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Mothers Are the Source of All Abundance

May 10, 2019


Did you ever wonder about the relationship between your mother and the abundance of your life? 

Since today is Mother's Day (yay!!), we're celebrating Life!

Our Mothers are a huge source of Life Connection and THE greatest source of Abundance in our lives.

I remember I was really surprised when I first heard this information in my training for certification in Family and Business Constellations.

I found out that, on a structural or functional level, everything related to the Mother shows up in our lives when it comes to Abundance (if you want to dive deeper into what the functional or structure level is with more detail, check out our Crystals & Chakras Online Course and our A Course on Human Nature Membership).

But how do we define Abundance anyway?

Abundance is everything that flows freely and effortlessly to us. It's how Life nurtures us, and our Mothers are the nurturers of life. 

Since Abundance is what the Universe gives us freely and effortlessly, as the Grace of Mother Nature and the Grace of God, all this is personified in our Mothers.

Abundance is a very broad concept. It's not just about material goods, because some people work a lot and make a lot of money, but they have terrible life quality spending all their time working hard, depleting themselves living always on-the-go.

Abundance has to do with the magnetic, divine, Sacred Feminine Energy. Allowing yourself to rest, to digest and enjoy life. The Sacral Chakra, where a woman's womb is, below your navel in men, is the center of abundance and pleasure in life. And that's where we come from in our Mother’s bodies.

This is a very sacred relationship.

So if you don't have a lot of Abundance in your life, there's probably something going on in your relationship with your mom - which can be very clear and conscious, or highly unconscious.

If something is not working in our lives and we are unconscious of the root cause, we need some inner work and personal growth to do. And that's exactly what emotional therapy and soul healing modalities are designed for (to find out more about inner work and soul healing, click here).

If we examine the relationship between Abundance and our Mothers in our lives,

our Mothers give us life. Permanently. We are continuously nourished by our mother's energy on a soul level.

We're fed by her in the womb and after we're born, on a soul level our Mothers are always taking care of us. They will always be nourishing and giving us strength to move forward in life (as do our Fathers when it comes to give us strength, by the way).

This may seem weird on a physical level, but on an energetic level of Life Connection, it's true. It has nothing to do with being unconsciously dependent on our Mothers. 

This has to do with constantly playing the role of the Arrow when our parents, both Mother and Father, are the Bow.

Image by Paola Ranova © 2017. All rights Reserved.


If you want to find out more about this soul connection and permanent nurturing energy through the Bow & Arrow Symbol, check out Chapter 4 in the book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection.

So what happens when we have a not-so-great relationship with our moms is that we break the Life Connection Flow. We break the circuit.

The Abundance Flow is diminished, it even can stop for some people. And when we judge our mothers' personalities, we are not looking at the sacred aspect of Life, which is 99% of reality. We're focusing on personality flaws and pointing the finger.

So not just when it comes to our mothers, but when it comes to everybody,

every time we point the finger and judge someone, we break the Life Connection Flow.

We break the Flow of Life, the Abundance Flow, because we're all one, we're all connected.

We're all, by definition, designed to live in Abundance. That's how nature intended. And that's what our mothers give us.

So whenever you have a problem with your Mother's personality, or with something someone has done to you - and usually mothers are accused of "doing something to us", and

it's up to us to take responsibility for our feelings. We are responsible for the focus of our minds.

So today, on Mother's Day, I invite you to focus on the Joy, connect to the loving, nurturing energy that you have received to be here today, in the present moment, reading this blog post, in the world, enjoying nature, and being a happy person.

We have free will. We are blessed with the possibility and the option to focus on the blessings. And there is nothing larger, or bigger, or more powerful than the blessing of life that our Mothers have given us.

So cherish your Mother today, regardless of what has happened in the past.

The past is an illusion because it doesn't exist any more. The present moment is reality.

So, embrace the loving energy your Mother has given you. Embrace your Mother.

If she's not here, embrace her in your consciousness, in your Heart, and all the Mother figures in your life as well, because we don't just have our biological Mothers. We have aunts, other nurturing figures, godmothers, grandmothers. So, all these beautiful women are the personification of the Abundance of Life.

Heal your connection with your mother, and expand it it's a healthy relationship. When you do that, you'll start enjoying the blessings of Abundance even more as you immerse yourself in Mother love, which is the most powerful love and energy in the world - and be happy.

I especially want to thank my own Mother today for the Joy of Life and all the wonders that she has given me. Not just Life, but her Presence, and her amazing nurturing. There really are no words to describe her energy and Love and everything she brings to the world. So Mom, I love you! Thank you!

And to everybody's Mothers,

thank you for the life you've given to the world!

Happy Mother's Day, and see you soon!

Love always,



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