Are You Surviving, Pretending or Living?


Did you ever think about how you live your life?

Are you surviving?


Or truly embracing life and living it?

How we live our lives is very connected to our levels of awareness - if we're aware of what we're doing, and if it's aligned with our highest truth, what we want to do, and how we want to be in our life path.

So today I suggest we think about three things.

Number one ... are you just surviving?

Are you living from hand to mouth? Are you just struggling to get by?

Do you love what you do for a living?

Do you love your life as a whole?

Do you feel nurtured by the people around you - friends and family?

Are you happy with your job and income?

How do you feel about your home?

Do you just struggle to get by and survive without free time, and without freedom in general?

Ask yourself these questions, and know that

if you're happy, you're on the right track. If not, you can change, and things can improve.

It may seem weird that our inner game creates our external circumstances, but it's true.

Our thoughts create our reality, and the more we know ourselves and own our emotions, the more authentic our lives will be - the more our lives will mirror our highest potential and most beautiful parts of our inner world. 

The second thing I invite you to think about is if you're pretending to love your life.

I know it's a tough one, but hang in there. Sometimes we do this on autopilot. We don't realize we're pretending to love something we actually don't. 

I'm not saying we should not appreciate our lives and be grateful for what we have. What I mean is we'll be much happier and fulfilled when we're honest with ourselves and take time to observe what pleases and enriches our lives, and what doesn't.

When we're honest about this and stop entertaining what's not aligned with our truth, we consciously and gently pull ourselves away from whatever drains our energy.

Sometimes we pretend to have a wonderful life, when deep inside what we've conquered or achieved, what we have built for ourselves in our paths, is not necessarily what our heart wants, and not what the core of our being wishes.

Sometimes we're living our lives to please others, or parts of our lives, anyway. As an example, we may choose a profession or job that makes our parents proud, or even our spouse proud, but not us.

There could be many other areas of life in which we're not really happy, but we pretend to be. A lot of people I see at Ranova are not even aware that they're leading a life to please others, and deep down they're not feeling as wonderful as they could be if they were living from the core of their being.

But the good news is... if we're not living from an honest place within, we can change. And if we are, we may be actually embracing life fully!

Some my third question today is ... are you actually living?

Life and life-connection are a passion for being alive, a vibrancy we feel in every cell of our bodies, an indescribable joy.

It's a kind of passion, a vibrant state of being in which everything makes sense for you.

Your efforts have a purpose, and you're not lazy about anything.

You're willing to jump out of bed and go live your life in that wonderful, passionate state.

Do you often feel that way, or just sometimes? Or rarely?

If you're often in that state of grace, there's life connection in you!

And that's wonderful. If you feel that passionate, everyone around you feels it too. It's contagious and ripple effects on others, and you're probably inspiring people, whether you realize it or not.

When you inspire people to allow themselves to live from that place of joy, you become an example.

And the prior cases of surviving or pretending are your case in the present moment, you can start changing now.

Start changing today.

Start connecting to the truth of your being, and learning tools and ways to get out of "survival mode" or "pretend mode" so that you can live in life-connection.

So that you can literally be living the best of life and the joy of life.

I hope this was good food for thought for you! If you know anyone who would benefit from this blog post, share it :-) Send it to your friends and loved ones!

Let's create a community of life-connected, wonderful, joyful people!

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