Cardinal Method Constellations

Family Constellation is a well-known modality that was created by Bert Hellinger (the video below explains the history and the theory behind Family Constellations in detail).

The practice of Family Constellations is group session in which one person tells his or her story to a trusting, small group of people, and the people who are present will listen and tune in to what is going on in the "constellatees'" life. Inspired in psychodrama, it is kind of an "emotional theater" in which each person in a group "plays the role" of a family member, ancestor or friend, colleague, or significant other in the constellatees' story.

The Cardinal Method of Life Connection is inspired in ancient and contemporary wisdoms about the soul, including Family Constellations.

There are different types of individual and group sessions in the cardinal Method. One of the group sessions we offer are Crystal Constellations, which go beyond the scope of traditional family constellations because we use the power of crystals, which have quantum and scientific properties  that create more clarity of mind and peaceful awareness during the process, more emotional stability for the participants, and a faster flow of information so that emotional blockages and limiting belief can be released.   

Listen to the interview and watch the videos below to get a good idea about Cardinal Method Crystals Constellations, and sign up for one. You can be sure it is an amazing, life-chaging, soul healing experience.

Learn More About Family Constellations

Listen to this radio interview with Rick Delgado in AllBusiness Media FM, in which Paola Ranova explains the basic theory and the incredible results of Cardinal Method Crystal Constellations.

Introduction to Family Constellations

Benefits of Representing in Cardinal Method Crystal Constellations

The Importance of Silence After a Constellation

Typical Constellation Theme: Conflict Between Parents and Children

Cardinal Method & The Principle of Hierarchy

Ancestral Emotional Memories in our DNA


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