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Release Your Stress

Daily life can be overwhelming, and little things can make you over-react, affecting your relationships, humor and sleep. Restore your vital energy so that nothing can steal your peace.

Balance Your Emotions

Happy moments make us feel like all was right with the world - and it is, as long as we master our emotions and give ourselves permission for self-care. With the right tools, you can create happy moments and relax every day.

Get Clarity of Mind

Your greatest transformations come from clarity about who you are, what you want, and what are the best paths to take. Clarity gives you that, and when you meditate with crystals, insights come in faster and clearer.

Relaxing and restoring your vital energy, balancing your emotions and getting clarity about what actions to take can be easier than you think.

When you meditate with crystals and chakras, you truly get accurate guidance from your Higher Self and know exactly which steps to take in the present moment to release your stress and manifest your highest potentials.

Revitalizing yourself energetically and emotionally is just like taking a shower every day - you can take a daily "energy healing bath" using the power of this Meditations Series. 

An emotional purification routine with these tools can truly change your life - and it can be fun and joyful too :-)

You know you're worthy of the best life experiences - daily and long-term. So now it's time to start realizing your best potentials and manifesting the life you truly want to live.

Literally... it’s time to take your self-love to a higher level.

The more you master your emotions and step into your power, the more life becomes a sequence of good experiences, and our Crystals & Chakras Meditation Series is here to guide you on this journey.

You can have a daily routine to get rid of stress, balance your emotions and create more well-being in your life.

There are many ways to experience the world, and you can operate from unconscious habits, limit your perspectives and live in constant stress, or instead…

… you can access your Higher Self, that deep knowing Light you have within, and fully connect to the divinity and grace of the Universe.

You can allow yourself to tap into the purest fulfillment life has to offer.

With our Crystals and Chakras Meditation Series, you will deal with your daily emotions with more understanding and clarity, and you will not react intensely to difficult situations anymore.

Most importantly, you will feel constantly connected to your Higher Self and the Real You, and you will no longer fall prey to stressful situations without observing things wisely first.

This connection with the infinite abundance of your spirit will bring infinite love and grace to your life. Daily, if you allow it.

You will know exactly when to take the next right step in the right direction, one step at a time, and become one with life and divine order.

What People are Saying about this Crystals & Chakras Journey


"This knowledge has become a source of knowledge for my practice, energizing my body and my environment. I find it mandatory for all people who are interested in well-being."

Carlos. C.

"I believe in energy and spirituality, and I was very interested in learning about how crystals can help and protect our energy flow from external influence. Slowly, I'm incorporating crystal energy in my life; when I see a stone that catches my eye, I try to understand its meaning. I’ve been meditating with them. As a wellness professional, I’ve improved my life, my surroundings and my well-being with the help of crystals.”

Scheila S.

"This content has increased my confidence and faith in the daily use of crystals. I feel that I have expanded my life with this knowledge and also my freedom to explore more."

Susan E.

"The Crystals and Chakras content is an incredible experience! It brings a very real, clear, direct and extremely rich experience! Paola skillfully combines technical concepts and spirituality in a simple and delicate way. She demystifies superstition, clarifies the true attributes of stones, and brings healing to those who learn. I am happy and thankful for these powerful tools that I now have in my hands! "

Fabiane M.

"After this Crystals & Chakras meditation, my Sunday will be brighter. Love always!"

Teresa C.

"I've been sleeping with a Red Jasper under the pillow for three days! Super powerful! Deep sleep! So invigorating!"

Eliane L.

"So much gratitude, Paola! I really like your videos and the information about the stones! Please keep creating more."

Kwaku N.

"Much gratitude, Paola, for your thorough introduction to Red Jasper and how to use it. I look forward to putting it under my pillow for a peaceful night's sleep."

Jane G.

"Your video is amazing! Thanks for the meditation intentions of this crystal !! It's just what we needed !!"

Carrie L.

"I really liked it. Accurate, well-oriented, centered, safe information ... My gratitude to you, Paola, beloved, for this training you've created with so much love and knowledge. Even tonight, I will put the meditation taught here into practice. Peace on Earth to men and women of goodwill! "

Liliane H.

"I loved learning more. You are a confident person in what you say and even in your body posture. Congratulations!"

Rita V.

"Excellent! I will follow your suggestions! THANK YOU!"

Clarinha R.

"I loved all the information, as in all previous videos!"

Adriana G.

"I loved your advice!"

Victor G.

"Rose Quartz. Another stone that made a lot of sense to me. Vibrating in the frequency of love."

Guilherme L.

