Consciousness Is Not Enough


Did you ever stop to think about how consciousness is a huge step into personal development - but it is not enough?

Consciousness is important, but insufficient if you want to create lasting changes and expansion in your life.

If we don't take action, consciousness not enough.

Inspired action is.

Inspired action is effective when we know what we have to change in our lifestyle and our thinking in order to create the life we want.

Changing our thinking and changing habits is not easy, and on its own it's already a huge task.

When we are changing our thinking in our conscious minds but not taking action, it means we're not changing our thinking in the unconscious or subconscious mind.

What does this mean?

Let's start with the levels of consciousness.

There are three: the conscious mind, which is 10% to 3% of our minds. It's rational and always wants the best for us.

The remaining percentage of the mind corresponds to the subconscious mind, which is where our individual beliefs are, and to the deep unconscious mind.

The deep unconscious mind, which is where the Structure Level of existence is, which is where collective beliefs, archetypes, family and cultural values are stored.

So we have our individual subconscious mind with our specific beliefs, and we also have to deal with deep, unconscious, collective unconscious contents that also guide our lives, interfering in our paths whether we like it or not.

That's where most of the self-sabotaging, autopilot, people-pleasing and unauthentic behavior ultimately comes from.

We can do something about it, but it requires observation of self and willingness to change.

So when we have enough authentic thinking, which means we repeat what we want to ourselves and affirm it enough, we will be able to change the subconscious mind.

And when we are willing to be free of "entanglements" or deep collective unconscious blockages from the Structure Level, which is the family, cultural and ancestral content are,

we need to tap into deep energy healing.

All of this is consciousness work, which is powerful and absolutely necessary. What I do see a lot happening though is people stalling in the consciousness effort and not really working on the action effort, which is what changes our lives.

I talk about this in A Course of Human Nature. Not only do we need cutting-edge 21st-century energy science (such as quantum physics and neuroscience)  to create effective change in our lives, but we also need Ancient Wisdom.

Observing and clearing the contents of the mind is what I call "soul technology" and it's present in a lot of ancient societies. This has been the focusing point of many different traditions such as the Enneagram, Astrology, Buddhism, Christianity, and different Theologies.

We learn from ancient wisdom as well as we can learn from cutting-edge science. They complement each other very well.

But in the end, it's all consciousness work. When it comes to inspired action, our consciousness work aligned with practical initiatives are what constitutes our ability to create our lives.

To be creators of our lives.

It's when divine power makes itself present in our bodies. It's when we manifest personal power in the best way possible for the good of all involved.

And there are different types of people and mindsets in this journey.

There are those who are not willing to do the consciousness work, which are not even part of the equation.

Then there are the people who are willing to do the consciousness work.

And then there is a third kind of person who does the consciousness work but stalls, because he or she just keeps doing the consciousness work and never takes action.

The people who take action as they do their consciousness work are actually taking inspired action. 

Because those who don't do the consciousness work are on autopilot - their actions are not coming from their Higher Self.

What we are trying to pursue here at Ranova with the Cardinal Method of Life Connection , everything that we offer and the community we are building with amazing people in our journey is the

consciousness work paired with inspired action work .

And it's inspired action that will create huge shifts in your life.

Observe if you're doing your belief work and if it's manifesting in inspired action or not.

Maybe what you need is more repetition of affirmations and clarity of what you want for your life. Wherever you are in your journey, the key is not giving up - and remaining on your consciousness expansion journey is part of your inspired action as well.

Don't ever give up on your consciousness work.

There is no way you can have inspired action if you don't do it.

"Inspired" means that consciousness work is present in your actions, but it is not enough if you're just aware but not changing the quality of your thoughts and behavior.

Your consciousness must be connected to and nurturing your actions so that you can manifest the best of who you are - your Higher Self and your the greatest potentials into the world.

Not only you, but everybody will benefit from your Light.

And I guess this is it for today.

Thanks for being here. I'm very honored.

Much love, and I'll see you soon,



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