Talking to Awesome People: Dr. Janet Galipo & the Power of Self-Healing


As we know, Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years. In today's world, we talk about quantum physics, consciousness-based medicine and energy healing systems, knowing that ancient Eastern philosophies and medicine, such as the Chinese Acupuncture System and Ayurveda in Hindu tradition were far ahead in the game.

Dr. Janet Galipo is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and my mentor in Energy Healing Modalities, such as BodyTalk, San Baio and BodyIntuitive. I took many courses with her, learned a lot from her wisdom, and now she's our guest in our blog to share some of her amazing knowledge with us.

To get the whole scoop, you can watch the video, but here are some highlights of our talk:

Dr. Janet, ancient Chinese doctors observed the human body in living situations, meaning people were ill, but they were alive as they were being observed for the Chinese Medicine system was being structured. Chinese doctors did not observe corpses and dead...

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