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The Five Languages of Consciousness

how to Aug 16, 2018

Did you know there are five ways in which Consciousness speaks to us?

Depending on our levels of awareness, they can be kind, or intense.

The kindest language of consciousness is the language of symbols & signs in waking life.

You may hear the lyrics to a song, or see a movie, or different people will mention the same story or  a specific word that may intuitively guide you in what you have to do or where you should go.

Another way consciousness speaks to us is through meditation. In meditation, we get insights, but this requires discipline. We must be willing to hear consciousness, and take the time to slow down, sit down, and meditate for at least 5 or 10 minutes.

Ideally, every day, but if it's not possible, at least twice a week.

If we're not paying attention or taking the time to hear these two subtle languages, Consciousness may speak to us through dreams.

In this case, we discern the dreams that come from Consciousness from ordinary dreaming.

Ordinary dreaming is just a cleansing mechanism used by the subconscious mind to clear away unnecessary information from everyday life. Consciousness dreaming, on the other hand, is a powerful language to expand our awareness and bring insights, very much like the signs and symbols we see in waking life.

If we don't pay attention to symbols, signs, insights & dreams, Consciousness will speak through more intense or aggressive languages, such as accidents & diseases.

To find out more about this approach to the Languages of Consciousness, I suggest you get familiar with Rüdiger Dahlke's work.


So just to recap, the Five Languages of Consciousness are:

1. Signs & Symbols in waking life

2. Meditation insights

3. Meaningful Dreams

4. Accidents

5. Diseases

Now let's hear your thoughts. What do you think about the 5 Languages of Consciousness? Which one of them do you experience the most?

Comment below, ask your questions, and tell your friends and loved ones about this topic.

If you know anyone who's interested in this knowledge, tell them to join us as we grow our community of consciousness expansion and personal growth. 

See you in the comments area!

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