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Higher Self Connection

Sep 21, 2019

Hi, today we're going to talk about the Higher Self. What is a Higher Self anyway?

It's God within.

The Higher Self is the Higher Light and Higher Consciousness that brings us Peace, Love and Joy without having to "do" anything. It is the bliss of just being who we are.

When we talk about aspects of the psyche, I've outlined four major individual references. I say "individual" because we also have collective aspects of the psyche, such as our internalized family members (how we see our mother, our father, and our siblings, for instance) and the most important archetypes of humanity (such as the hero, the warrior, the mother, and hundreds of others) .

On the intimate level of our inner world, regarding who we are as individuals, we have four major aspects of the psyche

the Inner Child, the Ego, the Real Self and the Higher Self.

I explain about all this in detail in my book Your Cardinal Connections, so if you like this subject, I suggest you check it out.

Regarding the Higher Self, it's a higher consciousness and awareness of a higher power that's

beyond the control of the Ego. 

The Higher Self requires our brainpower and the use of reason to overcome the control of the Ego. And it also needs an open Heart to manifest its potentials.

If the Ego's too attached to intellectual "power", the Higher Self will not be able to shine through.

And if the Heart is blocked, especially because we blame others for our misfortunes, if we're not grateful for all the blessings in our lives, and if cannot allow compassion and forgiveness to flow through us, the Higher Self cannot predominate in our lives either.

The Higher Self needs our brains and an open Heart, but it goes beyond the Heart and the brain.

It's a spiritual consciousness.

And what activities or practices in our daily lives are indications that we're connected to our Higher Self?

How do we spend time with it?

There are four main activities that can be called "Higher Self habits", if you will:

Meditation, prayer, physical exercise and a healthy diet.

We tend to have a lot of difficulty with meditation in our culture because it requires us to slow down, to quiet the mind and listen.

So when we're lazy about any one of these four activities, it means that we're not really connected to our Higher Selves as much as we could and should be.

So 10 minutes of meditation a day is high-quality time you spend with your Higher Self and it will not steal from any person's so-called "busy" lifestyle. It's less time than many people I know spend on social media distractions, for example ;-)

And as a result,

your life quality will improve immensely.

You can be sure of this. You'll be more awake and aware of everything around you. You will observe more, react less, be more mindful and peaceful. It brings you peace.

The second habit is prayer, which is about surrender. And it seems easier to pray in our culture. Some people think prayer is about asking for things, or it's talking, rather than listening.

Regardless, it is still surrendering to a Higher Power. In asking for divine help and higher guidance, we feel peace. Prayer is just as important as meditation, especially if you're not coming from a fearful mindset, because

when we pray in fear, we don't really trust Life, right?

It's a dis-empowering attitude.

And when you pray with confidence and trust, it really is a Higher Self activity and it truly connects you to the best of life and to your higher consciousness.

When it comes to physical exercise, many of us tend to be lazy about it.

But it doesn't have to be so painful.

It doesn't have to be about running a marathon or spending two hours in a gym every day. It could be a 15-minute walk in the morning. It could be a little bit of Yoga every day.

Being with your physical body is a Higher self activity because honoring the physical body is about being grateful for the vehicle that allows you to be in this world in a healthy way.

And leads us to the fourth Higher Self activity, which also relates to the body -  to be mindful of what you eat and drink.

What you put in your body must be healthy.

When we're not mindful of our eating, and fill emotional voids with food, or drinking, or addictions, we're disconnected from our Higher Selves.

So the more healthy you eat and drink, the more mindful you are of the number of meals and the quantity of food and the time of the day that you're eating, it's an indication that you're living from a Higher Self perspective of inspired action.

Self-care is a great improvement in your life quality.

So if you include these four habits in your life and spend time with your Higher Self in these activities, I'm sure your life will improve.

You will have more energy, more health, more joy - and everybody around you will benefit as well.

These four habits should walk together because they nurture one another. They're a virtuous cycle for everyone, not just one or two, but doing the four of them really creates powerful shifts.

Embrace and incorporate them as a lifestyle and change your life for better.

Thank you so much for being here! It's wonderful to have you always, and I will see you soon!

Much Love,



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