Liking a Person's Energy is Different From Love


When we like someone's energy, it doesn't necessarily mean we love that person.

Liking a person's energy means she or he emanates something that makes us feel good. We feel we benefit from that emotional presence, or from a physical, professional, or financial connection.

In this type of relationship, the focus is not on the person, but on ourselves, and on the benefit that a person's energy brings us.

Love, on the other hand, is about a heartfelt connection and experience of oneness with someone else that is self-sufficient in its own existence. This means that even if it’s not reciprocated by the other person, we don't get affected by it, we don’t long and linger and feel empty. We’re just grateful for that person’s existence, period.

Where there’s pure Love, there’s no suffering. When Love is present we don’t think in terms of beneficial exchanges. We think in terms of oneness and a higher, subtle, peaceful connection that is beyond and immune to negative emotions.

This is because there are different levels of existence. Matter is in one level, Energy is on another level, and Love is on yet another level, which we may refer to as the realm of Higher Consciousness.

To make things simple, let's think of them as the Physical level (mostly related to survival), the Energy level (mostly related to pleasure, interpersonal relationships, and our social, professional and financial life, which is where "liking a person's energy" resides), and the Higher Consciousness level, where we find Love and many other virtuous essences and subtle vibrations reside.

Sometimes, whether we realize it or not, we may like a person's energy for selfish reasons. We are focused on what that energy brings to us as "benefit". There's nothing wrong with that, but if we want to expand in consciousness and awareness, we must understand where our perception, our motivations, and our thoughts are coming from.

The Energy Level is a state of existence in which our awareness of self and others seems very clear and very real, but it can be devious and selfish. It includes separation and dualism and may create and express conflicts and power struggles.

When Love is present we do not think in terms of beneficial exchanges. We think in terms of oneness and a higher, subtle, peaceful connection that is beyond, and immune to negative emotions. This is a Higher Consciousness Level of being that can only be felt and is beyond words.

When we develop Higher Consciousness, even if the Love we feel is not reciprocated, we feel as one with the other person and there is no suffering. 

How does this resonate with you? Do you know people who love unconditionally and are aware of it? Let us know how you feel about the difference between liking a person's energy and Love.

Ask your questions, comment below, and tell your friends and loved ones to join our community here so we can grow together and enjoy the best Life has to offer.

The more we connect, the more we grow as human beings and expand our consciousness levels :-)

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