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Your Personal Power Is Not Evil

Mar 07, 2020

Does your personal power seem scary to you?

Why would it?

I understand that the word power is scary to most people. We are socially conditioned to think of power as something evil. Throughout history, it has become the equivalent of oppression, forcing your will on others, aggression, competition, authoritarianism, and threats. And no one wants to do or be that.

When we say "personal power" it kind of dilutes the energy, but it still seems scary to many.

Let's dive into this.

First off, 

your personal power is not evil, regardless of what culture may have planted in your brain and regardless of what you feel about your power.

Also, your personal power is there for you whether you like it or not, and it's being used in ways that may be on conscious or subconscious or semi-conscious, whether you realize it or not.

So let me explain how this works on a deeper level with a personal story.

I was a compulsive helper for many, many years (and in the present moment, after a lot of inner work, I still catch myself doing that from time to time).

But before I understood the dimensions and the depth of personal power, the strength and the potency of personal power,

In my personal and professional life, I would unconsciously use all my power to help others and to nurture other people. To a point in which, in specific situations, I had to choose between myself or the other person, otherwise I would literally drown in their quicksand.

A specific example was when I started my energy healing career.

I needed to practice before I became a professional, right?

So I would give energy healing sessions to everybody I knew. I would offer sessions for free for the sake of my training (which is what everyone who's just starting off should do, by the way).

I would do that in exchange for their feedback, to see and to caliber my mastery of the skills and really measure how well I was doing, because I also needed to build a database.

But this was also a way to help people with something I knew was extremely effective and extremely powerful, which is energy healing.

The way I proceeded was that I would give between 8 to 12 sessions nonstop every day, present and distance, because I was so excited about the amazing shifts the happen quickly with energy healing modalities.

But what happened, which was not planned, is that I kind of got a reputation of being a professional savior.

And since I wasn't charging in the very beginning (that was in 2014), people began asking me to pray for them, to send them sessions all the time, and to send sessions to their loved ones.

Every time they had an emergency or something was going on, they would ask me to send them energy healing - especially distance healing.

And I would do it.

I would do it thoughtlessly and compulsively because I felt it was my duty.

I would think, "if they're asking, it's my job to help them. It's my job to do something and deliver. I have the tools and techniques and they don't, they need help, blah, blah, blah".

And it was exhausting, to the point I would not have time for self care because I was prioritizing everyone else's emotional and physical emergencies.

It took me a while to realize that I was again, falling prey to my subconscious autopilot mechanisms of being a nurturer and giving way more than I received.

I had this subconscious belief that I needed to be a giver and shut off the balance of giving and receiving, making everything a one-way street and draining myself in the process.

And even after I established my professional practice, I became certified in several modalities, and the Cardinal Method really took off, I would still do that.

I had a huge, solid database that really proved the Cardinal Method was a very powerful system that required balance in giving and receiving to work as it's supposed to, but as a personal conduct I kept on jumping into other people's emergencies without setting healthy boundaries, without charging many of them, and truly exhausting myself.

So I was feeling kind of abused in a way, but my Higher Self nudges were not strong enough for me. My stubborn conscious mind still held on to the belief that
I needed to be a nurturer.

To give you a very specific example, once there was a hurricane here in Florida, which is typical - we have hurricane season here. Since I've moved here, it's been six years, I've been connected to three hurricanes and I will shoot a video about my hurricane stories cause they're really powerful and really help us understand soul healing, but that will be in another video.

But once in 2017 a hurricane was coming to Florida (it was Hurricane Irma). When we were preparing for it, because we decided not to leave our home (for many reasons which I will explain in when I record a video about my hurricane stories), and it was a real endeavor. It's really something you have to dedicate yourself to and focus.

Well... right on the very day when the hurricane was going to kind of hit our town (it really wasn't so bad where we live, it was devastating in other places and we were praying for those locations), one of the people I would frequently send distance energy healing sessions to sent me a message. This person was part of my database, but even after I finished my study, she kept asking for sessions. And this was again happening right on the day the hurricane was going to hit.

So in her message she said, "I'm really going through so much turmoil. I don't feel well. Please send me a distant session".

And I said to myself,

you know what? I have to set the healthy boundaries.

There's a reason why there is a healthy boundaries Inner Child practice in the Cardinal Method. It has been my soul story too. It's been my journey.

