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How to Stay Calm in Times of Turmoil

Mar 14, 2020

Did you ever wonder about how you can stay calm in times of turmoil? 

Today I'm here in a different situation than most days in my routine because we're going through turmoil regarding a pandemic disease, the Corona Virus.

I want to bring to your attention today is that

the more you love yourself, the more you will choose the path of staying calm instead of going into panic mode.

So the first thing I suggest is to stay awake and aware of what's going on by respecting the external environment.

So don't go into denial mode, diminishing the situation, but don't buy into everything people tell you, especially if they don't come from accurate sources, not just from social media, but from all kinds of communication channels.

We'll be getting a lot of information and you don't know what most of the sources are, so just

pay attention to the source of the information - if it's obscure, if it's vague, don't give it your attention. Don't validate it.

This is one of the things that helps you stay awake and aware of what's going on regarding the external world.

Another is that, in the context in which our generation lives, in the 21st century, things are very different because of social media. Before social media we had less information, the sources were very few, and they could be manipulative.

In the past, depending on what the media decided to tell us, we would feel good or bad about the world because we were being fed specific information. That meant

we had less information, therefore we had less stress because ignorance is bliss. 

So a lot of turmoil was going on. A lot of terrible things were going on in the planet, always have been, for that matter, but we were unaware of it because we were being fed the clippings and the specific choices of big media channels.

Now with social media, there is a lot of information, so much more than ever before. And because we have more information, we do have more stress. We have less ignorance, we're more informed, but we are bombarded by so many sources of information that we do get more stressed.

And because of different perspectives and different intensities,

we become overwhelmed, and that adds to the stress.

So what I want to tell you is that the problem today in the 21st century is that we are less ignorant because we're more informed, but we are also more stressed, and  in.

the reason we're more stressed is not because we have so much more information and  sources of information than ever before, but because we don't know how to master our mindsets.

We buy into the excessive energy that is bombarded towards us.

So that's the key. How do you master your reactions?

We don't know how to master our reactions yet. So we fall prey to stress mode because people panic and amplify.

The bottom line here is that

when you master your mindset, you react accordingly.

You react in divine proportion as I like to call it.

So you develop the ability to have a proportional reaction to a specific situation. When you're vague or amplified about what the situation is, you're not going to react accordingly, and you are going to get stressed.

So it's really about

being centered and knowing how to master your mindset and therefore how to master your reactions.

Now the next thing we need to know is how, then, do you keep yourself centered?

What are the ways, what are the keys to keep herself centered?

The first thing I said is to just observe before you react.

We tend to react on autopilot without thinking, especially when we're in fear mode and being triggered all the time.

So instead of falling prey to external pressure, take a break, observe, discern, and don't react on autopilot.

Just observe before you react.

When it's time for action, be proactive instead of reactive.

Being proactive does not mean that you're going to panic. Being proactive doesn't mean you're going to be neurotic about things.

Being proactive means you've observed and you're choosing how to react instead of just going with the flow and kind of a mass behavior because of external pressure.

Another thing I really highly recommend you do is to

cultivate centered thoughts.

You can choose the thoughts that you think and you can choose centered thoughts.

So by now if you've been following this blog for awhile, you know your thoughts create your reality, and that the path between your thoughts and the creation of your reality is that

thoughts create emotions.

If you think a good thought, you will feel good. If you think a bad thought, you will feel bad.

Thoughts create emotions, and your emotions create vibrations, and those vibrations create your external reality.

The vibrations are the law of attraction.

So those vibrations will attract a specific manifested experience.

So you can choose your thoughts. Even in the midst of turmoil, you really can. And affirmations will help you hypnotize your subconscious mind.

You want to do that, because your subconscious mind is totally reactive. It has no discernment and it believes that the external world is you.

And what I'm saying is that, different from what the subconscious mind thinks, the external world is the experience you create, and it's the opposite direction compared to what the subconscious mind thinks.

Your subconscious mind thinks that your external reality creates you, when in reality you create your external experiences.

So affirmations will hypnotize your subconscious mind, and

you can consciously tame your panicky, reactive subconscious mind.

So one affirmation that I really recommend you do. Whenever I was in times of turmoil, in hurricane situations, and violence situations, and now, the disease situation the world is going through, one of the things that I always say is

"I am safe and everything will be all right".

The more I say this, "I am safe and everything will be all right", the better I feel.

And the better I feel, the more high vibrational frequencies I create in my energy field.

So I tend to attract better situations and experiences because I'm making myself feel better.

Another one is

"this too shall pass".

That's a great affirmation. It just makes you feel good because it's all about detachment.

It's trusting that things will be okay and that the turmoil will pass. And you know that it will.

What are the consequences of the turmoil? We can't control that, but

you can control your state of being and your state of mind throughout the turmoil.

Another thing that I really recommend you do, and this is something I've done myself to preserve my mental stability and health throughout the unsafe situations I've been through, is to

be very, very mindful of the people that you talk to and spend time with in times of turmoil.

I've been through four hurricane situations in my life, one in Mexico, three in Florida, and

one of the things that I instinctively did to protect my energy was to not be in touch with panicky people, tragedy-minded people, and people who would drain my energy.

