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Time to Stop Complaining

Jan 18, 2020

Did you ever stop to wonder about how detrimental to your life the energy of complaint is?  

What does complaining do to us? What is that energy? Why is it so devastating to your life, to your health, to all the good things?

Complaining is much worse than we think.

If we are not aware of how energy behaves, because in a materialistic culture such as ours we tend to think that matter is all there is, we're in trouble.

Energy is way more complex than matter. It behaves mathematically, geometrically and proportionally. Energy is a very precise science that creates our manifested world. And where energy goes, matter follows... and energy follows the mind.

Energy and the subtle world are extremely scientific, so what happens with the energy of complaint is that your thoughts create your reality.

If you are always complaining in your mind, what you say, the words you pronounce, are an enhancer and a confirmation of what you're thinking.

So when you complain in your mind it's already toxic. When you complain verbally, it's exponentially worse. I would say it's at least 10 times worse, but it could be a hundred times worse because you're manifesting much more when you talk than when you think.

And since thoughts create realities, and words create reality, if you complain, what are you creating? You're creating the exact reality that you hate. You're reaffirming the exact reality you do not want. The type of reality  you're creating is exactly what you're complaining about!

So I always say to people,

do not focus on what you do not want - focus on what you want.

If the present moment situation is not ideal, and you don't want that present moment situation, focus on something different.

Focus on the future that you want. Visualize what you want. Don't pay attention to the temporary present moment reality that you are not happy with, or connected with on an emotional level.

But if you're connected with what you don't want on a mental level, which is the energy of complaint, you are wired to create a non-ideal life.

So complaining equals creating the worst life possible. It equals validating what you don't like and what you don't want. Complaining equals creating what you are when you're disconnected from on a higher self-perspective.

So who's creating your life?

If you're complaining, it's either the wounded inner child or the controlling ego. It's your lower self.

If you decide to stop complaining about present moment situations that make you unhappy, then you're in for a quantum leap of consciousness.

Then you'l be creating alchemy within.

Then, you are becoming the responsible adult who wants to know herself or himself, and who wants to surrender to a Higher Self perspective, and therefore create the best life possible.

Because when your Higher Self commands your life, you will create the most amazing life possible.

So if your current situation is unpleasant and far from ideal, part of it is because the deep unconscious and subconscious minds are creating this detrimental reality.

There are programs and belief systems that create limitations which are not allowing you to create the best life possible in the deep unconscious and subconscious minds.

Also, you may not know the mechanisms behind the creation of an amazing life.

So once you begin to know yourself better, you can create transformation and a beautiful, much better life for yourself and all tose around you.

It is your Higher Self perspective that creates an amazing life.

People who lead happy, healthy, good lives have given the command of their lives to their Higher Selves, and that requires doing your inner work.

It does not come freely in the way we tend to think when we're thinking with a lazy mind, but it doesn't take too much effort, either.

A lot of things that flow from the abundance of life are effortless, and much of life's rejoicing has to do with "losing the grip", as Deepak Chopra would say.

But it does require your focus, your commitment, your discipline with your thought patterns and the words that come out of your mouth.

So in a practical sense, if you want to create a better life for yourself, the first thing you need to do is stop complaining.

Zip it.

Don't talk about the things you hate to other people.

The second thing is start zipping it in the mind too.

It's the first step to stop talking about it, and it's already huge, but the mind chatter will probably remain if you don't monitor yourself.

It takes dedication, right?

But as you will monitor your thoughts and understand that you're purifying your inner world, the manifestation of this cleanse and inner change is going to come in the outside world for sure. You can trust this.

Some people say, "well, it's not coming fast enough. It's taking a while".

Well, you probably have a habit of years complaining, so de-cluttering does take time. It takes dedication.

That's why meditating every day is important. Pray to the Higher Lights to your Higher Self. Pray to the seed of Light that you have within.

If you don't like the idea of an external God, the inner world is everything. The seed of Light and the Higher Self live within, so pray to this higher mind and

do not just ask for change - act on it.

Allow yourself to change.

 Monitor your thoughts, monitor your words, know that you are a creator of life, and that everything that's happening to you, if it's not ideal, it is the creation of who you have been in the past.

Now that you are willing to change, things outside of you will change for sure.

This is a law of nature. It is the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Magnetism. There are so many subtle laws that science is now starting to tap into in humanity - and these laws have been working forever.

They are beyond our will, and

once we know how to tap into them and use them in our favor, life happens in the most amazing, beautiful way possible.

So, this is what I wanted to share with you today -

It's time to stop complaining.

It's time to start understanding the consequences of complaint and most importantly,

the benefits of not complaining for yourself, for other people, for the world, and for life.

Thank you so much for being here.

 It's wonderful to have you in our journey, and I will see you soon. 

Much love,



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