"How beautiful! A channel that opens itself to talk about love. Nature is an expression of love. I love these sources of energy."

Sheila S.

"I loved it. Always explaining it all very well."

Renata A.

"What can I say? Participating in this Crystals and Chakras Series has been a delight! I watch the video with the stone in my hand, if I have it. I try to do the meditations, or to have at least one of the experiences, and it has helped me to feel more centered, more present for myself and in my daily life. At least once a week I have been able to meditate, which is new and a blessing for me."

Claudia M.

"ThisMeditation Series allows us to learn a lot about crystals and chakras, and at the same time allows for a journey of self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness."

Viviane D.

"Yesterday I did one of the meditations with a crystal for a specific chakra. What a beautiful, wonderful work. Such assertiveness! I don't know if I'm right, but I understand that these meditations are emotional treatments that use crystals. So wonderful! I spent the whole day thinking about the keywords of the meditation. Very cool! Very beautiful!"

Angelica B.

To inspire you to prioritize yourself and create more ease and joy in your life, this series of weekly meditations with Crystals and Chakras addresses specific emotions and situations that get you off track.

And if you have the right tools, you can go right back to the joy of life with ease and grace, with effortless mastery.

Things such as fear, guilt, shame, sadness and irritation can be transformed once you start consistently using these Crystals & Chakras Meditations.

And how does this happen? Every week, you'll get a new video about a specific emotion or situation that will progressively enrich your "Emotional Well-Being Crystal Library" that awaken your inner resources.

Each week, you will learn how to use the power of a different crystal to align a specific chakra. And you will love it!

You will experience guided meditations as portals that lead you to the wisdom and peace of your Higher Self through different roads - and these roads are the power of  each weekly crystal that will help you align one of your chakras.

Once you hop on this journey, you will have access to a whole library of videos that keeps growing every week AND to the powerful guided meditations.

The crystal videos and meditations will be organized by their corresponding Chakras, and you will also get an "Emotions Guide" you can consult on specific situations - depending on what emotional resource you need that day.

For example, if you're anxious, you'll know exactly which chakra needs your attention.

Or if you're confused, you'll also know which chakra to focus on.

Soon you'll have developed mastery when dealing with different emotions in your day or week like a pro.

When you look up the Chakra on your Emotions Guide and find the specific crystal that can help you in that situation, you will get clarity and feel empowered.

You can be sure you will intuitively know exactly which crystal you need in that moment.

It'll be easy and fun, and it will start changing your life powerfully the more you practice!

Just by looking up which chakra and crystal you need that day, you will already be creating more well-being and clarity for yourself.

This on its own will lead you to take charge of your emotions, because you'll be doing something about your problem and getting insights for practical solutions.

You'll start being your own guide as you dive deeper into this knowledge.

And this a great way to develop healthy personal power.

What Awaits You in this Crystals & Chakras Meditation Series

  • Guided Meditations to Create a Joyful Life: You will get powerful meditations that you can do daily or weekly to release stress or anxiety from your mind and instantly feel the joy of life in your heart
  • Weekly videos about Crystal Power and the Chakras: Each week, you will get powerful and simple knowledge about specific crystals that help align specific chakras to expand your consciousness and be more aware of how you can find inspired solutions to your problems


  1. Emotions Guide - A List of Chakras, their corresponding emotions and the areas of life they govern: You will get a list of chakras and the corresponding emotions and areas of life they govern to understand your life better and get clarity about what you need in specific situations. You'll know which chakra governs which emotion and which crystal brings the most appropriate energy to deal with your present moment situation
  2. Downloadable PDFs with Practices and Basic Concepts about each crystal: Every week you will get new information about Crystals and Chakras, and the basic concepts and practices will be available for you in beautiful downloadable PDFs
  3. The Crystal Guide Ebook: You'll also get a powerful Ebook that describes 21 Basic Crystals that will help you release stress and feel happier in a joyful, easy way, and teach you how to take care of your crystals too!
  4. Access to our Exclusive Facebook Community: You will have access to an amazing group of loving like-minded people where you can share information and experiences with each other