So I had to tell her,

"listen, there are boundaries that I need to set and I cannot help you right now. I'm in the middle of a calamity. There's a hurricane situation happening where I am. So I'm sure what I'm going through is at least as intense as what you're going through. And if only you had the tools to help yourself. It's easy. You should take a course. You should educate yourself with energy healing".

Because just so you know,

this is a very talented person that I know would make an amazing healer if she person decided to pursue it.

But then

she gave me the most common two excuses, and now we're going to really talk about personal power.

The two excuses that don't allow you to tap into your personal power, and that seem very convincing, are time and money.

They are EXCUSES for something deeper.

So this specific person had these two excuses up her sleeve, and that's what everybody tells me too.

Whenever they don't want to pursue their powers, they will say,

"I don't have the time to take a course, to educate myself, to open a business, to market my business", whatever it is.

Or "I don't have the finances".

I have to break it to you.

These two excuses, TIME and MONEY, are excuses for not owning your power because if it really were a priority for you, you would make the time and you would make the money.

Not kidding when I say this.

Whenever we want to do something and pursue something, we carve out the time and we go after the money.

For example, I really needed to write the Cardinal Method book.
It was supposed to be one book. It turned out to be two so far and there's a third one coming and I don't know when I will finish it.

But carved out the time to publish the first two.

I did not stop my practice. I did not stop seeing clients. I was parenting a teenager. I had a husband, I had a home to take care of, and I carved out time.

I'm not saying that I'm superwoman. I'm saying that I follow the examples of women who own their power.

I had all the excuses in the world to say, "the book can wait. I have other priorities here".

Another example I can give you is that

some people will tell me, "I can't go to constellations because it's on a Saturday morning and I just can't. I don't have anyone to leave the kids with".

Listen, there are so many people who have been coming here for years, once a month on a Saturday morning, who have children.

They find a babysitter. The husband stays with the kids. So please don't fool yourself with excuses that are actually your fear of owning your power.

I am not kidding when I say this, and I want you to just close your eyes and take a deep breath right now and ask yourself,

what do you want to pursue that you don't allow yourself to pursue with the excuses of time and money?

By now you know those are excuses, right?

They're always excuses. There are no exceptions to that.

I have to be honest with you, otherwise I won't be doing my job on this planet.

To empower yourself, you must make a decision to OWN your power. Then you will find the time and you will find the money.

The finances will come. I tell this to people all the time. Sometimes they say, "I can't afford a Cardinal Method Journey with you or even a session with you".

And I said,

"You can. If you just save a little bit every month, that means you're committed to yourself and it's going to be very empowering to save up, to give yourself the treatment and the soul healing you so deeply need. It's an act of self love".

It just depends on how you organize your priorities and what you really want to pursue.

So what stops you from owning your power?

What stops you from carving the time and creating the finances to pursue whatever it is that you can own?

The special personal power that you have?

What is it that blocks you?

What do you think blocks you?

I have to say,

it's not because you're lazy about yourself. It's not because you're lazy about your soul.

We procrastinate soul healing more than anything else.

Sometimes we procrastinate this for lifetimes, and then we need to reincarnate again and again and again to have the guts to pursue knowing about our inner world and knowing ourselves.

So it's not about being lazy - it's about fear.

It's about feeling scared of what you might find.

So Marianne Williamson is the one who says this: 

"We are much more afraid of our power than we are of our weaknesses".

It's easier to own our weaknesses than to own our power because we are on some level conditioned to play small.

To be less than we were born to be.

It takes effort to own your power only because we have to fight against the current of our cultural belief systems.

So the first thing you need to do is understand that we are all scared of owning our power.

And the reason we're scared of it is because deep down inside

we think power is evil.

We mistake personal power with power over others, but very few people in the world, as Deepak Chopra would say, "only the chosen few", have power over others.

Most people, I mean EVERYBODY has power over self.

All the choices you make daily to either not work out, or workout, to either eat healthy or eat unhealthy, to either watch TV or have a good night's sleep, are choices you make with your personal power.

And you can use your personal power for self-development and expansion, for joy and wellbeing.

You're not going to offend people with your power.

Personal power is not evil - and that's the catch here.

When you own your power, everyone benefits.

You're going to be healthier and happier for your children.

You're going to be strong for your community.

You're going to be able to lead by example.

And none of these things happen when you're playing small - when you don't own your power.

So honestly, take a look at yourself and ask, "do I own my personal power?"

