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Do You Only Hear What You Want to Hear?

300 clarity king leonidas life choices open mind responsibility truth Aug 22, 2018

Do you only hear what you want to hear? There’s a difference between having an obstinate, stubborn mind versus accepting the truth regardless of our illusions.

Let’s talk about observing and accepting the truth, as opposed to insisting in situations that create suffering and stem from attachment, stubbornness, and resistance to change.

That attitude ultimately creates stagnation and drags us down.

 There’s a story about the Spartan king Leonidas, which I’m sure you’ve heard about, because there are so many movies, books, and articles about this story, with many different versions, including a famous Hollywood movie inspired in Frank Miller’s work called 300.

In one of the many versions of this story, general Leonidas, king of Sparta, went to the oracle of Delphi to ask about the outcomes of the outnumbered Spartan army going to war against the Persians in that specific moment in time.

 The oracle psychograph the following: "You go. You will conquer. Not die there. " interpreting that, King Leonidas went to war, and ended up dying with his 300 Spartan soldiers.

 After his death, in this mythic version of the story his son went to the Oracle of Delphi to ask what had happened. When he was shown the psychograph paper, it read: "You go. You will conquer not. Die there. "

So the Oracle had actually told Leonidas not to go to war.

The opposite of what he wanted to do, of what he wanted to hear, and the opposite of what he interpreted.

Now, what does that story have to do with you?

When we need to make crucial life choices, myths and archetypes can be useful tools.

King Leonidas didn’t really want to hear anything that went against what he wanted to do.

In this version of the story, he didn’t want to hear the truth, he only wanted confirmation for his beliefs and blessings for his plans. Anything that suggested otherwise would be either dismissed or distorted by him, consciously or unconsciously.

When we need to make important life choices, it’s normal to get confused, scared and feel attached to what we want or believe to be ideal. But life sometimes has other plans for us and we must learn how to listen to other possibilities and adapt if needed. Things that might be better for us, and that we haven’t considered or even imagined.

Ask yourself if you only hear what you want to hear, regardless of the signs, indications, advice and literal facts that life constantly brings to you.

Life speaks to us all the time about the best path to take.

It’s what I call languages of consciousness.

If you haven’t watched it yet, there's a video I made about this, and you can check it out here on my website and on YouTube. Just click on the link below.

5 Languages of Consciousness

So observe yourself and see – in which areas of life are you possibly being stubborn? When and where do you need to learn how to surrender?

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