Causes of Overweight


Did you ever stop to wonder about the causes of overweight?

What could be the root causes of overweight?

In my research and everything I've observed about human nature and our behaviors, especially considering health behavior and distorted behavior in general for more than a decade, I've noticed there are two types of people we need to pay attention to when it comes to overweight:

1. the obese people; and

2. the ones who binge, struggle with their weight, gain and lose weight all the time, and overeat.

These two types of people seem to have different motivations, or different emotional intensities when it come to their relationship with food.

Remembering that

nothing is just physical and everything has an energetic and emotional root cause,

in the category of obese people I've observed that, first of all,

there are generational factors.

We're not necessarily talking about obese ancestors, but about some very painful emotional energy being experienced by ancestors. What has happened in the ancestral realm back in the third or fourth generation before the person was born, or even before that time, has been transmitted through the DNA and is manifesting itself as a Language of Consciousness in the person's body. 

When it comes to obese people, it can also be something in the person's generation regarding siblings.

This is much more complex and require an individual session to observe specifically what's going on to properly address it.

When we talk about this second case - people who do not struggle with obesity, but who struggle with overweight, binge, emotional eating, eat out of anxiety, among others, there's something I've observed for years at Ranova Healing Center:

Prioritizing other people's needs instead of one's own.

Choosing to love someone else more than self.

To be very specific, I've observed this has to do with 

giving in to victim mode regarding the people that surround the person who struggles with overweight.

I've noticed that people who struggle with their weight have at least one “victim mentality” person in their immediate relationships - in the very intimate group of people they share the lives with.

Among the five people they spend most time with, people who struggle with overweight have at least one victim-mentality person in that group.

A victim requires attention, and therefore, someone else's energy.

The person who struggles with overweight makes a choice to give his or her energy to that victim instead of setting healthy boundaries and

prioritizing who they are and what they want to do.

The consequence of doing this is that part of the unconscious mind feels angry - so people need to bite.


There's a need to munch on something, to bite, to get that anger out of the person's system. It's mostly anger with self for not being able to set boundaries.

Instead of expressing the anger or setting boundaries, the person gives in to victim mode, and allows his or her energy to be drained by those who act as if he or she is helpless.

Victims require and often demand energy from others - they prefer this to generating their own energy for themselves and being independent people.

And the ones who give their energy to the victims

become overweight

and don't have a very healthy relationship with food.

If you have anything in your life that resembles what I've just described, pay closer attention to the people that surround you.

Make a little list of the five people you spend most time with and observe if at least one of them behaves like a victim, complains about life, or blames others for their misfortunes.

Pay attention to it.

When the body speaks about emotional distortions, we have “symptoms”. Or non-ideal forms in our bodies - and this is an indication that

we don't prioritize ourselves enough.

We may be using our time to please others and to live up to other people's  expectations, instead of focusing on self-care, which includes

proper diet, enough sleep and restful activities, an exercise routine, massage therapy, and energy healing.

If you are a little overweight, don't have a healthy relationship with food, if you're always neurotic about food in general, there's something about your anger for not honoring yourself enough and

not loving yourself as much as you love other people. 

This is what I wanted to share with you today. I'm very happy to have you here.

What do you think about this topic? Share our ideas and experiences so we can grow together as a community in the Comments Area below!

Thanks for being part of our journey!

Much love, and see you soon,



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