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How Do We Block the Best of Life?

Nov 02, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about how we block the best of life?

You know, we're not victims to the blockages.

Nothing is done to us from the outside.

Whenever we have "not-so-great" experiences or go through turmoil, it is because we are creating unconscious, subconscious or sometimes even conscious blockages to the best of life.

So the approach here is to connect to abundance and fulfillment, and the fact that the best of life is always available for us...

but we create blockages.

We create walls that do not allow us to tap into, flow and enjoy this amazing life connection.

And this happens because our culture, inherited belief systems and personal thought patterns and other internalized mechanisms block the best of life.

These obstacles or blockages are very familiar to us, and some of us have some idea of how powerful they are, but most of us really do not.

Even if we do a lot of inner work and really dedicate ourselves to personal growth, we need to be aware that the blockages to the best of life are very subtle and feel almost natural to us, infusing our thoughts subconsciously in a very deep way.

These blockages are our toxic emotions.

Fear. Anger. Worry. Anything that causes overwhelm and does not contribute to our well-being and joy.

These are the biggest blockages to the best of life.

And we are so addicted to worry. We are so addicted to judgment and resentment .

Even if they're not coming in as very explicit thoughts, they may creep in cunningly, disguised as ordinary neutral thoughts. We are doing our thing, we're working, we're thinking of whatever it is that we need to do, and very "naturally" worry you will creep in, or judgment or resentment or anger or angst or fear or whatever it is. 

And we become addicted to thinking toxic thoughts, which consequently create toxic emotions.

And this happens so "efficiently" because we are not used to joy.

We are not used to the best of life in the "a hundred percent" sense of it.

We live, maybe, 50% of life's abundance, and we block, maybe, 50% of it. We can't accurately measure it because every person is different, but

as a culture we are much more used to - and encouraged to worry and be scared, angry, judgmental and resentful than we are to be happy.

We are more encouraged to be joyful than to minding our own businesses.

Seriously - one of the keys to a good life is to mind your business and not engage in other people's toxic thoughts and emotions either.

A good suggestion is to keep your eyes on your own road and not worry or bother with what other people are doing, unless it is to cherish their success, their happiness, their joy, and add to their abundance and flow of life with your encouraging thoughts and emotions. This is a healthy attitude. This allows in the best of life.

So what blocks the best of life?

The root cause is the kind of thinking we perpetuate in our minds. What we cultivate in ourselves. What we nurture and entertain.

What I suggest you start doing from now on to stop blocking the best of life and start inviting the flow of life connection into your path is to monitor your thoughts and the emotions, sensations and eventually the experiences they create - because thoughts create reality, right?

There is a flow of consequences when we have specific types of thoughts. If you have nurturing, beautiful thoughts, and if you don't react to other people's toxic thinking or toxic vibrations, you're going to start tapping into the best of life and it will become natural and organic for you.

You will get used to this new pattern and you will not allow anything else to disturb that peace, this dynamic flow and joyful experience.

You will start treating this new pattern as you should - a sacred experience of life connection, which is exactly what we are designed to live as human beings.

We are not in the world to suffer.

We are in the world to be happy and joyful, to grow and expand, not to stall and diminish ourselves, not to paralyze ourselves, and especially not to feed our brains with fear, anger, anger, resentment and judgment.

So we do have choice. That is what I believe is the essence of free will.

You can either entertain life-connection, or you can entertain blockages to the best of life. 

This will determine the quality of your experiences.

And it all begins and ends with the thoughts you give your energy to.

It's your choice, as an adult human being, and when you choose your thoughts, you create your reality.

This is what I wanted to share with you today. I want to thank you so much for being here, for being part of our community and part of our journey.

And now it's time to enjoy the best of life. 

Have a beautiful day, and I will see you soon.

Much love,



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