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Ancestral Love and Generational Healing

Feb 07, 2020

Today we're going to take a deeper dive into the theory of family constellations, soul healing, and levels of consciousness.

We're going to understand why ancestral healing, generational healing and understanding ancestral love and our love for our ancestors is so important.

Why do our lives sometimes do not work out as well as we wish they would?

So I will start with the theory asking what is ancestral love?

The answer to that is very vividly present in our everyday lives, and we tend to take it for granted because it's so powerful and yet so simple.

What we call ancestral love can be felt  in a very concrete way is your physical life.

Touch your hand, touch your face, touch your belly, touch your thighs, touch your body.

Your physical body is proof of ancestral love.

When you touch your body, you know what ancestral love is, because your ancestors have given you a physical body.

Your ancestors have given you your physical life.

So the answer to the question,

what does ancestral love? It is literally life.

It is your physical life in this body. It is your cells.

Each and every cell of your body is an ancestral gift. It's a gift of love. 

Ancestral love has literally given you life. So once we understand this and honor them, we start seeing life in a different way.

And the more we honor our ancestors, the stronger we are and the more our lives flow.

But the question is, how do we know we are honoring our ancestors?

Do we even think about them?

Do we have to think about them in order to honor that?

We don't have to be thinking about them all the time because we honor our ancestors when we take care of our bodies, we take care of ourselves and we make sure that our cells are in a perfectly healthy condition - not just in a physical level but in the emotional level as well.

Also, on soul level,

our ancestors are big and we are small.

And how do we honor them on a soul level?

We thank them for our lives and we don't judge them for their misfortunes or for whatever it is that they have done.

I know that if we are aware of our ancestors' stories, and some of them may not be very pleasant, a lot of us may not really like our ancestors' personalities and what they have done with their lives.

But once we judge our ancestors, we stop honoring.

And that's a little bit where the problem begins.

The principle of hierarchy in family constellations teaches us that our ancestors are big and we are small, meaning they have given us life.

Our role is to respect them and only focus on that aspect of their existence.

We do not focus on their misfortunes and personality flaws, or whatever they have done.

We focus on the life that has been given and granted to us. 

Since all ancestral memories are in our DNA,  we not only inherit biological matter, the traits and all of the biological aspects of our existence from our ancestors.

We also inherit their emotional life and their memories. They're all stored in our DNA.

So we need to dive deep into the soul to understand that it's all registered on the DNA level.

And the question now is

where do the problems reside in our lives? 

The great deal with generational stories is that if there has been emotional pain in the lives of our ancestors, if you have had an unhappy grandmother or great-grandmother or great-grandfather,

if one or more of your ancestors was unhappy or has led a very tough life, that is registered in your DNA and that pain can be present in your life today.

Though your ancestors have passed, because your DNA holds their emotional life and all  memories, you may be experiencing some sort of turmoil in your life that may very well be unfinished business from an ancestor and that now is actually active memory or active pain in you.

So for example, you may not have an individual experience of abuse, but you may feel abused all the time and you will start attracting abusive situations in your life.

That's an electromagnetic force in the DNA.

The ancestral memories are electromagnetic forces in the DNA that attract specific experiences that are reactions to that ancestral pain.

If we are living a happy life, it means that we are honoring and taking the strength of our ancestors of young conscious level.

If, however, you are experiencing trouble in your life, you are electromagnetically creating that from an ancestral experience / memory that is stored on the DNA level of your cells.

So how does this happen?

That's the whole point of this session tonight.

We have three levels of consciousness and if you can take the time, you can watch the sessions on the first part of A Course on Human Nature, it's all in session one two of Part 1.

We have a structure level, an individual level, and a higher consciousness level.

The structure level is the deep unconscious mind and it's where the ancestral memories reside.

So we have a conscious mind, which is what I'm using right now to talk to you, which is the tip of the iceberg.  It's what we are aware of. It's what stands above the surface of the water as a tip of the iceberg that we see.

Then we have a subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is also individual and it's where our individual memories in the womb and up until age seven reside.

These two levels are part of the individuality of each person. So our subconscious mind registers our individual experiences and judges things around us that have happened up until age seven, and may interpret things in specific ways that may be that tremendously damaging to our adult life. 

Or not. They may be favorable depending on the person's life experience.

But the deep unconscious mind is where the memories of our ancestors reside. And those are part of us. They're stored in our cells as well, right?

So we have access to those memories if we have the proper kind of session. If we have a proper treatment, there are ways to access that information in energy healing and family constellations.

So the deep unconscious mind that is collective, and stores all the information of the lives of our ancestors and the collective soul is like an ocean that we all share.

So you share the same ocean as your ancestors, as your parents, as your siblings.

You are, metaphorically, in iceberg floating on the same ocean as these people that are part of your family.

So each family member is like an iceberg floating on that ocean, right?

It's the same water that is shared, and that "water", which represents the soul of the family, has all the information of everybody's lives before you were born. So we have access to all that on the deep unconscious level.

What is the point of this live session tonight?

If an ancestor has passed away with unfinished business, the person may die, but their pain, their emotional turmoil, their unfinished business stays.

For instance, that person had a parallel family that was a secret and no one knew about it officially.

On a soul level, however, we know everything, so we feel the truth very vividly.

What happens when a person dies? When he passes away with unfinished business?

The story is passed along through the DNA. So all the stories of your ancestors, whether or not they were revealed, whether or not they were official, are present in your DNA.

If a person died in extreme pain and emotional frustration, the person has died, but the story remais.

The ancestor is dead, but the emotional frustration is present and transmitted through the DNA. So often there is unconscious re-editing of painful experiences in the new generations.

What happens is that we electromagnetically attract them form the deep unconscious mind because this force is present in our cells and the DNA. We may attract the same experience that our ancestor has lived.

So if you look at your life right now, some areas may be beautiful and some areas may be not so good.

The areas that are not so good are entangled in some sort of painful memory of an ancestor in the third and fourth generation before you.

So in the researches that we do in family constellations, the grandparents and the great-grandparents are very vividly present in our lives.

So whatever it is in your life that's not working out well, it has something to do with the lives of your grandparents and great grandparents for sure.

So if you're really stuck in life, or in some area of life, you might be entangled with an ancestral life script. You are not living your Sacred Path because

by design and by nature and by divine birthright, we are all born to be happy and fulfilled.

If we're not happy and fulfilled, we are entangled in an ancestral painful experience and ancestral life script. We may be following the life script of an ancestor that we may not even know.

Some people don't even know the names, but when we have a constellation, for instance, or an energy healing session, it does come up as a revelation and it is really  always accurate.

So the abundant stream of life flows when ancestral strength, and not trauma, is passed on.

We are aligned with life when we take the strength from our ancestors.

However, a lot of people just don't pass on the strength to their descendants, and a lot of descendants don't take the strength from their ancestors.

So how can we take this strength from our ancestors? What is the key to that?

The first thing we need to do is to tell the truth.

We tell the truth to our family members. We tell the truth to our children and grandchildren.

Most of the reasons why people have very troubled lives is because there are family secrets and people don't tell the truth.

And when that happens, there's short-circuit in the soul because on the deep unconscious mind, we know everything.

We know the truth, but officially and consciously we may not know the truth, so it becomes a contradiction.

So learn the truth about your ancestors and  include everything, all the stories, all the experiences, in your heart.

Include them in your heart and don't judge them.

Just thank them for your life, and you will see your Sacred Path unfold beautifully in front of you.

Watch the video for further details, and I will see you soon.

Much love,



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