Hi, I'm Paola Ranova.

I'm a PhD, University Professor, author, energy medicine practitioner and the creator of the Cardinal Method of Life Connection.

Born and raised in Brazil, I became an academic because I’ve always been passionate about  the wonders of human nature, consciousness, self-development, and the soul.

To fully live my passion for human nature, I studied and researched many cultures, ancient wisdom, and contemporary knowledge about who we are as human beings, and what is our purpose in life. 

My dedication to the understanding of human nature and consciousness resulted in the creation and development of The Cardinal Method of Life Connection, a multidisciplinary system inspired in four pillars: Hindu tradition, especially the Chakras System, Western philosophy of human nature (which is my academic background), Indigenous wisdom about the forces of Nature, and Family Constellations.


"The purpose of life is to expand consciousness, be happy, and fulfill our Higher Self dreams".


I've always been so in love with this topic that after many years of study and research, I developed a consciousness-based modality called The Cardinal Method of Life Connection, first as my personal medicine, and then it became a system that is now helping thousands of people in many different countries in the world, with hundreds of Cardinal Method Practitioners who have taken my trainings and have improved their abilities to help their clients.

I want to bring deep knowledge and practical tools to other people so they could understand themselves better and release the unconscious blockages that keep them from living the best of life.

My goal is to see people manifest the best of themselves.

Those who wish to develop their true potentials have all the power and strength to do it, and it starts with a journey of knowing who we truly are, committing to self-development, transforming what does not serve you, and engaging in what I call life-connection.

We use crystals and other forces of life and nature to connect to the truth of who we are, align our energy fields, create faster and more joyful shifts in our lives.


"Life-connection happens when we connect to our hearts".


It's when we get to know ourselves better, and start living from the perspective of our real selves - from the truth of our innermost being.

With the knowledge and practice you can get from the content, products and services you can find here, you’ll feel inspired and literally want to live the best life possible.

You’ll get to know and manifest your best potentials, know who you really are, and become the person you were always meant to be.

You can enjoy our Course on Human Nature Membership Program, our Online Courses, our books and services in your own timing. Check it all out as you go through our website.

Being happier and more fulfilled is a natural path for those who are committed to live from the heart and to follow a genuine life path.

I'm so happy you've joined us, and hope to see you in our courses, sessions, events and memberships.

Let's ride!

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Voyage MIA Magazine | Miami City Guide

Miami is an incredible city - but it's so large and so vast and so diverse that all of us are missing out on tons of great people, businesses, organizations, events and more.


Today we’d like to introduce you to Paola Ranova.

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Watch this AWESOME Interview!!!

Elzabieta Kosmicki, from Advance Wellness, interviews Paola Ranova at the International BodyTalk Association Conference, Clearwater, FL, for her Show "Wellness Wednesdays" at the KGNU Community Radio Denver, CO.


Interview with Rob Whetham

July, 5th 2018

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Interview with Rick Delgado

August, 2nd 2018

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Interview with Rick Delgado

August, 16th 2018

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