Negativity Is Designed to End Itself


When we talk about "Negativity", many things may come to our minds. Problems, toxic thoughts, turmoil, blockages, difficult people. The list goes on. But honestly... what is negativity? And especially... why is designed to end itself?

After many years of study and research about this, I see the concept of negativity as something that stems from distortions.

This means that life is naturally wonderful, abundant, healthy, happy, joyful and juicy and all the good things.

When life is not happening like that, in what we can call "flow", there's an interference, blockage or distortion, which leads to negative outcomes, or negativity.

So negativity is a result.

It's a manifestation of a distorted perception of life. Ultimately, this distorted perception of life comes from our thoughts and feelings (to learn more about this, check our blog post Where Energy goes, Matter Follows... and Energy Follows the Mind).

And since it goes against the flow of life, it needs to be released or re-aligned.

When we're not living in the natural flow of life, which brings synchronicity, happiness, joy, and fulfillment, something's out of line.

There's a distortion or a blockage (in other words, the roots of negativity) and the good news is: it can't survive for very long.

The reason why negativity doesn't last very long is that it becomes a problem, and when we have problems, we're eventually forced to find a solution.

Solutions bring us back to the natural flow of life.

As human beings, we're designed to be happy, fulfilled and healthy. When this isn't happening, there's distortion in an area of our lives that creates problems.

So if you're going through a problem right now, there's negativity behind it.

And the problem is the last stage of negativity - when it's already ending itself -because it forces you to find a solution to get back on track.

So whenever you're going through struggles, whenever you're going through a bad time, that's negativity manifesting to give you a cue, to give you a sign that something in your life is not aligned. I talk more about this in the blog post The 5 Languages of Consciousness.

If you pay attention, you'll know what it is, and then you can start looking at life from a different perspective.

Problems are here to expand our consciousness so that we know we did something wrong that needs to be aligned, or that things around us are not right, and we need to do something about it.

When we take action to find a solution, we re-align ourselves with Positivity, Joy, Health, Life, and Fulfillment.

Everything that's life-connected and comes from Light, Love, Joy, and the positive side of life, is eternal - always is, has been and will be.

Whatever's distorted deteriorates and is not aligned with that amazing, beautiful life flow - so it won't last.

Let us know what you think of this. If you know someone who's going through struggles and that needs to understand it from another angle, share this blog post with them.

I'd love to hear from you - and them! - and from all your friends and loved ones and family.

Let's share this knowledge and look at negativity from a different perspective, knowing that it's designed to end itself so that we can purify our lives and engage in the abundant, wonderful, beautiful life flow, which is always about growth, expansion, and Joy.

Thank you!

With Love & Joy,



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