Living From Within


Living from within is different from reacting to the outside world.

When we live from within, our true selves, or Higher Selves, our Inner Spiritual Being is the one who guides our lives. The result is that we feel happy and fulfilled when this happens.

On the other hand, when we react to other people's demands and expectations, the course of our lives is determined by other people.

There's a huge difference in the quality of life of those who live from within and honor their truth and authenticity, and those who don't.

The biggest problem seems to be that many of us don't even know we're not living from within and unconsciously reacting to other people's beliefs and expectations.

We may be so disconnected from who we really are we think other people's needs and desires are actually our own.

This goes especially for people who still have a symbiotic relationship with their parents, or are emotionally dependent on strong-willed people, such as spouses, friends, siblings, and sometimes even their own children.

This also goes for those who are unconsciously dominated by rigid cultural and social values and limiting beliefs.

We know we're living from within when there's "flow", ease and synchronicity in our lives. Life is spontaneous and organized in ways that bring us peace.

On another vibration, when life seems or literally is chaotic, there's short-circuit between what you truly wish and desire, and what you're actually doing, living by, and showing the world.

Observe if you're connected to your true self and living from the core of your being, or if you're fulfilling other people's expectations and pleasing others instead of honoring your true, authentic self.

After you've thought about this,  ask your questions and comment on your experience below. We always grow together when we share our experiences. Tell your friends and loved ones to watch this video and join our community here so we can enjoy the best of Life in a great company!

The more we connect, the more we grow and expand consciousness :-)

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