Cardinal Method Constellations

Online Family Constellations 

This soul healing experience is held in a safe, trusting online environment. You will work on generational healing and release emotional pain and blockages with the help of Crystals. Cardinal Method Group Sessions focus on individual consciousness, responsibility for self, and how we can move forward by clearing away loyalty to family pain and unconscious fear of happiness. It helps to develop a more allowing mind and creates more connection with the abundant flow of life.

You can have your own online constellation to clear away your personal, family and ancestral blockages.

You can participate in Cardinal Method Online Constellations not only to understand your own issues through the Constellations of others but also to heal your life and family simply by being present. Your presence will be benefiting the healing. By being online when a constellation is happening, you may or may not be called to represent in the field. It doesn’t matter if you are called to represent in the field or not – the benefits are exactly the same, if not stronger when you just witness in silence. 

This is always a powerful, life-changing process, and if you hear your soul calling, don't hesitate to sign up. The timing of the soul is always precisely connected to your sacred path, and it will always bring soul healing, consciousness expansion and the joy of life to you and your family.

Have Your Own Cardinal Method Online Constellation 

Scheduled dates

January 22nd - SPOT TAKEN
January 29th - SPOT TAKEN
February 5th - SPOT TAKEN
February 12th - 3:00pm ET USA

Participate in a Cardinal Method Online Constellation 

Scheduled dates

January 22nd - 03:00pm ET USA
January 29th - 3:00pm ET USA
February 5th - 3:00pm ET USA
February 12th - 3:00pm ET USA

Family Constellations - Individual Session

Cardinal Method Constellations are powerful healing sessions to release blockages, bring more clarity and emotional relief in times of turmoil, and clear your Sacred Path for your life to shine.

Have Your Own Individual Constellation - "Visualizing the Soul"

Business Constellations

Cardinal Method Business Constellations are designed to address issues in your business and understand energetic blockages that may be interfering in your prosperity.

Send an email to [email protected] for more details.


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