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The Power of Words

Nov 23, 2019

Did you ever wonder about the power of words?

There are three things I believe it's important to talk about regarding words.

First of all, words create realities.

They are - literally - the creators of our realities.

Second of all, words affect other people in a very deep way.

And third of all, they express who we are, where we are, and how we connect to life in our souls.

These three things are important for us to understand.

The first point make us realize 

we are creators - and we create with our words.

This is powerful - much more powerful than we realize. Since thoughts create realities, and we think with words,

pay attention to the words you're using in your thoughts.

When you become aware of the quality of the words you think, you'll realize

the words you use in your thinking processes create the quality of your thoughts, and therefore, the quality of your reality.

So you may think specific words, which already creates realities. And once you speak those words, or write those words, you are creating in a much deeper, more effective level.

That's why a lot of people say that to create your reality, you must write down your dreams. And I always tell people too - once you go through a huge soul healing process, such as a Cardinal Method Constellation,  it's important to journal after a session like that. When you journal and put it on paper, you're using words to create meaning to your experience AND you're also respecting silence, which is always the greatest soul healer.


Conscious silence.

This is the greatest soul healing you can gift yourself.

After a an energy healing session, after you've tapped into consciousness and released a whole layer of resistance patterns and distorted thinking, the best thing to do is to use words to release all emotionally intense experiences as you journal.

Use words to let it all out and release. And when you release it with the proper wording, you create the best reality possible.

When it comes to speaking, try to monitor your speaking and language and what you say in general, because

once you pronounce something, you're reaffirming your thoughts and making them twice as strong.


So words exist in our thinking, but when they're written down or when they're spoken, they are reaffirming a specific reality.

That's why I always say, if you don't like the present moment reality, don't focus on it and don't talk about it.

Don't complain. Complaining is the worst thing you can do to yourself on an energetic level.

Using your ability to speak using words to complain is going to create the non-ideal life you hate so much. So don't complain. Don't use your words to verbalize what you don't want and what you don't like. Focus on something else.

Use the power of words to affirm what you love and what you want instead, and you will see how this is so true.

 It's like a law of nature - a law of human nature, if you will.

A law of the soul.

Words create our reality much more powerfully than we think. And since we use words to organize our thoughts, once we speak we're creating in a much more effective level - for the better or for the worst.

So unconscious talking and unconscious thinking is not something you should be doing anymore.

If you're here, if you're watching this, if you are engaged in self-connection, self-development and consciousness expansion, you cannot allow yourself the luxury of unconscious thinking and unconscious speaking, right? It would be inconsistent with your Higher Self.

The second thing that I want to talk about when it comes to the power of words is how they affect other people.

Believe it or not,

words can hurt others much more than physical aggression.

Verbal abuse lingers in the soul much more than a physical aggression episode. There are many studies about this, not just in energy healing. There are psychological and medical studies that say that you can literally crush a person's soul with something you say.

On the bright side, you can heal, uplift, create joy and life connection with your words as well.

So pay attention to what you say to other people. Be very mindful of your word and know that you have the power to lift a soul or to crush it with your words.

And the third point I want to bring up about the power of words is expression and self-expression. Words are about creating, as I said in the first point here, but when we talk about expression, it's really about expansion, creating new realities from where we are to where and who we want to be.

It has a lot to do with being too.

When we say that we are creators with our words, it's about our goals and manifestation abilities - creating what we want. But when we talk about the power of words regarding self-expression and allowing others to see who we truly are, it's more about being and not so much about doing and having, which are equally important, but different.

It's about being, doing and having what you want and expressing who you truly are.

The being part is the most awesome one.

It's when you don't need anything. It's timeless.

It's who you are in essence.

It's who you were before you were born.

It's who you've always been as a child, and teenager and adult.

It's the timeless soul that you can express with your words.

It's creative in a sense of fun and expansion, and not so much in creating structure.

It's about expressing the joy of life and creating well-being for yourself and other people.

So in this sense, words are powerful and can be used both wisely to create desired realities, but also for fun, joy and well-being as well.

And this is it for today!

Thank you so much for being here - hope this knowledge was useful.

If you know someone that will benefit from this content, make sure you share it! I would also love to hear from you, so please comment below.

Write your opinion, share your experiences and what you think about the power of words.

Thanks again for being here - and I'll see you next week.

Much love always,



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