Release Superstitions


Did you ever stop to wonder about superstitious beliefs regarding our ancestors, our past lives and our karma?

And that a lot of our understanding and concepts about these things may be amplified and distorted by superstitious beliefs?

As you probably know if you've been following my videos for a while, been in my courses and at Ranova, you know that I do not like superstitious thinking.

It is a fear-based mentality.

Superstition is a huge blockage and an obstacle to the evolution of humanity.

And the sad thing is that superstition blocks our minds and for many, many years, decades and centuries, superstition has been associated with spirituality.

Believing in things that our senses cannot grasp is not superstitious, but this can get confusing if we don't dive deeper into it.

When we know that subtle and non-manifested reality is reality regardless. We can develop this understanding with our consciousness expansion and with the help of a sharp mind.

Superstition, on the other hand, has to do with believing in things that are not real.

Superstition has to do with giving credit to illusions and fear -

and creating mind prisons.

And I believe we should not ever, ever create mind prisons for ourselves.

So today I invite you to release any connection between superstition and the idea of karma, the idea of past lives, and the idea of our ancestors influencing us today.

Because both karma & past lives and ancestral influence are real and affect you depending on how you allow these subtle energies to influence your life. And this happens on the subconscious and unconscious level in our minds.

We have a deep unconscious level, a subconscious level, and a conscious level of mind.

So the deep unconscious and the subconscious minds do not control the conscious mind unless you decide to focus and bring to awareness the contents of the subconscious and the deep unconscious mind. We do this with techniques and very serious cutting-edge science today, but primordial wisdom and ancient societies also knew how to do that.

The bottom line is - we should not bring superstition to the picture when trying to understand these concepts, because karma is cause-and-effect and it only needs to be payed off once.

But so many of us punish ourselves way more than the cause-and-effect mechanism would require. We go so overboard, as Don Miguel Ruiz says in the book The Fifth Agreement.

I see a lot of people disguising self-punishment, guilt, lack of self-worth and lack of self-love by justifying it as "paying off karma". And in reality, these states of being are the very root causes of superstitious thinking.

Disguising those feelings with superstitious thinking about karma and justifying that you have to be unhappy in this life, it's your karma, is just not real and certainly not good.

It's a justification of suffering.

And I'm telling you, suffering is not something that we have to go through. It's optional.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is an option.

So when people say, "this is karmic, I had to go through this experience", it is probably true, because a lot of life is about balance and often, compensation, but it doesn't have to be going on... and on... and on... forever.

If it's never-ending, it's a guilt trip in lack of self-worth.

There are antidotes to guilt, there are antidotes to whatever it is that we've done wrong. Whoever we have harmed in our lives or past lives, we don't have to recreate the superstitious loop of karma anymore.

Once you engage in forgiveness, karma is gone.

Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others releases karma immediately.

So the perpetuation of karma has to do with superstitious thinking in my honest opinion.

And this creates a space for us to talk about past lives on a deeper level.

When we say, I did this at a past life, or this other thing in a past life, we must be very attentive. I believe we shouldn't ever use your past life or other people's past lives to justify present moment suffering.

Yes, it may be true that bad things have happened, but if the past is still influencing the present, it means we have not let the past go and may be addicted to suffering.

Even if the information is true, it doesn't have to be painfully active in your life anymore.

Past life memory may surface in energy healing sessions, or whatever other source of information you have searched for,

to be released, not to be reaffirmed.

So people who keep reaffirming past life pain as a justification for present moment pain have a superstition problem and

underneath the superstition problem, there's always a fear-minded person who needs to work on self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem

to relieve himself or herself from any burdens and self-punishing mechanisms.

So if you find yourself doing this,

have some compassion for yourself, and some forgiveness,

and stop engaging in past life and karma justifications for present moment suffering.

And last but not least, ancestral justifications are just as terrible.

Blaming ancestors for any present moment reality that may not be pleasant, or just saying "it's genetic", "it was my grandmother", "it's always going to be that way"is senseless because it won't get you anywhere.

No, it's not always going to be that way. It can change the moment you want to rid yourself of a pattern.

It is only going to repeat itself if you allow it, if you engage in it, if you nurture it, if you choose suffering instead of happiness.

Because suffering can end in an instant. You just have to make a choice.

And it starts with releasing superstitious thinking, which helps release fear, which helps release blockages and distortions when it comes to tapping into your self-love, your self-esteem, your self-worth, and allowing your Higher Self to guide your life.

This is what I wanted to share with you today. I hope it was useful for your soul's nurturing, and if you know anybody who will benefit from this content, please share it with your friends and loved ones!

Thank you so much for being here, I truly appreciate your presence!

Much love and see you soon,



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