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Divine Timing Vs. Procrastination

Nov 16, 2019

As human beings, we can come up with the most sophisticated excuses for procrastination, justifying our fear of change, fear of the unknown and fear of something different and original.

One of the most common ones is "divine timing".

What is the difference between divine timing and procrastination?

And why do so many of us use the term "divine timing" as an excuse for procrastination?

What's the difference?

My idea of divine timing is when we do everything in our power for something to happen and for it to work, and then we relax, trust, surrender and wait for life to unfold into what we want and manifest the outcomes that we wish to pursue. This is a Higher Self perspective and it's a healthy way to live.

It's very different from procrastination.

Procrastination is when we do NOT do something.

We convince ourselves we're not ready. We postpone things and avoid them. We have opportunities and convince ourselves it's not time right now.

And we come up with excuses NOT to take action.

More often than not, this is just fear disguised as procrastination - because procrastination is fear, right? 

It's a sophisticated, intellectualized version of fear of change.

Fear of novelty. Fear of something different.

As human beings, we are so wired to remain in the safety zone, to stay with what we know instead of diving into the unknown, that we let opportunities for growth and change fly by convincing ourselves it's not time yet.

Divine timing does not happen before we take action. It happens after. As a result of our inspired actions.

After we have pursued something, after we have grabbed the opportunities in the present moment, we may have to wait for results to show up.

This waiting time is divine timing in the present moment.

After you've done everything in your power, if the results don't show up immediately, divine timing has to do with the energetic organization of the Universe to deliver what we want in the best way possible.

When we're in divine alignment, things tend to happen quickly and there's a lot of speed. This is what I call Life Connection.

But more often than not, we're not completely aligned with the perfect energetic blueprint, so we do our work and trust that the universe is organizing itself to deliver our dreams and desires. But we must compromise and do our work.

When it takes a while for things to manifest after you have done your inner and outer work, divine timing is the surrendering process.

Your actions, inspirations, practicing what you really believe is good for you will give you the necessary peace to wait patiently.

After you've done everything in your power, you may have to wait for results. And this is divine timing.

But I don't think it's divine timing when we use this expression to procrastinate something. When we know it's in our power to do something and grab the opportunity, and we just don't do it, divine timing can be used as an excuse.

And when we use the excuse of divine timing to procrastinate, we're only fooling ourselves.

So what are the practical things we can do to release that habit?

First of all, be aware of what you are procrastinating.

Be aware of what you don't want to do, and keep convincing yourself you want it.

You may say, "Oh, it's not time yet. I don't think it's what I should do right now". Maybe you're just trying to convince yourself of something that you don't really want to do, and you just don't want to admit that you don't want to do it.

The other awareness is observing when we use divine timing as an excuse for your fear, which is precisely what we call procrastination.

Admitting that you don't want to do something, period, is one thing. You don't have to justify it. You just don't want to do it that's reason enough.

It's a whole other ballgame when you want something and you avoid it though.

Just be truthful, because once have this discernment, you'll get out of avoidance mode.

And then you just decide - you either do it or you don't do it.

It's the doubt, the confusion, the procrastination, the half-bridges that  undermine your vitality and really don't allow you to live the best of life.

Procrastination, fears, stagnation, not admitting the truth, not making decisions, half-bridges, none of that is Life Connection.

And divine timing is ALL about Life Connection. It's all about the present moment.

It's all about owning your truth and acting on it with inspired, joyful action.

Divine timing happens when you make decisions, create movement, and really take a stand to be the most awesome person you were born to be.

It's when you start owning your highest potentials and benefiting the world with your beautiful Higher Self Light. When you do this, divine timing becomes all timing. Timelessness. Infinity.

This is what I wanted to share with you today.

I hope it was useful and that it inspires you to ditch procrastination and allow the best of life to flow in your path in divine timing - which is always right now - the present moment.

Thank you for your presence, and I'll see you soon.

Much love,



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