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Living an Adult Life

Jan 11, 2020

Did you ever stop to wonder about adult life and what it encompasses?

What is an "adult life"?

Does it have to do with biological age? Yes, it does, but it's mostly about your emotional timing and soul timing.

Does it have to do with specific areas of life? Absolutely. We can lead an 'adult life" in some areas of life, and be "immature" in other areas.

In my case, for example, I was always doing well on the professional level, but i struggled with my emotional life and relationships. In my twenties, was an "adult" in my professional life and pretty immature in my emotional life.

Many of us may be mature in some areas of life, and very immature in other areas.

Leading an adult life means you are an independent human being.

This does not mean you are an isolated person, but that you have your own resources to connect to the source of an abundant life, instead of needing other people to be those sources for your survival.

At this point, a lot of people may be asking,

"what about couples?"

Sometimes when we observe couples, one spouse is financially responsible for the survival of the two of them.

This has been the case of most families in the prior generations and has only recently changed in our culture (meaning, in the past, men supported women financially, and women did not have jobs outside of their homes).

But when it comes to couples, the person who is not financially responsible for supporting the family has a role to play in the balance of energy. They create a unit of balanced masculine and feminine vibrations, like an electromagnetic circuit.

It's like two drops of water that touch each other and become one single bigger drop.

But what I'm to talk about right now is not necessarily something that applies to couples, but to single individuals. 

We can look at couples as a unified drop of water, or a new individual, so to speak. But when we talk about independent individuality, adult life, what does that mean?

It means

we take care of our health and our physical body.

We don't depend on other people to shelter us, to feed us, to clothe us. This is one of the dimensions of adult life.

Another is

financial independence.

An adult person after age 21, or between age 21 and 27, that still depends on your parents or aunts and uncles, and sometimes even siblings to survive, is still in inner child mode regarding his or her finances.

If this is your case, it's something that needs to be addressed if you want to develop and engage in your personal growth process.

Another very important part of adult life is

emotional independence.

And this is usually what I see a lot of people struggling with, because they may be health-wise okay, financially okay, but so many of us are still troubled emotionally.

We have unfinished business with past relationships.

We have tumultuous friendships.

I always say to people when they come for sessions, "your friends are sources of joy and well-being".

Friends are not designed to create problems for you. Friendship is the realm of freedom and joy and the lightness of being.

So if you have a burden as a friend, if you have a friend who drains your energy, there's something that you need to look at, and that's always a projection of a family member that you have unfinished business with on the unconscious level.

So, if you have a troublesome friend, a friend who drains you, a friend who's heavy on you, ask yourself,

who does this person remind me of in my family?

And you're going to have the "flash of intuition".

If you want to hold a stone for that, grab a crystal - it will give you clarity on who the person is.

Grab whatever crystal you have around.

Hold it. Take a deep breath.

Think of the person who gives you a hard time with that is not a family member (we're talking about friends here, not a family member, a lover or an ex - we're focusing on troublesome friendships now).

Think about the troublesome friend, hold the stone near your Solar Plexus, which is your stomach, and ask yourself,

who does this person remind me of?

It'll come to you in a laser beam.

It's very accurate, and you can dissolve that immediately a soon as you have that awareness, because you don't need that kind of problem in your life.

Friends are meant to uplift you, to make you feel good about yourself, to make you feel happy with life, and not to drain your energy. Period.

Another important area of adult life is your brainpower.

Adult life has everything to do with your emotional strength and your brainpower, developing your intellectual abilities, using your beautiful, endless, limitless brain abilities to grow, to learn, and to expand.

It has nothing to do with narrowing your mindset down into limiting belief systems and fear.

There are so so many people who are really intelligent, but they have such limiting beliefs and they're in such fear mode. It's sad to see.

Sometimes they're even expanding their belief systems, but they're addicted to fear on the thought level.

So let all that go. Being an adult has to do with not allowing your thoughts to nurture fear.

And last but not least, another level of adult life is spiritual surrender.

I'm not talking about being religious, or leaving the social world and becoming a hermit. That's not what I'm saying.

What I'm saying is that once you have taken care of your healthy body, your finances are in good shape, your emotional life is doing well, and your brainpower is awesome, you have structure to surrender to a spiritual life in a mature, adult way.

This is totally different from spiritual escapism, which I talk about in my book, Your Cardinal Connections.

To avoid emotional pain, some people will turn to spirituality and become airy-fairy and mystical.

They will escape from emotional pain with a spiritual life, which is literally NOT life connection - it's more of an escape and a life dis-connection, if you will.

So today I just want you to think a little bit and take some time to observe your life as you read this blog post.

Allow this to sink in.

Think of these areas that I've mentioned, and ask yourself:

Do you act like an adult with your body? Are you an adult with your finances? Are you an adult with your emotional life?

Do you have unfinished business with exes? If so, just dive deep into forgiveness.

I'm not kidding when I say this -

the best thing to do if you have unfinished business with love relationships is to engage in forgiveness.

If you have troublesome friends, you know you don't need that in your life. It's unnecessary suffering. We already have inevitable pain we have to deal with, but unnecessary suffering is just not for you.

Keep asking yourself:

Do you have an adult brain power activity?

Do you read? Do you listen to Podcasts? Do you feed your brain with new, nurturing information instead of being in fear mode all the time, feeding your brain with toxic thoughts and toxic information? Are you selective and discern what serves you and what doesn't?

Fill your brain with Light. Don't fill your brain with garbage.

I'm not kidding when I say this. We are bombarded by the media with so much toxic info that we really don't need. I'm not saying you should be alienated and not know what's going on in the world, but do not go down the downward spiral of sad and chaotic news and develop the fear mindset we're born with in our culture. 

And last but not least, do you surrender to a higher power, which is not necessarily religion, but a surrender to life?

Trust that life will bring you the best experiences. Always.

Trust that you are always in a good place, that you are immune to anything that wants to harm you.

Not engaging in fear, and choosing to engage in trust, is part of living an adult life.

Most importantly, spirituality is about Peace.

It's about Being.

It's about taking the time to be who you are, connecting to your core, connecting to the Higher Light, and grounding yourself to the center of the Earth, so we don't dismiss the physical realm :-)

Connect the physical and the subtle so that you create a synthesis of a meaningful life that aligns all areas.

That's what I call an adult life, and I hope this information was useful for you.

If you know anyone who will benefit from this content, please share it!

Thank you for being here!

Much love always, and see you soon,



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