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Gratitude Flow

Jun 30, 2019


Today I'm going to show you some consciousness expansion tools, and some practical, amazing practices, emphasizing the awareness that you will get from this incredible knowledge.

The Gratitude Flow is applied theory of the highest potential, because it frees our lives from conscious and unconscious blockages.

When we genuinely feel grateful, we start creating powerful shifts in our lives.

When you commit to Gratitude, you start engaging in consciousness expansion, which brings abundance and joy to your life.

And a great place to start is to do The Gratitude Flow.

This practice was first published in chapter 7 of the book Your Cardinal Connections in 2016 and it

heals the wounded, distorted aspects of our Ego.

But it's creating discipline and patience in your life. So the good thing about the Gratitude Flow is that it's simple and extremely effective. I had a lot of people test this in different countries, actually people from different nationalities. And the feedback I got was incredible. You're going to see for yourself, you'll feel the molecules in your body shifting. So in chapter seven of the book, you'll be strengthening the positive aspects of your ego

And for this practice to work, it requires discipline.

It creates discipline and patience in your life.

And you will realize that it's not that hard to be disciplined about our lives when we do it. It's a fast practice if you count the minutes, and it flows relatively easily for seven weeks.

It's just seven minutes, one day a week.

How does it work?

You will choose one day of the week, let's say Tuesday. You'll do the practice that day, and on the next Tuesday you will do the second day of the practice, and every subsequent Tuesday until you complete seven weeks.

To do this practice,

you will hold a crystal. 

The size of the crystal should be one that fits comfortably in your hands. You don't want to grab a huge chunk of stone. Get a small or medium stone, it really doesn't have to be huge.

The you're going to place your hands in Mandala Mudra.

A Mudra is a sacred hand position that aligns our energy field - and it also connects our Chakras (to learn more about Chakras, click here).

Mandala Mudra aligns the Crown Chakra and all cells of our bodies. In the version of Mandala Mudra we use for this practice, you'll create a circle or an oval shape. If you research, there are different illustrations of Mandala Mudra on the Internet. Do this one:

This is the hand position you're creating.

You're going to create a circle with your thumbs and then you'll put a crystal on your hand (watch the above video for a more detailed explanation).

Enjoy the benefit of the crystal energy added to the power of this Mudra.

You can use any natural stone - whichever feels right for you. Trust your intuition and you will pick the perfect one. 

Now you will

choose a day of the week.

Let's say Tuesday. On the next week,  when you do the Gratitude Flow practice again, it will be on Tuesday. You're not going to do it on Monday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, because that's going to break the fractal.

A fractal is a spiraling pattern, and you'll create and ascending spiral / fractal in your consciousness with your practice.

You want that to be precise. 

In the Cardinal Method, we work a lot with proportion and geometry to align our energy field, and you don't want to break your fractal, which looks like this:

When we were testing this, some people said, "oh, I forgot Week 3. Can I just pick up where I left off next week?"

The answer is NO.

Because if you do that, your fractal will be wobbly.

I myself was doing the practice with the group of people who volunteered in one of my beta group tests and on Week 6 I totally forgot to do the practice.  And I thought, "oh my goodness, no way!"

But yeah.

And I had to go back all the way and start again on Week 1.

If this happens, it's food for thought for you.

Where you forget the practice is where you need more work and more clarity. It's where do you need more balance.

When we “forget” unconsciously, we self-sabotage. That's where we have the biggest blockage. So this is information about what's in your unconscious mind, and it's good for you to be more aware.

It also strengthens your spiritual discipline, right?

So don't give up and go back to the first week if in the middle of the Gratitude Flow, you forget the practice on the day you have chosen.

Now remember: you will be doing the practice for seven minutes.

Seven is a sacred number for many traditions and religions. So we're practicing for seven minutes. You've got your hands in Mandala Mudra. And for most of the practices in each week, you will speak.

The words we pronounce reverberate in our cells change the patterns of our energy.

For more about the importance of saying affirmations out loud, check out our Crystal Guide Flash Course and pay attention to the part about the Throat Chakra.

It's important that you use your voice to attest that you're committed to the Gratitude Flow.

And remember: gratitude heals the distorted Ego.

We release judgment,  cruelty, control, and expectations. We're just grateful for what is and present in the center of our being.

Now let's start the Gratitude Flow:

Week 1 - Honoring God

This week is about honoring God, or Source, or the Life Source, or the Creator. You can use whichever word you want to call the reason why you are alive. In this week, you're going to thank that Source of Life Energy, or God. So just repeat for seven minutes:

"Dear God, thank you for my life".

You're going to repeat that sentence for seven minutes holding the stone you've chosen in Mandala Mudra, and as you breathe you'll repeat this affirmation out loud.

It's only for seven minutes on a specific day, and you're going to see a lot of shifts in consciousness and expanded awareness throughout that week.


Week 2 - Honoring Your Ancestors and Parents

This week you are going to honor your ancestors and parents. I know this is delicate for a lot of people. I work with so many clients at Ranova, and I am aware that some people have trauma, issues, and resistance with their parents, but focus on the fact that

you are alive today in a physical body because your ancestors and your grandparents and your parents have created you.

Focus on that. Don't focus on the trauma.

Focus on the gratitude to have human cells creating a beautiful body that you are now present in.

Do this for yourself. I cannot tell you how powerful the shift is when we thank our parents and ancestors for our lives. And for this practice you're going to hold the same crystal you used the week before (use the same crystal for all seven weeks).

