3 Reasons Why Women Hold Themselves Back


Did you ever stop to think why

women hold themselves back when it comes to their personal power?

In my practice I've observed three important reasons that seem to cut across age groups, nationalities, and economic status, because when it comes to our free will, desires, dreams, and pursuing our happiness, many times specific groups seem to share common ground.

The first reason I observe is collective, and external.

It's culture.

Women in our western culture are bombarded with specific values that have conditioned us.

It's a habitual thing in the collective unconscious of our culture to hold ourselves back, to be content in the private life, not really have a public life, not really speak up, and sacrifice ourselves in the name of others.

I know a lot of this has changed, but there's still so much ground to cover and so much

change still needs to happen.

I'm not saying we should not be altruistic and care for others and serve the highest good, but it is expected of women in our culture to give more and give in and hold back -

just because we're women.

So the first reason is a specific type of value system we have inherited from the collective unconscious of our culture that is still present in our societies. It's the social environment we live in.

The second reason is also collective, but it's internal.

It's DNA.

If you've heard of Epigenetics, not just biology, but also molecules of emotions and social values are transmitted through the DNA in our families from generation to generation.

I see some families that hold women back more than others - the conditioning is much stronger.

And when we really look closer into our ancestors' lineage, especially the third and fourth generations, we see how our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were raised, what their values and levels of happiness were.

And in Cardinal Method healing sessions, I often see that many of us don't allow ourselves to be as happy as we can be,

because we're tapping into the pain of our ancestors even if we're living in the 21st century. We often don't enjoy the present moment as much as we can and should as our birthright, because we are so engaged in unconscious family loyalty.

Many of us are loyal to the unhappiness of our ancestors who were extremely oppressed in their generations, and this leads us to the third reason why so many of us women hold ourselves back.

This is an individual reason, and it's


Because of these collective forces, there's a lot of inhibition to pursue our individual desires, to have a voice and be heard.

To feel secure and grounded in our own desires and values as individual human beings because this whole culture of self-sacrifice, giving in and not having a social voice inhibits our will.

And individually, as I see so many women in my practice doing, we feel guilty about being happy and free in our present moment - because our ancestors weren't.

This is a highly unconscious behavior, and the more we allow it to surface to our conscious mind, the more we heal this pattern.

In the long run, if we do not nurture our self-love on a daily basis, we tend to

love other people more than ourselves.

A lot of women do this. I'm not saying all women, but I do see a lot of this behavior in at least 80% of the women who walk into my healing space.

So individually, on a practical level, if you're a woman who has this problem, what should you do?

First of all, I always suggest energy healing sessions to know yourself better and clear away limiting and toxic beliefs and the emotions that come with them.

Second, and most importantly, if you do not have a habit of a daily self-nurturing practice, start touching your heart every day with both hands, closing your eyes and asking yourself,

do I want to do this? What is it that I want?

The clarity of who you are and what you want will start surfacing.

Lots of us don't have that tool in our daily habits and our daily practices, and I hope this was useful to you and that you start using it today and every day from now on.

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