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On Siblings

Jul 09, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about how powerful our relationships with our siblings are?

One of the things that I always tell people, especially in constellations, is that, believe it or not,

the strongest bonds in a family are between siblings.

We feel equal with our siblings because we're in the same generation, often with the same parents.

So there is a sense of identity and shared origin that speaks profoundly to our souls.

I remember I first started thinking about this strong bond before I was introduced to constellation literature. In 2005 we had a study group about Ancient Greek Philosophy in the University Center I used to teach, and the students loved the play Antigone by Sophocles so much they actually presented it in a cultural festival.

If you want to fully understand the deep loyalty between siblings, check this play out. It is a timeless work of art, and very practical for us to understand family consciousness.

Siblings are the most powerful people in our unconscious mind in the structure level of existence. When we talk about the first level of consciousness, which encompasses the family, soul and the cultural soul, that is called the structure level.

On the structure level, our siblings are the ones we share the strongest bond with.

We do share it extremely strong bond with our parents and ancestors, the grandparents and the great-grandparents especially.

But the strongest emotional bond really is with our siblings.

That being said, I was asked a question in YouTube by one of the viewers. The question was about the order of siblings.

So we have a first child, a second child, a third child, right? When we think we are the first child that is born, but there were two children who were not born in our system before us,

the soul gets confused.

What I have observed consistently is that when we don't officially know we are not the first child, and that 2 other children have existed before us but were not born,

there is permanent pain in our souls, and we don't consciously know where it's coming from.


So officially we may think and be told that we are the first child, but if there were unborn children before us, we know unconsciously that we are not the first child.

Children feel the truth very vividly.

So I always say,

don't lie to your child.

If the child is adopted, tell the truth right off the bat. If the child was created via an IVF procedure, tell the truth.

The truth heals and protects us.

The truth is simple and it's much better and more effective than lying.

We don't protect children with lies.

And unconsciously, the child knows the truth regardless of official information.

Children know it in their hearts. 

On the unconscious level, we all know the truth anyway, but children especially are more sensitive to it.

So always tell the truth to your child. They know when we're not telling the whole story, when we are embellishing, masking something or hiding something.

That being said, regarding siblings the first thing we need to know is that it's the strongest bond in a family.

The second thing we need to know is that the order is important.

If you are the first child who is born, and not the first child that exists in the system, you know it in your heart even if it's not official family information.

For the collective soul, it doesn't matter if the person is alive in a physical body or if the person is not in a physical body.

In constellations I see this a lot. Sometimes when ancestors who have passed are represented in the field, the great-grandfather is much more alive than the teenage son of the person having the constellation.

So life connection is not necessarily aligned with having a physical body. Some people have a physical body and behave like a dead person.

And one of the biggest reasons why some people do not have the juicy, wonderful life connection that we all want, and are designed to have, and have the birthright to have is because

often there is an unseen or excluded sibling.


The family loyalty of the structure level creates a soul connection to that unborn child, and we will feel the burden of an excluded sibling until the child is seen in a proper soul healing treatment.

Another important piece of information that is frequently asked is if it matters if the pregnancy of the unborn child happened before or after we were born.

It's stronger when the pregnancy of the unborn child was before we were born, because there is a memory in the womb because it affects our energetic blueprint in the placenta.

If it happened after we were born, it doesn't affect us as much.

So take a deep breath and let it all sink in.

For now let's stay with this bit of information, and future videos about siblings will for sure come your way.

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