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Where Energy Goes, Matter Follows... and Energy Follows the Mind

Feb 28, 2019

Our minds create our reality.

As many wise persons in Ancient History, such as Buddha and Aristotle, and contemporary thinkers such as Napoleon Hill have said, the mind is the most powerful source of energy there is. We’ve all watched movies like The Secret and What the Bleep do We Know? And the underlying idea behind all this is that

What we think, we create.

In other words, we mobilize energy with our thoughts, and where energy goes, matter follows.  

So we have three realities here: matter, energy, and the mind.

The mind is the strongest of them.

The big question now is: from which part of the mind, or aspect of the psyche, are we creating our realities?

Most importantly, when we talk about diseases, does our mind create them too?

The answer is yes. We do make ourselves sick from our thoughts and our emotions. Toxic thoughts create toxic emotions, which in turn create stagnant energy that will eventually get stuck in the body if we don’t do something about it – which means getting healthier about our thoughts and about our emotions as well.

Ultimately, this will encourage us to get a better understanding of belief theory, and for that, I recommend getting familiar with Toltec wisdom and all of Don Miguel Ruiz’s work.

The first video that I ever posted about soul education and consciousness expansion on YouTube was about “The Languages of Consciousness”, and the thing is:

Consciousness speaks to us in different types of languages.

Depending on how rigid our minds are. If our minds are too closed foggy and rigid, Consciousness will need hardcore languages for us to wake up. If our minds are softer and more open, the languages of consciousness will be gentle.

Consciousness can have many names, such as Higher Consciousness, or Higher Self, or Holy Spirit, or Spirit, or Source, or God, or however you conceive a higher force and enlightened presence in your mind and heart.

What I’m saying is that if we take the time to clear away or toxic thoughts and emotions, we won’t need to get sick that often. Or majorly sick to finally listen.

I’m not saying it’s someone’s fault to get sick. It isn’t, because we are mostly unaware of what goes on in our subconscious minds. But if we want to lead a happy, healthy life, we must take the time to address our toxic emotions and thoughts, to clear them away and purify our inner worlds.

The easiest, kindest way to listen to consciousness and to keep ourselves in a pure mindset. In today’s world, especially in competitive, materialistic, industrial cultures, this is not an easy thing to do. Our environment doesn’t help.

However, we do have a choice not engage in the distractions of the outside world, and to make time to focus on ourselves and in our health (in the broad sense of the world, not just physical but also mental and emotional).

This affirmation is attributed to Buddha:


“When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”.


So if and when we have a pure state of mind, our bodies are healthy, and our lives flow.

Ancient Hindu scriptures that have inspired the development of Yoga say that everything begins and ends in the human heart.

The root cause of all problems, or of all evils, literally is in our inner world. Do not be tempted to think otherwise, because it will eventually take you to victim mentality and helplessness. Don’t be tempted to judge others for this either. Focus on yourself and observe who you are, what you’re thinking, what emotions you’re creating with your thoughts, and what you’re doing.

So please pay attention to this:

Diseases get installed in the body as stagnant energy.

This is also part of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. When it comes to emotional diseases, financial diseases, problematic relationships and hating your job, it’s part of a broader sense of being that can be found in bodies of wisdom and knowledge of the soul.

In the human body, the reason why an organ doesn't work well is that there’s stagnant energy there. Natural ancient medicine systems will say that specific organs express specific emotions and states of mind. That’s ultimately a consequence of our thought patterns and lifestyles, so it includes a lot of things.

If we're moving our bodies, if we're re eating properly, if we're relating and connecting to people who will nurture us and not intoxicate us with horrible emotions, and especially if we’re cultivating a pure state of mind and not entertaining toxic thoughts and poisonous emotions, we’ll lead a good, healthy life.

Some Buddhist traditions talk about the five poisons of the mind (others talk about three or four main poisons).

The three poisons would be the “Three Root Kleshas”, which are delusion, attachment, and aversion.

The four poisons would be ignorance, attachment, aversion, and anger (which can be seen as an “unfolding” or intensification of aversion).

And the five poisons would be desire/attachment, anger, delusion/ignorance, pride, and jealousy (considering that pride can be a combination of ignorance and attachment, and jealousy can be a combination of attachment and anger.

To dive deeper into this, check out the powerful work Daniel Goleman’s developed about the Dalai Lama's perspective on destructive emotions.

So now that we're more familiar with the understanding that we are responsible for our own physical health and for the health of our emotions and thoughts, what about genetics? Are we doomed by our genes when it comes to emotional tendencies and behavior? If there are genetic issues interfering in a person’s thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors, what can be done?

Fortunately, this is a great time in humanity to be alive in the western world, because now there's a whole body of science called Epigenetics that states we can turn the switches for our DNA on and off with our thought choices, lifestyles, and with the help of energy medicine. Amazing work on this topic is done by Dr. Laura Stuve - we should all really check her out.

By working on our beliefs, we can create a healthy biological environment in our bodies. To really understand how belief affects our biology, Dr. Bruce Lipton is here for us.

Today, the Western world is opening its mind to “subtle technology”, " soul technology", or technology of the mind. If we go beyond the materialistic mindset and conceive science as not just a description of the material world, we can understand reality in a much deeper and broader sense.

We don't need a materialistic mind to have a scientific mind. Science can go way beyond matter - and by the way, energy is much more complex than matter. Energy really leads the directions that matter follows.

And our minds create our physical realities where energy goes.

If matter follows energy, and energy follows the mind, the root cause and the solution to all problems is inside our minds.

Matter is not in itself the root cause of anything. It's a manifestation of energy currents in dense form - and also of consciousness processes and subtle realities.

So observe yourself and ponder on this. What thoughts are you entertaining? And especially, ask yourself this: what choices are we making with our minds, our lifestyles, our thoughts, and our emotions?

Share your experience with us in the comments area below.

Ask your questions, and if you know a lot about this topic, share your wisdom so we can all benefit from each other’s perspectives.

To get a hand-onto to understand of awesome theory and practice about how energy and consciousness relate to our physical bodies, our Crystals & Chakras Course is available for you anytime, and it’s truly awesome!

Check out the details and take advantage of this new approach to energy healing and applied philosophy. For more on this, you may also be interested in our Course on Human Nature for an even deeper dive. We have powerful theory and practice there, very innovative approaches to self-connection and self-healing, and I’ll truly love to see you there so together we can be the best of who we are.

Thanks so much for being here, and I’ll see you soon!

Love always,






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