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What is a Spiritual Life?

Mar 23, 2019

Living in spirituality and leading a spiritual life is not necessarily about being religious.

There are two things I believe are spiritual.

The first is knowing and believing there’s something beyond material existence - beyond our physical world and physical being.

There's something that transcends physicality and the material level.

The second is that we lead a spiritual life when we live from Love. Love is the ultimate power. So in this perspective, to be spiritual is to live from a virtuous core within.

When you act from a place of love, you're living a spiritual life.

As you can see, spirituality’s a broad concept. It doesn't mean you have to be religious, or that you must believe in things that transcend the physical world in a non-explainable, superstitious way.

It's knowing there's something beyond physical existence and that though Love is intangible, it is very practical, and can be present in each action of our lives, and in every moment of our days.

Leading a spiritual life can be simple if you fill your actions with Love.

I know it’s not easy, given our human limitations, but we can set the intention and do it more frequently. Specific moments in your life can be sacred, or more joyful, if you pay attention and make a choice to infuse your life with Love.

On another note, we should also understand that Love is not attachment. It can easily be confused with attachment or mingled with it when we have two parallel, simultaneous states of consciousness - when we feel love and attachment at the same time.

This is especially true with our families and our relationships with family members. Mothers with their children, and children with their parents, marriages, the list goes on. And when you purify your love and allow attachments to be released, you'll be living a more spiritual life.

So I want you to think about this: are you infusing your life with Love and loving energy?

Are you choosing connection or separation?

This is a good way to understand and feel if you're living in a loving, spiritual perspective, or not. Are your thoughts separating you from people and isolating you, or are they creating wholeness and opening your Heart, allowing more connections to happen?

I invite you to pay attention to your Love and your spiritual life. It's probably easier than you think.

It doesn't require anything beyond living from your Heart ;-)

If you know people who can benefit from this knowledge, who can love themselves more, who can have more clarity about what Love is, or who are interested in discussing what a spiritual life is about, share this blog post, and comment your experience below.

Let's hear your questions and engage in this community of life-connection and self-connection!

Thanks for your presence here today, and I'll see you next week!

Love always,




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