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Instant Gratification

Sep 27, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about the source of instant gratifications?

What about their consequences?

And on a deeper level, have you ever associated Inner Child and Ego gratifications and compared them to Higher Self fulfillment?

As you can probably tell, they are very different in nature, and bring different consequences too.

In reality, we're talking talk about three different types of pleasure here.

The first is Inner child gratification, which is more oriented to having fun no matter what.

The second is Ego gratification, which is more oriented to power and control, and

Higher Self fulfillment, which may sometimes require sacrificing instant gratifications in order to create long-term happiness and joy.

If you're familiar with the work we develop at Ranova and with the Cardinal Method of Life Connection, the Inner Child and the Ego are aspects of our psyches that are binary.

They are dualistic.

We have a healthy Inner Child in a healthy Ego and a wounded aspect of the Inner Child and a destructive aspect of the Ego that can really cause problems in our lives. There are "places in our psyches" that create unpleasant experiences, right? And that's where they are.

Since we create our reality, which means our thoughts create our manifested reality,

which aspect of the psyche is creating yours? What is predominant in your inner world? Who and what energy within is creating the experience you're going through?

If the wounded Inner Child's creating the experience, you're probably going through painful situations.

If the controlling Ego is creating your experiences, they are not pleasant either.

However, when your Higher Self is in charge, you are in your Sacred Path.

You are in joy.

You are in the essence of Life Connection, living in good vibrations and in good energy and flowing in good vibes.

But when it comes to pleasure, how can you tell when it comes from the instant gratification motivation of the Inner Child and the Ego, or from the Higher Self?

It's easy to discern when you're going through turmoil - you can be sure either the wounded Inner Child or the controlling Ego is creating a bad experience for you.

How do you discern the types of pleasure, though? How do you know if your pleasures are inner child creations or Ego creations?

Is your pleasure is aligned with the healthy Inner Child or trying to deal with the pain of the wounded Inner Child?

Is it coming from the healthy Ego or from the demands of a controlling Ego?

Or better yet, how do you know when it's coming from the Higher Self?

The first thing you need to know is that the Higher Self creates a stream of Life Connection, beautiful energy, Peace, Joy and good for all those involved in a situation.

Higher Self creations are also aligned with the healthy Inner Child and with the healthy Ego.

It's one single abundant stream. It's your sacred path.

Wounded Inner Child pleasures, on the other hand, tend to be instant gratification at the cost of something that will have an unpleasant consequence for you in the long run.

Examples are

overeating, overspending, and in general not calculating the consequences of things are examples of wounded inner child "pleasures". 

Overeating will eventually cause health problems, and overspending usually creates money problems, right? If this happens, it's the wounded Inner Child "pleasures" trying to fill an emotional void, with behaviors that create long-term non-ideal consequences for your body and your finances.

Ego instant gratification has different motivations. It relates to self-image and control at the expense of the Heart.

An example is to

be in a relationship for "Ego trip" reasons. 

Being with someone who has status, for instance. If you don't love the person, it's a typical destructive Ego relationship.

Another example is to be too controlling in your job, which may be causing you to be stressed and to work 50 to 60 hours a week. If you're doing this, you're depleting yourself - for an Ego trip. It's a destructive, controlling Ego creation.

 These are just a few examples for you to think about. In practical terms, what you can do now that you have this understanding is to 

make a list. Ask yourself, "What am I doing? What are my habits? How can I make this better? And how can I stop indulging in instant gratifications of the Inner Child or the Ego?"

Wounded Inner Child behavior tends to destroy physical health and finances, and controlling Ego trips tend to destroy our emotional health, Peace, and well-being - and physical health too, because in the long run people who overwork are abusing their bodies and not living the truth of their hearts either.

Be mindful of any pleasure that has unwanted consequences is not coming from the Higher Self, and any experience that manifests at the expense of physical health or emotional health is related to instant gratifications that are not aligned with your highest good.

Once we are aware of these subtle traps, we can start changing our lives and creating more happiness. This is what I hope you do every day of your life.

Thank you so much for being here!

Share your opinion in the Comments Area bellow and send this to your friends and loved ones so they can benefit from this content too :-)

Always awesome to have you, and I'll see you soon!

Much Love,



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