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Three Ways to Commit to Yourself

Mar 01, 2020

Did you ever wonder about your levels of commitment - and how you can actually measure your

commitment with self?

There are three ways in which I see people committing to their Higher Self to be who they truly are, being healthy and pursuing their personal well-being and joy.

When you don't do these three things, you don't live the best of life, or life to its fullest potential.

These three things are

meditation, physical exercise, and how you deal with your money.

And I know this third part about money can cause weed reactions and be totally counterintuitive for some people, but bear with me here.

There are so many taboos about money and spirituality, how many believe they are imcompatible and so on, and we'll dive into this further in this blog post.

The first thing you can observe that's a big indication that you are committed to yourself is meditation, and there are so many different types of meditation.

I once heard a Buddhist Lama saying that our Western culture has kind of diluted the meaning of meditation, and actually distorted it. I don't think we have to go that far, but if you look at it in a very strict way, it makes sense.

He said that meditation is different from relaxation, and that it's different from being guided too - what we call guided meditation, is not actually meditation per se.

Real meditation in his perspective is sitting still with yourself and allowing your Higher Self to speak, or God, or just

being in stillness and being able to bear stillness,

which our Western minds are so not trained to do, right? We get so impatient, myself included. Sometimes I get impatient with the 15 minutes chunks of time that I take from my day to really nurture myself with meditation. There are some days in which I meant to meditate for 15 minutes and at minute 12 I'm already crawling up the walls because I have no patience. In some specific days I'm just more agitated, and I'm sure you can relate to this too.

It's not easy to calm the mind down, and not just for Westerners. Every culture has this problem, I think this is a universal issue for humanity and it has to do with our human conditioning and the way we're wired as human beings.

But there are two ways that I would recommend for you to meditate.

Guided meditations and silent meditations.

Guided meditations are wonderful because they help with visualization of the best things for yourself - these can really be amazing.

And also silent meditation or meditation per se, meditation in its true, essential nature, which is just to sit quietly with yourself, and you can use mudras, which are hand positions.

My favorite is Mandala Mudra, in which you allow one hand to be cradled by the other and place your thumbs together, creating an oval shape or a sphere, a Mandala, a round shape with hands  and resting them on your lap. 

To me, it's always been my favorite way of meditation, and I do it with an aligned vertical spine. Sometimes when we meditate lying down, it's more of a relaxation, especially because we can easily fall asleep.

In the beginning, you can allow yourself to do that. And honestly, some guided meditations I will do lying down, but ideally it's powerful if you meditate when you're sitting down with an aligned spine, because when you're in a vertical position, you're connecting to source and to the earth, right?

When you're sitting down, you have a sky-earth connection and that really helps with the alignment of your energy fields.

So I started my meditation practices for 10 minutes a day, and then it went up to 15 minutes.

You can set chunks of time, 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon or 20, which is even better, right?

And when you start taking the time to meditate daily, that means you're committed to your Higher Self, to your best potentials, and to the best of life.

This practice brings a lot of clarity.

Sometimes we don't understand why weird or unwanted things happen to us. We call the, "problems", when really the things that happen to us are actually challenges of life to "polish" and encourage you to become a stronger person.

So it's best to stop complaining about the problems of life, and

once you start meditating, your problems will not be as intense, and your solutions will come much quicker.

You'll also develop a sharper mind and a more peaceful state of being. and it's the best way to release stress.

You really want to substitute taking pills and the magic wand mentality for meditation, and that is a huge indication that you're committed to your Higher Self.

Second of all, I would say an indication of commitment to self is when people take the time to move their bodies with physical exercise at least three times a week for at least half an hour.

It's not too much to ask, right?

Your body keeps you alive every day, all the time, every second of your existence.

And I don't understand how can we be so lazy not to take care of our bodies.

This is mainly about physical exercise, but you can also give yourself the gift of massage twice a month or even once a month.

A massage every week would be a gift from God, right? But not all of us have the time or the finances for that, but if you include massage therapy in your life, it means you're committed to the best of life, to the best health possible, and to really loving and nurturing yourself with things that matter.

It really blows my mind when people tell me that they would rather buy a $500 purse and not a massage package. It's crazy. In my opinion, it's really a weird set of priorities.

To be honest with you,

you don't need a $500 bag and you need a $500 massage package.

Believe me, your body will thank you forever. You need lymph to move, and your lymph doesn't have its own pumping system like blood does with the heart.