Some people ask, "should I change the crystal every week?"  I've tested different ways with the practice and I will tell you - using the same crystal is better. It keeps a stable, coherent, consistent flow in the fractal if we use the same stone. So do not change crystals in the middle of the practice of your seven-week Gratitude Flow.

 So you will speak the words out loud for seven minutes, repeating them with a stone in your hands in Mandala Mudra.

The full affirmation is:

"All my dear ancestors, thank you for my life. Dear Dad, thank you for my life. Dear Mom, thank you for my life".

Use the word "dear", because that immediately adds more love to your affirmation, and

love heals all wounds, right?

You're going to do this for seven minutes holding the stone in Mandala Mudra until the timer rings. And that's it. Powerful shifts have happened for people who have done this, and I'm sure you're going to benefit too.


Week 3 - Healing the Chakras

On the third week, we have the healing of the Chakras, and it does not require verbal affirmations. You're just going to visualize - use your visualization power. So if you don't know what Chakras look like, know that the colors are very important.

The Root Chakra is red and it's located on the perineum:

The Sacral Chakra is orange and is located four fingers below your navel:

The Solar Plexus is yellow and is located on your stomach area:

The Heart Chakra is green or pink, or both, and is located on the heart:

The Throat Chakra is turquoise, or bright blue, and is located on the throat:

The Third-Eye Chakra is indigo or purplish and is located on the forehead:

And the Crown Chakra is a white-platinum color and is located on the top of your head:


Now set the timer for seven minutes.

Sit still with the crystal on your hands in Mandala Mudra position and visualize your Chakras glowing in their specific colors. 

Week 4 - Healing the Inner Child

On week four you will be healing the Inner Child. The cover of the book Your Cardinal Connections shows the Inner Child practice, which is described in chapter six of this book. But in the Gratitude Flow, we include the Inner Child too because it's really important for self-healing and for the Ego not be triggered.

If you're a dramatic person, if you're in victim mode, or always fear, this tends to be an inner child mindset.

Your inner child may be ruling your life in some aspects,

so what you're going to say is

"My Inner Child, I see you. I love you".

Whenever we acknowledge a person or energy, we bring immediate healing, so you're just going to imagine your inner child - yourself as a child at age seven, or age four. That's what I recommend to people.

Do not try to imagine yourself older than seven years old.

And just keep repeating the affirmation out loud until the timer rings.

Week 5 - Healing All Your Relationships

And then we go onto the fifth week, which is incredible,

when you heal all our relationships.

Imagine yourself as a star that shines in all directions.

For this to happen, we'll use the Ho’Oponopono affirmations.

So Ho’Oponopono is a Hawaiian prayer, but it actually has Christian roots that have to do with colonization. For more information about this powerful technique, click here

It consists of four sentences that create love and forgiveness.

So you think of a person and you say the Ho’Oponopono prayer. You can think of a situation and say the Ho’Oponopono prayer - and that situation heals immediately.

There are awesome books about Ho’Oponopono, especially about the work of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. I've tested it thousands of times and I know Ho’Oponopono is very powerful. This is the prayer:

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

There are tons of YouTube videos with that affirmation, with Zen music in the background, which are great. I usually send links to my clients so they can use them, but in this practice, it will be

seven minutes repeating the four sentences out loud so you can hear your own voice.

Do you have to think of someone throughout the process? Not necessarily.

People will come up, many may come to your mind. Just allow them to come and go, keep repeating the four sentences, and let it flow until the timer rings.

Week 6 - Connecting to the Silent Observer

On the sixth week you'll connect to the silent observer (this is when I "flunked" the practice in 2016 and had to go back all the way to Week 1 so I didn't break the fractal).


This is the hardest one. At least for me.

To be in silence, since I'm very visual, I like to focus on my Third-Eye/forehead, with the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth, breathing through the nose, and just stay silent for seven minutes.

People sometimes say we can silence the voice, but not the mind, but that's what a lot of initial meditation is all about. When we're starting to meditate, it's not easy, but just committing to being silent and present in your body can already be considered meditation.

You are already connecting to that vibration.

So even if thousands of thoughts cross your mind, as Deepak Chopra says, it's just your mind detoxing.

It's purging useless thoughts.

So just do it :-)

Set the timer for seven minutes, be silent, and observe yourself.

Remember to keep your hands in Mandala Mudra with the crystal on top of one of the hands.


Week 7 - Connecting to Abundance

Last but not least, in the seventh week you'll connecting to abundance.


life is abundance.

And abundance is waiting to flow into our lives - it actually wants to barge in.

The only reason it doesn't is because we create these huge stone walls with our minds and belief systems - they're more like medieval walls -  and we don't allow abundance to flow into our lives.

So if you're struggling with abundance, it's your own mind's creation. What we do here is dissolve blockages in the mind, giving ourselves permission to allow abundance to flow.

It's given to us. Do we have to fight for our lives? Do we have to struggle? Do we have to create things?

We have to do our part. We have to be disciplined, we have to engage, but

when we're in the Abundance Flow, we do our part and life answers accordingly.

You can be sure of that. That is like gravity.

So trust the process and trust that life is abundant. The affirmation in the seventh week is:

I am connected to the infinite flow of love, freedom, and abundance in my life.

You're going to repeat that for seven minutes until the timer rings, and then...


You will have finished the Gratitude Flow practice!

And with it, you've created awesomeness in your life.

Love, freedom, peace, joy. All the gifts that are here for us all will be yours if you commit, and I really hope you do this because so many people have benefited, and still are benefiting!

The good feedback keeps growing, and this is my gift to you!

Thanks for the love, and see you soon,



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