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Your Emotions Create Your Health

Dec 28, 2019

Did you ever stop to wonder about how your emotions are responsible for the quality of your health?

The quality of our emotions really does affect our lives on deeper levels than we realize.

The first thing I want to talk about in this specific case is how stress disrupts the quality of our emotions - and consequently, of our physical health.

Our health is disrupted because of stress, which makes our immune system more fragile. 

We lower our energy fields when we’re stressed, which may lead to the subconscious or unconscious attraction of minor accidents, for example, or chronic pain.

It all has to do with stress as a root cause. 

And how do we develop stress?

Let’s talk about what Dr. Joe Dispenza described as levels or types of stress regarding our health.

According to him, there’s physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress.

And emotional stress will affect the body for sure (the body is actually called body-mind in energy medicine for this very reason – the quality of our emotions create the quality of our health).

What I want to really bring to your attention is that physical stress, trauma, accidents, anything regarding our muscles, our skeleton, our organs, and endocrine system, anything that’s physical and that Western medicine knows how to deal with so well is not in itself autonomous.

What does this mean?

That matter is not independent and does not create anything – it is an expression of subtle energies. It is just an unfolding of subtle reality, a manifestation of it, because what we know as “energy” can be physical or subtle.

The material world is dense energy, the non-material world is a subtle energy.

So when we talk about health or symptoms in the body, we’re talking about “energetic physical reality”.

Whenever you're dealing with physical stress, pain, trauma or something in your body, you are dealing with what is already unfolding from a more subtle emotional energy.

Something in your emotional world is not right.

Something in your emotions is out of balance and has caused an accident, or chronic pain, or whatever it is that you're dealing with. There are different languages of consciousness, and accidents and diseases are one of them.

Your emotions are using your body to give you a sign to communicate something - to give you information.

Accidents, traumas, diseases, and physical stress have everything to do with a language of consciousness - it's your body warning you about an inappropriate lifestyle, a negative thought pattern or specific emotional quality that is not aligned with the best for you.

Then there is chemical stress, which kind of follows the same path. Body chemistry issues, intolerances, allergies, autoimmune stories, hormonal problems, nausea, whatever it is that you're dealing with on a physical or chemical level, have an emotional reason.

Emotional stress is the root cause of that.

If your emotions are balanced, your body chemistry is balanced, and your physical body is balanced.

However, some people don't want to let go of toxic emotions.

Sometimes, even if they are dying of a serious disease, they're still attached to their toxic emotions.

Even if we tell them there’s a relationship between the symptom and a person they need to create a more healthy connection with, sometimes people don’t want to do that, and they choose their toxic emotions instead of forgiveness or peace.

So if you have a symptom in chemical stress, that may be related to a specific person in your life, and whatever it is that you want to do, just go in the direction of making it healthier.

Create a healthier relationship with this person, because a chemical stress symptom is always related to a relationship. 

Remember that human nature is health (for a deeper dive into this, check out our Course on Human Nature).

We are designed by nature to be healthy, to have long, healthy, beautiful lives, not to have diseases and disruptions in our physical body.

If, as human beings, we start tapping into consciousness and understanding how energy has different densities, and matter is just a “heavier” manifestation of energy, you’ll understand how the root cause of physical reality is top-bottom causation.

Your thoughts, which are subtle, create your feelings and emotions, which in turn create vibrations that create the physical reality.

So in the 21st century, we cannot be thinking with the minds of our ancestors. It's time to start shifting our perspective and to start creating a better life and a beautiful, healthy body for ourselves as well.

Keep this in mind - your emotions are responsible for the quality of your health.

Create a healthy lifestyle, love the healthy food that you eat, choose the proper food for yourself

We don’t have to be crazy, maniacal or neurotic about food - it's just about being mindful and allowing yourself to enjoy your meals, allowing yourself to enjoy your physical exercise, whatever it is that you do to move your body to create shift and flow and healthy energy.

Movement in your body is also very welcome to release toxic emotions.

Life is not stagnant, so if you don't move your body, start doing that today and you will start having optimal health as you create your emotional health.

You can be sure a very healthy lifestyle will come with it.

Healthy thinking and healthy actions will create physical health since our emotions are responsible for our lifestyle, our health, and everything that happens in the physical density of life.

This is what I wanted to share with you today, I hope it has inspired you and that you start creating a beautiful life for yourself and those around you.

Thank you so much for being here, I truly appreciate your presence.

Much love always,



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