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Do You Respect or Abuse Your Money?

Sep 14, 2019

Have you ever stopped to think about how you treat your money?

Do you respect or abuse it?

It may seem strange, but there really is a crossroad here. People who respect money tend to have a good relationship with it, of course.

And people who abuse money may not do it consciously, and clearly do not have a good relationship with it, though they often don't have the awareness.

But what does it mean to "abuse" money?

For example, we abuse our money when we do not charge enough for our services, so

undercharging is a way to abuse your money.

When we do not claim our money, when somebody doesn't pay us, and we don't honor that and ask to be paid because we're too proud or too aloof is another example. Some people just don't get paid, and

when people who don't pay vanish, and the people who don't get paid don't claim it, it's a disempowering attitude that also abuses money.

Another way to abuse money is when we don't understand how it works. 

As adults, we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of not understanding money.

Adults honor and respect it and know how it works.

When people admit they have a terrible relationship with money and money problems in general, the first question to be asked is: well... do you understand money?

Do you look at your account?

Do you know what interest rates are?

Do you know how credit cards work?

And believe me, many people who have money problems will answer these questions with

"oh, that's boring. I think money's boring".

Then I'll ask them if they have an accountant, and they'll say it's too much to handle.

So if you think money is boring and that having an accountant is overwhelming, and since we live in a coherent Universe, what is the logical result of that attitude?

Money will be an unstable energy in your life.

When we don't respect money, we abuse it.

If you say money is boring, you're telling money to get out of your life.

Since money is a neutral energy that follows the predominant forces of our inner world, you get that it has no autonomy.

So let's use an ordinary life example here. If you think of a friend and you tell her she's boring, what is this friend likely to do? She'll probably be repelled by your energy towards her, right?

Will that friend hang around you? No. And the exact same vibration stands for your relationship with money. If you say money is boring or overwhelming, you're pushing money away from your energy field, because this is a very logical, responsive Universe ;-)

Whatever you emanate will come back to you. We are the creators of our reality. What we think repeatedly and predominantly, manifests.

We may think we are not creating our reality with our thoughts and beliefs and the things we say, but we sure are. And

the moment you say "money is boring" , you're pushing money away.

So don't complain that you have no money.

When you say money is overwhelming, you don't want to deal with it. So the Universe will answer accordingly, and you will have little money to work with and deal with so that the Universe, or God, or Life don't overwhelm you.

The same goes for being afraid of money.

So thinking money is boring or overwhelming is, in my opinion, a way of abusing money energy, because

money is what allows us on the material level to pursue not only our survival, but a lot of our dreams and passions and talents as well.

It can be actually ungrateful if we look at it on a deeper level (if you want to develop more Gratitude for Life, do our Gratitude Flow Practice which is also described in the book Your Cardinal Connections - it's powerful).

Money is not an evil thing. This is a very distorted belief system.

Money is a neutral energy, at the mercy of our choices and behaviors.

As i always say, everything begins and ends in the human heart, so a beautiful heart will do wonderful things with money. A tainted heart in a distorted person will do distorted things with money.

It's not money's fault.

Money is a tool that can bring abundance to your life. It has its own logic and must be respected and understood.

So if you're afraid of money, if you feel money is boring, it's time to start changing that mentality and take the quantum leap into adulthood. 

It's time to claim everything that life wants to give you, and the moment you start having a healthier relationship with money, you can be sure you are empowering yourself.

It has everything to do with claiming your power, and it's all about the Solar Plexus, the center of confidence in our bodies (to understand more about the Solar Plexus, read Chapter 5 in the book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection). 

So this is what I wanted to share with you today! I'm really happy to have you here :-)

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I'm so grateful and blessed to feel everybody's love as we go further and deeper and higher into this Life Connection Journey. Thank you so much for being here, and I will see you soon! 

Much love,



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