Cultures Are Like Lakes


One of the reasons why humanity is so vast and beautiful is because there are so many cultures in the world, and they're part of who we are as individuals.

I like to think of cultures as lakes.

When we use that image in our mind's eye, we understand we’re immersed in “cultural waters”.

Cultures act as invisible environments that influence us from the outside - and often, we don’t even realize it.

We all have cultural backgrounds, and cultures are not just about nationality – they’re about collective belief systems that include religion, traditions, and specific moral values.

We don’t have to deny culture to affirm our individuality. On the contrary, we must welcome it, knowing we’re immersed in beliefs and traditions that surround us since birth - and even before that, because we inherit these “cultural lakes” from our ancestors.

When we understand culture, we know its place and how much we’re willing to let it play a role in our lives.

It only becomes a problem when we struggle with cultural issues by not living from the truth of our hearts if our cultural belief systems don’t allow us to.

This is not to say we should disrespect or dishonor culture. Cultures are very important for our identity, to our sense of self, and to our strength as human beings.

What’s important to understand is that when you’re making choices, you need to know how much of it is an authentic, individual process, or if you're just reenacting and reproducing cultural beliefs.

Honestly, it's just about being aware of what makes sense for us.

Many people with different cultural backgrounds make different choices in life. Some people are very comfortable and happy with their culture. They want nothing else. It's an expression of their truth.

Other people are struggling with cultural issues, because their individual truth does not align with their cultural belief systems.

What is the influence of culture in your life?

Is it a burden for you, or not?

How important is your culture to you? Which cultures do you admire? Which culture is you want to be immersed in?

Remember that this is not about judgment, it's about awareness. 

I hope thinking about this brings joy to your life, and clarity to your mind. 

Comment your experience! Share it here in the comments area, and ask your questions so we can all grow together as a community of consciousness expansion!

Send this to your friends and loved ones. The subject of cultures is important, and a huge part of our collective lives and humanity.

Love always,




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