal Method Meditations you will not be alone. You'll have support from our team, and the community of people who meditate together is very powerful too
  • When you belong to an amazing group, it's easier to maintain a meditation practice
  • When you sign up for the Cardinal Method Meditations program, you will be able ask questions and share your experiences with like-minded people who are there to support you
  • You will have the option to interact with everyone and with the creator of the Cardinal Method in our biweekly meetings and our Facebook Community

And... you'll also have access to bonuses that will make your experience even better

Mini-course ‚ÄúHow to start Meditating with Crystals and Chakras‚ÄĚ with 3 classes that bring practical tips for¬†everyone who's starting now:

  • Know your Chakras
  • Understand the Power of Crystals
  • Why Should You Meditate with Crystals and Chakras?

The Crystal Guide: An E-Book with 21 crystals to help you balance your Chakras, with tips about how to take care of them

‚ÄúHow to Create Your Crystal Collection‚ÄĚ: Tips on how to buy and choose crystals, and how to develop a¬†stronger¬†connection¬†with them

Private Facebook Community: an exclusive Private community where everyone in the program can interact and share experiences

Including Cardinal Method Meditation in your daily life is simple and feels like a spa for your soul. It feels so natural. You will know exactly what to do when you need to make decisions, and your emotions will align with the best choices to create better life experiences.

Cardinal Method Meditations


  • 108 Guided Cardinal Method Meditations
  • 108 videos with exclusive content about the¬†emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of each crystal
  • Cardinal Method Emotions Guide¬†to help you choose the right crystal meditation for each moment
  • Exclusive Facebook Community
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Cardinal Method Meditations

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  • 108 Guided Cardinal Method Meditations
  • 108 videos with exclusive content about the¬†emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of each crystal
  • Cardinal Method Emotions Guide¬†to help you choose the right crystal meditation for each moment
  • Exclusive Facebook Community
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I'm Paola Ranova, and I'm very happy to be your guide with our Cardinal Method Meditations

For over 30 years now, I've studied human nature and the human experience, always searching deeper to understand the soul and consciousness processes. As I developed my personal medicine to overcome my own emotional challenges, I started to study Western philosophy and Hindu wisdom, and decided to become an academic with a bachelor's, master's, and PhD in the field of human nature. My professional life as a university professor in the field of political theory and moral philosophy was great, but even though I was following an academic career, as I followed my spiritual path I always felt I needed to dive deeper into my energy healing gifts, and help people in a more practical way on the emotional and well-being levels, so after 15 years I decided to become a full-time soul healing professional. As the creator of the Cardinal Method, I've developed simple, powerful crystal meditations and classes in this program that you can use in a light, graceful way,  and that can truly improve your life, just as they've improved mine and the hundreds of people who are with us on this program. Looking forward to having you with us!

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