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Your Story Stays in Your Body

Aug 16, 2019

Did you ever wonder about the story behind physical symptoms?

I've been observing this for quite a while - consistently for about eight years.

I see this in soul healing group sessions and individual sessions, and

there is no such thing as a physical symptom that has life of its own.

This means there's a story behind each symptom.

Whenever there's imbalance in the physical body, be it scary or not that bad, if you've been reading this blog long enough by now you know consciousness speaks to us in subtle or intense ways.


if we don't listen, if we don't meditate, if we don't pay attention to our dreams,  life will speak to us in harsher languages,

such as accidents, physical symptoms, diseases, and so forth.

So this is really about being Life nudging you to see there's something beyond matter.

Matter has no autonomy. Everything is emotional before it becomes physical.

Before something becomes an accident, there's emotional turmoil. Before something becomes a disease, there's turmoil or unfinished emotional business.

So I invite you to look at yourself and see if you have specific symptoms.

Any sort of imbalance in your physical body has a story behind it.

It could be a painful divorce, it could be trauma, it could be abandonment.

You know what I mean?

So what I encourage people to do is to know themselves and to create a whole new perspective about the physical body, understanding that it also has its own language.

Listen to the subtle signs of life, to your meditation insights, to the dreams you have.

You can address a physical symptom in your body with consciousness modalities.

This happens a lot in my practic,e and it does make a huge difference in the quality of life of the person - especially in her well-being.

Once we understand what's happening, things heal.

There are today tons of movies about this, such as Heal.

And older movies like The Secret or What the Bleep do we Know?

These are just a few resources that invite you to open yourself and

and observe that behind every symptom there is a story.

start thinking with the 21st century mind, because we should really take advantage of the time inhumanity in which we are born.



So I invite you to do this exercise, observe which symptoms, which conditions, which chronic pain, whatever it is that you have that is clearly an imbalance. It could be obesity, it could be a problematic knee. Everything in the body is symbolic and has specific consciousness, so just write a little list. Start journaling your, “Know Thy Self Experiences” and what does this, when did it come out? When did I develop this specific cyst? Or whatever it is that bothers you. What happened three years before the symptoms showed up or a month before it showed up? Try if you meditate, you can have your own insights and if you want to dig deeper, I highly recommend you know yourself with the consciousness guide. Just get guidance. Just you know wherever you are in your local community, find an expert that can help you work on it.

You will love yourself more when you do those and your life will improve immensely. Okay, so thank you so much for watching. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and that you hit the notification button so that you know exactly when we're putting up new content for you. It's that a little bell on YouTube that you can just click on it. And also our social media channels, which have a lot of content for you as well. The blog, as always, every week we're here for you. And especially we love the community that is always contributing to a wonderful Know Thyself Path. And as we grow together, everybody evolves and we also help humanity heal, right? So thank you so much for being here and I will see you soon. Bye. Bye.


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