What happens when you're around panicky people and people who amplify tragedies is that there are different types of people in the world, and there are some specific people that get a a high out of tragedies. They feel useful. They feel that, "finally, life makes sense" because we're going through a tragedy, or something like that. They have their pleasure centers all distorted, and that's why they have a weird pleasure in tragedy moments and low vibrational frequency experiences.

For sure for sure you know who these people are in your life.

So when the world is objectively going through a delicate situation,

be very mindful of the people you surround yourself with, the people you talk to, and the people you spend time with.

Because if you don't do that, there are two consequences that will diminish your inner strength, your stability, and your calm.

First of all, you may get sucked into their mindset and then you'll start panicking again. So you really want to avoid dramatic people. And the second possible situation is that you may be forced into being their strength.This means you may end up being the one that has to calm them down and you're going to be drained.

A lot of energy is already being required for you to keep yourself centered, and on top of that, you'l still have to calm down the panicky adult next to you. So don't do this to yourself.

The best thing to do if you have dramatic people around you is to set healthy boundaries and stay away from them.

No guilt.

Because it's their learning experience too. Everybody's learning in every experience, be that experience challenging or joyful, but dramatic people have to learn how to hold their horses, and 

you don't want to enable panicky and dramatic people and allow them to set the tone in times of turmoil.You are not going to be the one to be drained by their panicky mindsets.

Another important thing that's very powerful is that you can connect to your Higher Self any given time, even if you're going through turmoil, because regardless of what's going on in the external world,

there is an underlying peace within you that you can connect to at any time. This unshakable inner force is called your Higher Self within, and you can contact it any time through meditation.

Not through prayer. When you pray to an external God to please help you, it's another thing. What I'm talking about is the unshakeable inner force inside you that you connect with through silence and meditation.

So I really suggest you do that in times of turmoil, at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.

That's a practice we should do daily, regardless of turmoil, catastrophes or happy and joyful experiences.

Being with yourself for 10 to 15 minutes a day to connect with your Higher Self is a given for anyone who's willing to love himself or herself better, but

especially in times of turmoil, 15 minutes with self, connecting to your higher self can really calm you down.

And you can suggest to people who are panicking around you to do the same. Just tell them to take a deep breath and just sit still and meditate for 15 minutes.

Just be by yourself, be quiet for 15 minutes, and everyone will benefit from your inner peace.

Okay. Another information that's important I think for you guys is that safety is an issue, a type of experience that relates to the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is a center of consciousness in our bodies that is located in the lower spine. It's really important and it keeps us stable, safe and healthy.

So safety is in the domain of the Root Chakra,

and regarding safety in times of turmoil, it's basically two situations - either natural catastrophes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or diseases.

So our safety is challenged by natural catastrophes and by pandemic or epidemic diseases.

When it comes to natural catastrophes, it's the external world that's challenging your safety. That's one story and you have to keep up very powerful, peaceful mindset to deal with it, and take inspired action.

When it comes to diseases, it has everything to do with your immune system, and this is, I believe, the most important piece of this talk that I'm having with you today.

Your immune system is your soul.

It's a manifestation of your soul.

So the stronger your soul is, the stronger your immune system is.

I was reading the book Women Who Run With the Wolves, which is possibly my favorite book in the planet, and the first chapter, La Loba, the One Who Knows, La Que Sabe,  is about our bones and

the the force within that cannot ever be destroyed.

It's kind of like crystals are for the Earth. Actually, it's literally what crystals are for the Earth.

Crystals are the bones of the Earth. They keep the structure of our Earth. And our bones are the structure of our bodies.

So in this chapter of Women Who Run With the Wolves, the author says that there's a threshold between worlds - a threshold between the dream world and manifested physical reality.

And she says that our immune system resides in this threshold, in between worlds, and that's very much the realm of the soul.

So your biological, physical immune system is very subtle and it's the expression of your soul, and the state of your soul is going to determine your physical health.

Nothing is just physical. Everything is emotional before it becomes physical.

Your soul plays a huge role when diseases are out there to get humanity, because if you have a strong immune system, you're going to conquer that situation.

So the most important thing to focus on in this times of turmoil regarding diseases is your immune system, hence your soul, and the state of your soul.

Just take a deep breath because this is very deep.

Your mindset determines your health even when you're sick.

When you see people who are sick, who are contaminated, they can fight the disease depending on their mindsets - depending on the state of their souls.

So instead of holding on to complex spiritual explanations, to thousands of astrological reasons why this is happening, or obscure authorities saying this or that about how to take care of yourself,

take care of your immune system. Take care of your soul and your body.

Eat healthy because that boosts your immune system.

Your soul is happier when you eat healthy, too.

Eat natural foods and make objective rational choices and 

self-love choices about your diet and your movement routine.

Move your body so that energy's not stagnant.

Get enough sleep.

Those are practical things you can do and that mean your soul's in a healthy state.

It means your immune system's in a healthy state, and especially, to wrap it up,

take very good care of your mindset.

Allow centering thoughts, and don't be around toxic people.

That's a huge step in your peace and in your choice to stay calm in times of turmoil.

And this is what I wanted to share with you today.

Go within boost your inner strength and immune system, and you will find peace.

You will find divine proportion in your reactions, and you'll find the discernment that protects you from everything and that makes you stronger than you may think.

Thank you so much for being here, and if you feel this is useful for anyone you know, please share this content.

I'm so grateful to have you here, and I'll see you soon.

Much love,



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