You have more than one set of skills or a set of talents. Your personal power encompasses a lot of aspects of your being.

It encompasses your talents. It encompasses the skills you were trained at, and it encompasses your actions.

Are you manifesting those trainings, skills and talents, or are they just hidden potentials that neither you, nor other people around you are benefiting from?

Just think.

Your personal power was given to you so that you could benefit others with it.

So it's THE OPPOSITE of evil.

Your personal power empowers others.

Your personal power helps other people heal, helps other people get what they want.

If you're a cook, for example, you can make wonderful meals for other people.

Your talents are not yours - they belong to humanity. They are humanity's assets, so they're given to you so that you can share them with humanity.

And what I see here, sadly, is a lot of people who don't own their power, and therefore they are keeping humanity from benefiting from everything they have to offer.

Now the big question is:

why are we so scared of our power?

Why does it make us chill?

Why does it make us freeze and stop in our tracks?

And also,

once we start owning our power, our fear co-exists with that action.

It's actually kind of common to see ourselves, myself included, accelerating and putting the foot on the brake, accelerating and putting the foot on the brake.

And why do we do that?

Why does our fear stop us?

We can really be gentle with ourselves and keep going as we own our power. Little by little, more and more.

But ask yourself, "why do I not own it? Why am I so scared?"

Why do you think you're scared of your power?

We know one reason is social conditioning.

Our cultures do not tend not to encourage us to embrace our power.

Our culture may encourage us to be workaholics, but that's not owning your power at all. That's actually depleting you from owning your power, to say the least.


If you don't rest enough, if you don't live life in your own terms (which workaholics never do, by the way, because they are on autopilot), and if you think that's personal power, I have to break it to you - it's not.

Personal power is about bringing the best of life to the world, bringing the best of who you are to other people in a natural, healthy way.

It is not about overworking yourself, tiring yourself, depleting yourself. That's not personal power at all.

Personal power is taking action.

It's being productive, and it's also self care.

It's your health.

It's your sleep, your diet and your movement routine.

It's about all of those things and

living in joy as well, doing what you love and really owning all of that.

The reason why we are scared of allowing our lights to shine is that we have a very distorted idea of power. 

So again, I have to say this to you.

Your power is your ability to create and manifest what you want in the world.

It's a manifested intention, right?

So if you change the world without an intention, if you do something by mistake, you may manifest something you don't want.

That's not power.

Power includes your intention and the manifestation of that intention.

If you have a pure-hearted intention, to help others and to help others heal themselves, that's a beautiful thing.

Power is a neutral ability. It isn't evil.

The more powerful you become in terms of personal power, shining your light, offering what you have to the world, the more you will feel accomplished and happy with yourself and everyone else around you too.

Don't think that you're going to piss people off because you are shining your light.

That's another thing that I hear a lot, especially from women.

They say, "If I shine, so-and-so is going to be upset. I have unhappy family members. My mother is an unhappy person. I have sisters, I have sisters-in-law, I have cousins, and they don't like it when I shine. And friends."


a person who is your friend wants you to shine. A true friend wants you to be happy and beautiful and shining bright. If your friend is going to envy your personal power, you are not in the right circle of friends.

So again, it's about filtering and purifying the environments and social circles that you put yourself in.

If you're surrounded by people who are not going to encourage you and cherish your personal power, you need to be around healthier people - emotionally healthier people.

And if these are family members, they need emotional healing.

This is not about judging, but I will tell you, choose your Self when it comes to your personal power.

And what I mean by your Self is the Self with a capital S.

Choose your Higher Self.

Your beautiful spiritual energy that is here to help the world, to contribute and to humanity.

So if your close family members, people close to you, don't get that, if they have a toxic mindset, need emotional healing...

Take a deep breath, honor them, respect them, but

shine your light, find your path and go your own way.

Find healthier people to be around in your life, your circle, your environment.

This is what I wanted to share with you today.  I hope inspiring for you to own your power.

Understand that your personal power is not evil.

Understand that whenever you procrastinate owning it is not about being lazy, it's about being scared of your power because of social conditioning and because of whatever it is in your immediate surroundings that scares you.

I encourage you to

hold your heart, allow it to guide your personal power and give that beautiful gift to the world.

This is the reason why you were born.

That's one of the reasons why you're here and we can't wait to see your shining.

Thank you so much for being here. If you know anyone who would benefit from this content, please share this video, and I will see you soon.

Much love always,



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