What is a Superstitious Mind?


Having a superstitious mind is very different from developing spiritual consciousness. Being spiritual, as we discussed in a previous blog post, is all about living from a place of love in your heart.

And though spirituality and superstition are subtle, immaterial realities, being superstitious is a far cry from being spiritual in a loving perspective. It's especially different from cultivating love for self, because superstition comes from fear and can create unnecessary beliefs that disturb your peace of mind.

Knowing this, we understand

it is possible to lead a spiritual life without being superstitious.

A healthy spiritual life, that is. 

Fearful ideas restrict our lives and ability to take spontaneous actions. And the most long-lasting results we get from the toxic chemistry between fear and superstition are what I call mind prisons.

Where do superstitious minds come from? Some people may say they may come from religious beliefs, but not necessarily. I deeply respect religions, and feel it's a powerful path to inspire a virtuous and spiritual life.

When you follow a religion, it gives you structure, and it feels right to follow beautiful scriptures that bring peace and meaning to life.

I even more deeply respect religions that align with love - the ones that have a loving message. Religions that nurture companionship, compassion, and love for others.

So many religions have this purpose, and I honestly feel it can be a beautiful path to follow, because

when you connect religious beliefs to the intention of living from the heart and being in a loving perspective, a superstitious mind can’t survive.

Superstitious minds create beliefs that are not real. As we already know, these beliefs are based on fear, and they’re restrictive because they create the "mind prisons" we had talked about.

So how do we deal with superstitious beliefs?

One of the things that can really help is to stop, think, and question the superstitious belief. If you do that consistently, you'll and develop more clarity of mind, and a great tool for this process is to use a Clear Quartz Crystal.

How can crystals help us when we want to outgrow a superstitious mind?

This can even be funny because one of the areas where I see a lot of superstitious minds is precisely in the crystal field! There's SO MUCH superstition about crystals. I honestly believe one of my missions is to disassociate crystals from superstition, and to help people understand that crystals can have a very scientific explanation.

We know there are Quartz Crystals in clocks and computers. We know that quantum physics studies them in a very serious way. There are many scientists that attest to the power of crystals, and I recommend you get familiar with the work of Marcel Vogel.

On an energetic and consciousness perspective, Crystals align our energy with their internal geometry. If you want to learn in-depth knowledge about Crystal Geometry, click here to get our Crystals & Chakras Online Course. Crystals have the power to elevate our quantum field and to create higher, more aligned levels of energy. They also promote clarity of mind, emotional balance, and physical well-being in general.

And going back to how limiting superstition can be, since it's based on unreal beliefs and fear that lead to “mind prisons” and undermine our happiness and freedom, crystals do quite the opposite.

They're natural tools that can be scientifically researched. They bring clarity, alignment, joy, love, vitality and freedom. So their energy is the opposite of superstitious thinking, right? ;-) 

I always say this to clients and students:

if you start getting superstitious about a crystal, thinking it’s an amulet of mystical forces, or that it holds more power than your own mind, forget it. You’re not aligning yourself with the truth, joy and true power of crystal energy.

You’re giving in to a superstitious mind prison instead.

This is what I wanted to share with you today, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Do you nurture superstitious thinking, or know anyone who does?

Are you superstitious about crystals?

Comment below and dive deeper into this discussion.

Share this blog post with people who will benefit from this knowledge.

Hope it's been useful!

Thanks for being here, and see you next week!

With love,


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