Crystals and Meditations Available

Root Chakra

Peace of Mother Earth: Red Jasper

Inspired Action: Ruby

Grounded Spirituality: Hematite

Connection with the Truth: The Obsidians

Female Ancestry: Red Garnet

Vitality: Crocodile Jasper

Centeredness: Galena

Deep Ancestral Cleansing: Bloodstone

Silent Wisdom: Black Tourmaline

Higher Knowledge: Smokey Quartz

Healthy Movement: Petrified Wood


Sacral Chakra

Enjoy Life: Carnelian

Just Be: Orange Aragonite

Heal Your Inner Child: Orange Calcite

Calm Down and Welcome All Your Emotions: Peach Moonstone 


Solar Plexus

Self-Esteem: Citrine

Integration: Golden Rutile

Confidence: Golden Tiger-Eye

Connection with Subtle Realms: Golden Calcite



Love: Rose Quartz

Harmony in all Relationships: Rhodonite

Grace and Ease: Rhodochrosite

Find the Root Cause of Your Problems: Epidote


Thymus Chakra

Organize Your Emotions: Green Fluorite

Healing: Green Quartz

Life Connection: Peridot

Personal Fulfillment: Green Calcite


Throat Chakra

Calm Communication: Blue Quartz

Pure Manifestation: Turquoise

Spiritual Intelligence: Larimar

Vibrational Frequencies Elevation: Blue Kyanite

Inner strength: Chrysocolla



Transmute All Negativity into Love: Amethyst

Surrender Your Ego: Lapis Lazuli

Life Purpose: Sugilite

Alchemy: Charoite


Crown Chakra

Connect to Your Higher Self: Clear Quartz

Spiritual Evolution: White Apophyllite

Great Spirit: White Selenite

Divine Inspiration: Scolecite

If you want to enjoy a stress-free life and connect to the joy of living, today can be a turning point for you.

With more clarity, self-love and self-care, your quality of life will improve immensely, because you'll start living your life in your own terms.

When you start following the guidance of your Higher Self with the knowledge and tools you’ll get in this series, the whole experience will start lifting you above the drama of daily life.

You will become wiser. And stronger.

You will start seeing the world in a completely different way, approaching difficulties with generosity of spirit and not allowing yourself to feel like a victim, become too sad, be too critical, or entertain any kind of negativity.

You will naturally start taking charge of your life with grace, ease and joy.

Realizing this opens the paths for you to surrender to the best of life. You will feel grounded - and you will trust yourself.

Believe me, there’s nothing more peaceful, joyful, faster and more efficient to help you connect to your Higher Self than meditation - and with crystal energy, your meditation experiences will be more powerful.

They will be deeper, more meaningful and more joyful.

Emotional well-being comes from the joy of life, which is exactly one of the strongest powers of crystals.

They bring fast, accurate insights with solutions for your worries and anxieties, and you will be able to dissolve gloomy vibrations that come your way very quickly.

When we achieve more knowledge and experience, we stop complaining and choose to get insights instead.

Woe changes to confidence the more you meditate with the powerful energy of crystals.

You'll practice with these meditations every day, or every week, as many times as you want, and your life will expand beautifully and naturally.

And just because something is simple, it doesn't mean it's not powerful - on the contrary!

The most simple things in life really tend to be the most effective. 

You will use the power of crystals to help you, and you will feel the joy of life every day the more you practice.

Your emotional well-being and the joy of life await you!

I'm so excited to see you flourishing on this journey!

Let's do this together and start making the best of life right now!

You'll have access to deep knowledge and a powerful meditation with a new crystal every week - and to all previous content!


The crystal library in this series already has more than 20 options for you - and it keeps growing every week!


This is an Emotional Well-Being Program designed for you to enjoy the best of life - and this is what you get:


  • Weekly Guided Meditations to balance your emotions and inspire you to manifest the best of life

  • Weekly videos about a new Crystal, its power, its properties and how to use it


  • An "Emotions Guide" to help you choose the best crystal for your daily or weekly meditation
  • Downloadable PDFs with Practices and the Basic Concepts of each crystal
  • The Crystal Guide Ebook
  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook Community



Just US$19/month

and you will get the resources you need to release daily stress from your life with grace, ease, love and joy.


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I'm Paola Ranova

I'm honored to be your guide in this Crystals & Chakras Journey!


Join us in our Crystals & Chakras Meditation Series – it’s a gift you give yourself - and you are so worthy of the best of life!

As a PhD, University Professor and Energy Healing Practitioner and Instructor, I've had decades of experience with the knowledge of human nature. In this series, I've created easy, powerful meditations and videos that you can enjoy, and I've made it so simple and efficient, you won't believe how easy, joyful and transformative your experiences will be. 

I'm sure each week you'll look forward to the next one, because that's what crystals do - they create such joy in your life that all you want to do is connect to them.

Now is your time to enjoy life in all its glory!

Master your emotions, release your stress and manifest your best life experiences to become the shining light they were born to be!

Let's do this together!

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