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3 Ways to Prevent Diseases

Feb 14, 2020

Did you ever stop to wonder about how you can prevent diseases? 

There are three ways in which you can prevent diseases, and physical illness will not enter your body if you commit to them.

The first is happiness.

And what is happiness? Being a happy person has to do with being fulfilled with your identity and your life mission.

This is more serious than we think, because a lot of people don't even know who they are, and in reality,

the "Know Thyself" concept is literally the purpose of life.

You must know who you are in order to know your path and find your happiness.

You must know who you are in order to know where you're going and to know your mission in this life.

Connecting to your true identity level may require you to dig deep and know yourself so that you can fulfill your mission.

In our lives, whenever there's short-circuit or not enough potential manifested, it's because people don't know themselves on a deep, core level.

We all have so much potential but we often only manifest a tiny bit of them.

If happiness has to do with knowing who you are, being clear of your identity and knowing where you're going, and your life mission, you can be sure you will be healthy in the process of pursuing this.

Neurolinguistic programming talks a lot about levels of learning and levels of change, so

the way you see yourself and knowing what makes you happy can truly reverberate on the quality your health.

So, the first way to prevent diseases is happiness. Know who you are, know where you're going, be very connected and aware of your mission and you will find fulfillment.

Happy people rarely get sick.

Fulfilled people rarely get physically sick. There's a whole soul dimension, a soul aspect to physical diseases.

We know that, right?

Nothing is just physical. Everything is energetic and emotional before it becomes a symptom or physical illness - before something manifests in the physical body. 

That's the first thing. The second thing is joy, and joy is different from happiness.

How is joy different?

Happiness is a structural thing. As I said, it's your identity is your purpose of life. It's your mission.

Joy has to do with creating happy moments every day.

Pausing every day.

You know, if you're working 40 hours a week in something you hate, there's something wrong with your life. If you're working 12 to 14 hours a day in something you love for a small period of time, it's not that bad, but it's still not that balanced.

It could be a phase for you to create the foundation of whatever it is that you want to build, but

do not spend your time, your whole day, doing things you hate.

So, happiness has to do with the structure of your life. If you find a time frame, it has to do with the years that you dedicate yourself to. It also has to do with your year.

Let's use this timeframe for now.

Joy has to do with your day, your everyday life.

What you do when you wake up, what you do when you go to sleep, what you do within the 24-hour period. That's what I see as a joy time frame, and it's very important that you do joyful things in your day.

Do not go by one day without doing something joyful.

Something you love, even if it's a meal, even if it's a cup of tea that you love, even if it's a snuggling with your loved one, or with your pet, or with your plants your crystals.

Whatever it is, just do something joyful every day.

This will prevent diseases from installing in your body because the immune system  is very connected to your emotional state of being.

So, depending on your emotions, your immune system can be thrown off, right?

So, happiness is one. Joy is another, and

the third is touch.

I am not kidding when I say this. I'm Brazilian. So, we are very felt-sense culture. But I'll be very honest with you. The more you touch and hug people in a respectful way,

the more you connect with your loved ones on a physical level, the better.

Your body needs that nurturing.

Don't go by a whole day without hugging a person. This is something from experience that I've seen here at Ranova, the energy healing space I've created in Boca Raton, Florida, where I've been working from for almost five years now.

People need to be hugged, touched in a loving, respectful way.

It's very important for the cells of your body to be touched, to be hugged, to feel someone else's warmth and love.

It could be anyone that you love, but don't go by one day without physical touch with someone you love.

The touch of a loved one really prevents diseases.

I am serious when I say this, so with this in mind, start changing your life for better.

I hope it was useful, and if you know anyone who will benefit from this content, please share it.

Everyone should know that happiness, joy, and touch can prevent physical disease and physical illness.

And share your experience with us in the comments area below - we always love to hear.

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Much love always,




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