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Do You Live Deliberately?

Dec 07, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about living your life deliberately?

Do you live your life deliberately or not?

What does that mean?

Do you intend for things to happen - and do you focus your mind and act in that direction?

And if there are obstacles, and things are "non-ideal" or blocking whatever it is you want to create in your life, do you do something about it?

When you do something to release the blockage and dissolve whatever it is that's blocking your path, that's living deliberately.

And when you have a plan for your life, not in a boring, scared or controlling way, but in terms of dreams and desires, that's living deliberately too.

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you love?

Do you pursue those dreams?

Do you see them happening in your mind's eye?

Do you act in that direction?

Do you have milestones with time frames to reach your goals?

These are the big questions, and they indicate whether or not you're living deliberately.

Believe me, I've talked to a lot of people and I've asked them,

how do you see yourself in a year? And how do you see yourself five years from now?

Most people don't know how to answer.

Especially the second question - how they see themselves five years from now.

Many will just say, "I have no idea".

And this is really, again, not about control.

It's about planning and pursuing your dreams and desires, surrendering them to the abundance of life, and surrendering to the flow. because we don't control life, but

we need to know what we want and we what we love if we want those things to manifest.

For them to manifest fast, we must take inspired action, do our part and surrender to the flow of life.

And being really focused and aware that is the opposite of what I call "the seaweed syndrome" or the "tumbleweed syndrome".

You don't want to be a seaweed floating in the ocean, just going with the currents and without any control, deliberate action, deliberate thinking or deliberate desires.

You don't want to be a tumbleweed in the desert that goes aimlessly with the winds of life.

That kind of living creates a meaningless life - and that is, literally, a waste of life.

You don't want to control, but you want to set your dreams and desires as a plan for your life.

There's nothing more fulfilling than manifesting our happiness, our dreams and our desires. And living deliberately means you focus on what you want.

You allow yourself to receive, and you take inspired action when things are not working the way you believe they should. 

When you live deliberately, you don't complain about the things you hate and you don't settle for the things that you don't love.

If there's something you don't like, and that is structural thing, you don't want to fight against the world or go against the environment where you're living.

If your current situation is unpleasing, create change.

You can change the way you see people, the place where you live or the place where you work.

You can either change your perspective and harmonize yourself with whatever it is that's bothering you, or you change, and you leave.

But remember this - if you create change externally without diving within, without going into your inner being and not changing your core, your true inner world, you're going to move to another place and not change much.

You're going to change jobs, or change partners, or get divorced, or whatever it is that's bothering you, and it's still going to be the same old situation:

new faces, new places, same story.

That's called a pattern, and it's heartbreaking because sometimes people really want to shift. They really want to change. And they end up making the same mistakes by being with the same type of person, or unsatisfying job, or inadequate place.

Even if the exact individual, job or place is not in their lives anymore, the pattern is still there, and the vibrational frequency is still the same.

So you want to shift your inner world and attract the best of life in the outer world, that starts with what Abraham-Hicks call

deliberate action.

This means you focus on what you want, plan for it, surrender your plans and desires to the world, and allow life to bring that beautiful energy to you.

And when we are in that pure state of life, we always receive double, or 10 times, or a hundred times more than we could ever imagine, because living in abundance requires that pure mind and has everything to do with receiving more than you expected.

That's when you know you're the flow of life.

That's what he know there's life-connection.

Being in this flow requires structure, though.

I always talk about structure and flow, and you want to have both in your life.

You don't want to be chaotic, and calling chaos "flow", because that's denial mode, and it's the opposite of deliberate action.

And you don't want to be too controlling and rigid to the point that you don't allow surprises (good surprises), or new unexpected things to come to your world, which is structure without flow.

As i said, you want to have both - deliberate action to manifest your dreams and desires, 

going with the flow of life in a structured way.

If you know what you want, and you know what you love, and you want to manifest those things, start living from deliberate action and from deliberate thinking.

Detox your life from anything that's a distraction to your dreams, goals and desires and pursue what you want.

Visualize things, and think ahead.

See yourself a year from now, five years from now, in a controlling, but with your focus on the best of life. That's exactly what I call life connection. Structure with flow. Deliberate action.

Thank you for being here, I'm so grateful for your presence.

If you know anyone who will benefit from this content, tell them to watch this video, share it so we can grow our life connection journey with more amazing people, and encourage them to take inspired action.

Thank you for being here, and I will see you soon!

Much love,




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