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Your Challenges Become Your Strengths

Jan 04, 2020

Did you ever stop to wonder about how your challenges can be your strengths?


How is that possible?


If you pay attention to your path and all the experiences you've attracted, especially the difficult ones, you've learned something from them.


One of the things I've always thought about and asked myself was


why do we have to learn and gain wisdom with suffering?


Why does it have to be painful?


Why can't we learn from love - from a loving perspective?


One of the answers I found in metaphysical studies is that the soul needs contrast in order to create a synthesis, meaning we need to experience the opposite of what we want in order to understand and appreciate the best of life.


The the dynamic of opposing forces that create synthesis is called dialectics, and if you want to find out more about this, you can check out Chapter 1 of the book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection.


I don't want to get too technical here, but what I want you to understand is that when we go through turmoil in a specific situation or area of life, let's say, for example, a physical challenge, a health challenge, a financial challenge or an emotional challenge, we are being polished.


Just like a stone - like a diamond, if you will.


That's kind of what life does for us.

In the areas of life where you have been most challenged in, you have acquired more wisdom.


It’s possible you’ve even become some kind of expert in that area, and you will not make the same mistakes again.


That's what makes you a stronger person in that very area of life.


I really do see a lot of people really becoming stronger in the areas where they have been most challenged, and it's beautiful to watch.


It’s what Native Americans call the Sacred Path (for more information about this, check out Chapter 4 of the book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection).


If the person is willing to learn her lesson, that lesson does not have to be repeated. If, however, we don’;t learn, the same lesson will come over and over again until we finally get it.


Once we “learn our lessons”, we become stronger, it doesn’t mean problems will vanish.

Problems will always exist, but if you engage in knowing yourself, paying attention to your inner world and really focusing on polishing your distortions, you’ll start eliminating and transmuting anything in your inner world that is not in alignment with your truth and the Light and Love that you are as a human being (for more about self-knowledge and transforming yourself, check out our Course on Human Nature).


Once you commit to becoming a better person, you’ll become a lot stronger, and you will “change levels”.


It's what we can call a “quantum leap in consciousness”.


In these quantum leaps, your life improves immensely, and though you’ll still have problems, it's What I call “higher highs and higher lows”.


You will not hit rock bottom anymore.


If you have been in rock bottom and have surpassed those challenges. If we look at look at the practical aspect of life, people who have tumultuous lives, live in scarcity, experience tumultuous relationships, have poor health and poor finances are in a vibrational frequency in which they don't look within to find the root cause of the problem.


Very often, those who need to do this the most are the ones with most resistance.


Since your inner world creates your external situations and external experiences, because thoughts create our manifested reality, if you have a willing mind and are willing to take responsibility for your flaws, change and create transformation in your life, there are so many tools you can use in today's day and age.


We're lucky we're in the 21st century and can benefit from so many powerful consciousness systems, such as Reiki, BodyTalk, Magnified Healing, ThetaHealing, Family Constellations and the Cardinal Method, to name a few.


You really can change your life and grow into a higher level, knowing that the new higher level will still have problems, but they will not be as intense, and solutions will come faster.


That's what I mean when I talk about higher highs and higher lows.


Your problems will still exist, maybe they'll be even more challenging because they will probably involve more people, more risks, more expansion, more diving into the unknown, but you will also have more allies.


The more you choose to expand, the more you can count on a team of people to be with you and nurture you.


Life will always bring help. You can be sure of this.


And as I said, in higher levels solutions come faster. You'll not dwell in the depths of the abyss as you used to when you were hitting rock bottom - as we all have, right?

So to wrap this up, in our human experience, we are always going to be dealing with contrast.


There is always positive and negative, but nothing is “good” or “bad” - everything is Life.


Everything is life experience that will bring you wisdom and a larger and deeper ability to love and bring in the consciousness expansion that we're all here to tap into as we walk our Sacred Paths.


All your challenges become your strengths.


Once you’ve gone through the dark night of the soul, you have found unlimited strength and you know the way out - you're out of the cave, and with your newfound wisdom, you can enjoy the best of life.


So just to wrap this up, in our human experience we will constantly to be dealing with contrast, but if you commit to self-connection you’ll become an expert in the situations that have challenged you more.


This all depends on how willing your mind is, because some people, just so you know, will remain in a vicious circle, because they do not want to know themselves and dive deep within, 



that is a choice.


It’s a choice we all have: to know ourselves better and create a beautiful life, or to remain in personal ignorance of the self and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.


We can all choose higher levels of life, or to live in the same bandwidth of limitations.


This is not something to be judgmental about. People make choices.


When you make your own choice to connect to your Sacred Path and you live your life in the best way possible, you focus on yourself and allow others to do the same.


If other people are not doing that, this is really their time frame - it's their soul timing, their journey, and we have nothing to do with that. We respect their choices, but we move forward.


This what I wanted to share with you today! Comment your thoughts and share your experience here. We love to know how this knowledge impacts you and for sure will grow together as we share our life connection journeys with each other.


Thank you so much for being here, I hope you’ve enjoyed this perspective, and I will see you soon!


Love always,




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