So lymph depends on the tones of your muscles, on your movement. And massage helps a lot with that also. Especially us women, we tend to retain a lot of liquids. So it's a gift that you give yourself in terms of joy and well-being, and it's also about health AND about being committed to the best of life and to honoring your body.

Your body is not separated from your soul in your mind.

Your body is an expression of you. So denying the body, not paying attention to the body, is really self-abandonment.

Believe me, I've been through phases in which I've neglected my body and those phases were not nice. You know, your brain is foggy when you don't dedicate time for your body and for movement, so lack of movement really snowballs into other areas of life.

If you don't honor your body with movement and physical exercise, you are not committed to yourself.

Especially in today's day and age, when we spent so much time sitting down. Often I see people in sessions and the lower abdomen needs some movement, right? They need to get lymphatic drainage somewhere else because I don't have that training, but it's a priority for them.

The stagnation in your lymphatic system is not good for you, and when you deal with that and avoid the stagnation of liquids, include massage therapy, movement and exercise in your routine, you are making a commitment with yourself. When you also get more toning in your muscles, you also benefit from the lubrication in the joints and

you also want to get your bones to be stronger, especially because this is part of aging gracefully.

So there is no excuse not to move your body, and it's not too much to ask to move for at least half an hour, three times a week.

Ideally it would be an hour a day, five days a week. But if you can't do that, try to do the minimum, which is 30 minutes, three times a week.

That would be another second indication that you're committed to yourself, that you're prioritizing yourself, and you're owning the best of life and really honoring yourself with all that life has to offer. And it really doesn't take too much time. It doesn't take too much dedication. We're talking about minutes here, right?

15 minutes, meditating every day, 30 minutes walking three times a week. And you can increase that gradually the more you love yourself.

So that's a another indication of commitment.

And the third one is how you spend your money, and the investments that you make.

And now we really have to do some mindset work here, because the word "money" seems to be cursed in our culture, right?

Not just in our culture, actually. Other cultures too. It's as if "money is the root of all evil".

There are these sayings that affirm: "money corrupts the heart", but I'm here to tell you that money is a neutral energy and it is much better to make peace with money than to fight it, and where you invest your money is an indication of your priorities and your commitment with yourself.

So let's talk about all that.

First let's focus on money being an evil thing. This is a belief system that needs to be dissolved immediately if you want to have a good life, because you need money to support yourself, to create moments of pleasure for yourself and loved ones, and you also need money to expand as a human being, because you don't want to just survive and you don't just want to be in pleasure land -

there are things beyond survival and pleasure and money allows you to tap into expansion tooYou need survival, you need pleasure, and you need consciousness expansion for life to make sense and for you to have a purpose.

And what allows you to have access to these three things is money.

Why would you neglect it?

I'm not saying you should become a greedy person and think about money all the time.

I'm just saying that it's important to make your peace with money and invest it wisely in the best possible activities for yourself and loved ones.

So how do we dissolve the belief system that money is the root of all evil? By

understanding that money is a neutral energy.

It is also an amplifier of energies.

So wherever money goes, energy just seems to expand, but money does not have autonomy.

Money is not something that will put you on autopilot, or put you in a trance to become an evil person. What happens with the energy of money is that it amplifies whatever it is in the human heart.

Everything begins and ends in the human heart as I always say, this is a Cardinal Method moto.

So if a beautiful human heart receives a lot of money, that person's going to do beautiful things with that money. There's so many examples in history and also in contemporary 21st-century reality of amazing people who have a lot of money and do beautiful things with that money.

So money doesn't corrupt pure hearts.

If, however, a person has a tainted heart, or an evil heart, it's very likely the person's going to do evil, terrible things with money - and they would do those things regardless of money anyway.

So it is not money's fault, as thought-provoking and counterintuitive as it may seem to say this. 

I really invite you to wrap your head around another belief system, and another idea in which money can be a peaceful thing that brings freedom to your life.

Start embracing a belief system that allows you to survive comfortably in the world, and that allows you to have freedom to create the moments of pleasure that you dream of and desire. 

It's not a sin to do that.

I'm not even saying you should live above your means. I'm just saying that making peace with money is very much part of your life quality, and

investing your money wisely in things that make you feel happy will nurture your well-being, prevent disease, and so many other good things.

Your commitment to self should really be on your top priority list:

meditation, physical exercise, and the wise use of money.

Respecting money, honoring money, using it as a tool for your wealth, for your health and well-being, is commitment to your Higher Self.

