Love Addictions


Have you ever stopped to think about love addictions?

It seems weird, right?

What does that even mean?

Are love and addiction compatible energies?

Conceptually and practically, no.

If you're addicted to a person or to a relationship - that is NOT love.

Love in a healthy, pure state does NOT co-exist with addictions or other distorted emotional or psychological energies.

In our human experience, "love" is commonly contaminated by addiction - or more precisely, attachment. The Greeks categorized love in many types of love, and there are three main types: Philia, Eros, and Agape.

Philia is "brotherly love", often associated with love for knowledge (which is Philosophy).

Because it theoretically does not involve pain, it's usually purer when directed to abstract energies, most commonly in the form of Philosophy, which is love for wisdom.

Philia can also mean friendship when it does not cause pain. When it causes pain it's not Philia anymore - it's contaminated by neediness, jealousy or some other distorted emotion.

The type of love that by nature and definition causes pain is Eros, the son of Aphrodite (the Goddess of Beauty) and Ares (the God of War). These two archetypes of Aphrodite and Ares (or Venus and Mars in the Roman vocabulary) had a son called Eros - or Cupid in the Roman Pantheon.

Eros makes you fall in love and this experience inevitably causes pain.

You're infatuated for a while, but the human body can't really stand that state of erotic love for too long.

So either the relationship ends, because it doesn't transmute or transform into pure love, or it does transform, and you no longer have that terrible feeling of longing that takes your peace away.

The third type of love, Agape, is sublime love. It is the love God feels for humanity, and our love for humanity would we reach a pure state of being, such as the enlightened Boddhisattva experience. 

Agape is the essence of love.

It is the Love that does not cause pain -

Love in its pure state.

When love between two human beings begins to causes pain, the next step is create something together if both want to remain connected in a new expanded experience that

surpasses being with each other -

such as having a home, a pet, children, creating a family, a non-profit, or a business together.

This new experience will transmute your relationship into something beautiful and you'll become co-creators of new things in the world out of this renewed love energy.

If love creates pain in your life and one of you - or both - do not correspond to this longing for expansion and further creation - it's time to end the relationship.

I know this seems harsh, but believe me, it's true.

It's a Red Flag right there.

If one or both do not long for a meaningful, beautiful life and a beautiful expanded, more structured path together,

Eros leaves.

If you insist and remain in the relationship, love is not there anymore, and the relationship becomes attachment.


It's literally of like a drug.

It's not easy to say this to people who here have been in pain for years because of a relationship. They may have ended the relationship, and are already in another relationship, but if they still long for unfinished business regarding prior relationships - that is an addiction, and it can - and must - be addressed energetically, and with meditation.

It can especially be addressed with the person's commitment to be on a healthy path.

It's always our responsibility to take care of the quality of our relationships. As Deepak Chopra says in his book Synchrodestiny

the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives, and our relationships create our inner dialogue.

So if you have toxic relationships, you will start developing toxic thinking.

So the next step of consciousness expansion in our human experience is a new  state of awareness in which we carefully observe the relationships we have with other people.

If they're healthy, we have a beautiful inner dialogue. We will think good thoughts and we will be happy, productive people.

If you have a difficult relationship with someone, there is a lesson there that you need to learn, and move forward so that you can create peace in that relationship and consequently,

a healthier inner dialogue.

When we talk about love addictions, of course it is not a good state of being.

It's not a healthy relationship.

Anyone who's addicted or attached to another person, to any relationship, is not in a good place in their life.

So observe if you have love or attachment for someone.

If it's Love, nurture it and know that it brings you peace.

If it's attachment or addiction, it's toxic, and know that it's your responsibility to let it go.

Thanks for being here, and please share your thoughts in the Comments Area below.

I truly appreciate your presence, and we all grow together when we share our experiences.

Much love and see you soon,




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