Life Script vs. Sacred Path


What's the difference between a "life script" and your Sacred Path?

Did you ever stop to think about this?

A "life script" is when we live by specific patterns that are inherited by social values, and - pay attention to this - by

what other people think it's best for us.

This is very common between parents and children, because parents want the best for their kids, of course, but often they guide their children to follow a specific path that they believe is the best for the child, without realizing that maybe the child has other plans.

Parents do this out of love.

And children unconsciously follow these life scripts for love as well, often not realizing unconscious loyalty costs their own happiness and well-being.

And often people just “obey parents” on the unconscious level, even after they've become adults.


As human beings, we have three basic levels of consciousness:

the deep unconscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the conscious mind.

As children, we absorb everything from the environment until we're seven.

Depending on the intensity of family values, culture, social rules and standards we've absorbed as children and when you were growing up a lot of those values and beliefs may be the driving force of our lives.

And this driving force is a "life script".

It is a path in which the Higher Self does not take charge - instead, the driving force of our lives are social values, our parents' beliefs, and other people's minds.

We may even delegate the driver's seat of our lives to our spouses - I've seen this happen and it varies from person to person.

And the important thing about life scripts is that they influence us to follow specific "pre-made", 

cookie-cutter patterns that may be well disguised as personal choice.

So observe yourself.

How does it feel in your gut and heart when you think about your life right now in your life choices.

If it feels wonderful, free and abundant, then what you're doing is coming from the Higher Self, and you are travelling your Sacred Path.

However, if it feels contracted, if it doesn't feel right or weird and not so great, you can bet that in some area of your life you're living a life script that's not aligned with your Sacred Path.

The sacred path is who you truly are.

It encompasses all your best potentials, your uniqueness, your talents, who you were born to be.

These talents, attributes, aspects and energies within always bring Joy. They are pure life connection.

And only you can travel your Sacred Path. It's very original. It's very innovative. No one has ever traveled it and only you can.

And if you don't, your Sacred Path will not be traveled by anyone else.

We are born on this planet with a specific purpose: to be happy, to be joyful, to experience well-being. And whenever that's not happening, we're not really aligned with our Sacred Paths.

So my questions to you today is,

are you living your Sacred Path?

What brings you joy and happiness and wonder ?

What makes you feel abundant?

Is what you're doing enough to create the well-being that you love to feel and that you can create for yourself?

And if that's not happening, why?

What's blocking you?

What kind of beliefs or people are ruling your life, if not your Higher Self?

What can you break away from to live the best of life and align yourself to your Sacred Path?

I would love to hear what you have to say about it in your own experience. Let us know in the Comments Area below, and let's keep our evolution journey going.

Thank you so much for being here, and I can't wait for more life connection next week!

I'll see you soon!

Much love,



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