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Abundance: Creating Your Life from a Spiritual Perspective

Feb 02, 2020

A Course on Human Nature has three parts - About Wisdom, About Love and About Power.

This is a session from A Course in Human Nature.

In this discussion, we're starting a phase about love, and today we're going to talk about abundance and creating your life from a spiritual perspective.

What does that mean?

What is abundance?

The first thing we need to know is that there are levels of abundance and they're intertwined. So the first thing that's important to understand is that we need abundance in different levels, and these different levels are two ends of the same spectrum - the physical and spiritual levels are the same.

The physical body and the health of the body reflect the state of the spirit, matter and physicality, our spirit and manifestation.

This means, contrary to what what our culture tends to think, that there is no duality between what's physical and what's spiritual. Abundance is spiritual, though a lot of people tend to think of abundance as wealth or just material riches. But

abundance is way beyond that.

When it comes to the manifestation of physical abundance, health, wealth and riches, that means the person who manifests those things in his or her life has a spiritual connection and has a pure mind.

That person's mind is not clogged with debris, residue, blockages, stone walls and brick walls that block the flow of abundance.

The first levels of abundance that we need to focus on are the physical and spiritual, and we must know they are mirror images of each other.

This means that the physical level is just a dense manifestation of spirit.

And I know a materialistic mind is not going to accept that, so we can't even argue with a materialistic person.

But once you decide you do not have a materialistic mind, you understand and accept the fact that matter is infused with spirit, which is the perspective of this course.

So regarding abundance, there are the spiritual and physical levels, and there are also two other levels, which are mental and emotional.

In some Eastern traditions the mental and emotional may be seen as the same thing, because

our thoughts create our emotions.

When we talk about the mental level here, it's because the quality of your thoughts are going to create your emotions. Your emotions are and unfolding of your thoughts, so the mental level is also a mirror image of the spiritual level and the mental creates the emotional.

We need spiritual and physical abundance, and also mental and emotional abundance, in order to be fulfilled.

And adding to the big picture of abundance, there are also the environmental and financial levels that correspond to  the quality of your finances, which  usually can create the quality of the environments that you're in, such as your home, your work environment, the places to where you travel to, and the quality the quality of all material things you can enjoy.

This does not mean you are a superficial person for wanting these things. It just means an abundant mind creates and abundant physical reality, and that all of us can enjoy this abundance if we so choose.

So in order to create abundance in your life, it's important to be connected in a pleasant way to the environments where that you're living in, where you work, and where you go to.

And as talk about this, we are now starting to

tap into love.


What does love have to do with this abundance focus? Everything. 

Because the more you love yourself, the more you want to be in pleasant environments, not just physical environments, but also social environments.

The more you love yourself, the less you you want to be around toxic people, and you don't want to be around in places that don't make you feel good.

The more you love yourself, the more you want to open your eyes and contemplate beauty - you want to contemplate good things.

Does it mean that you that you need to live in a mansion, or that you need to live and like an Island in the Pacific? No.

People have different needs regarding environments, but the cleaner and more pleasant the environments that you go to are, the more abundant you will be and that has to do with your financial stability and your financial health as well.

So abundance exists on many levels. 

Enjoy the video in this blog post as you dive deeper into this knowledge, and enroll in our Course on Human Nature to be part of this amazing, abundant journey.

Much love always,



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