There's nothing wrong with expanding your wealth. Why not? It's not a sin to do that, and it shouldn't be something that makes you feel guilty or ashamed. It allows for more consciousness expansion and personal growth.

So commitment to self has everything to do with money, meditation and physical exercise. And

the root cause of not doing those three things is the lack of self permission to be happy.

In my experience, I've witnessed many people who do not give themselves permission to have a little time for themselves, to set aside some time to exercise, meditate or to have a little money for self.

They either feel guilty or ashamed about it.

And one of the top reasons why we tend to have that kind of behavior is that our subconscious minds are culturally programmed to feel guilty about time for self - it  creates an equivalent to that as being selfish.

So in this mindset, it's beautiful to nurture others and give all we are to other people, but not to self. Giving to self would be selfish, which is a twisted and distorted cultural belief in my opinion.

You can give yourself all the good things, and with what overflows from your health, joy, and well-being, you can give to others freely, and you will genuinely be nurturing other people.

We've talked about this before, but the last piece that I want to mention here is that

not only are we culturally programmed not to allow ourselves to be happy, because that would be "selfish" - which is a total lie - but the deep unconscious mind of people with family trauma doesn't allow us to be happy or to honor money in a natural way.

So if you know people in your family were not happy, think about it.

Were your parents happy? Where your grandparents happy? What about your great-grandparents?

We're talking about four generations that really determine your deep unconscious mind.

We see this in Cardinal method sessions and Cardinal Method Constellations all the time.

So maybe the lack of self permission to prioritize self has its root cause in generational trauma, and you need ancestral healing - just like 99% of humanity.

We do carry the burdens and the pains and the traumatic experiences of our ancestors in our DNA.

And a lot of it may be reverberating and ripple-effecting in your life without you realizing it.

So if you don't take time for yourself, if you don't honor yourself in a deep way on a daily basis with meditation, on a weekly basis with physical exercise, on a monthly basis with massage therapy and if you have a love-hate, weird relationship with money, there could be an ancestral root cause to that.

We call it family loyalty in the traditional family constellation vocabulary, and if you really want to be happy, you need to get rid of that.

You really want to release ancestral trauma so that you can have a happy, fulfilling life.

Our ancestors don't want us to be unhappy. They don't want us to follow them in their pain. We do that subconsciously because the inner child has that subconscious drive.

The inner child has what we call the "blind love of the child".

This blind love of the child may be determining your behavior today, not allowing you to meditate daily, not allowing you to honor your body with physical exercises and massages, and really creating a tumultuous relationship with money in your life, because people who don't have a very like a healthy relationship with money are in some level still in inner child mode.

This is another indication of your inner child subconsciously ruling your life.  If you nurture others too much, you can be sure there's a wounded inner child leading your life.

If you don't nurture yourself enough with healthy practices for self, and especially if you're afraid of money or disregard it, there is subconscious inner child behavior and unconscious family loyalty to any kind of financial trauma in your family.

So what I invite you to do is to stop nurturing thoughts that meditation is going to drive you crazy because you don't have the patience. Just try it. Just give it a try and seriously follow through.

Just show up, sit down and show up for 15 minutes a day. Put the timer on your phone. 
I have started telling people to set the timer for 15 minutes for meditation, because 10 minutes is not enough. In today's day and age and with all the stress levels that we have, we can allow ourselves to have a 15 minute meditation time period.

Show up for your gym class, or your yoga practice, or walk around the neighborhood, wherever it is that you like to do.

Don't torture yourself with exercises you hate. Just find out what nurtures your body and what feels right - and move your body.

Show up from massage every month at least, and make a commitment to look at money in a more neutral objective way. If you want to commit to your best life, start looking at money with not just more benevolent eyes, but objective eyes, and develop more clear-minded perspectives about money.

Where you invest your money is a huge indication of how much you love yourself, and how much you honor yourself and how much you're willing to create the best possible life for you.

Now, in the 21st century, we're going to live a long time, and we want to do that in high quality, right?

And this is what I wanted to share with you today. I hope it was useful, and if you know anyone who will benefit from this content, please share it.

If you haven't yet signed up to our YouTube channel, make sure you do that because we have so much to share with you, there are so many contents waiting for you to tap into in what I call soul education, and much more than that. There's a lot of depth and a expansion too, encouraging you to 

remember what you already know.

Thank you so much for being here, and I will see you soon.

Much love,



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